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1# Copyright 2017 Akretion ( @author Sébastien BEAU <>3# Copyright 2019 Camptocamp SA ( @author Simone Orsi <>5# License LGPL-3.0 or later ( base647import fnmatch8import functools9import inspect10import logging11import warnings12from odoo import _, fields, models13_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)14# TODO: useful for the whole OCA?15def deprecated(reason):16 """Mark functions or classes as deprecated.17 Emit warning at execution.18 The @deprecated is used with a 'reason'.19 .. code-block:: python20 @deprecated("please, use another function")21 def old_function(x, y):22 pass23 """24 def decorator(func1):25 if inspect.isclass(func1):26 fmt1 = "Call to deprecated class {name} ({reason})."27 else:28 fmt1 = "Call to deprecated function {name} ({reason})."29 @functools.wraps(func1)30 def new_func1(*args, **kwargs):31 warnings.simplefilter("always", DeprecationWarning)32 warnings.warn(33 fmt1.format(name=func1.__name__, reason=reason),34 category=DeprecationWarning,35 stacklevel=2,36 )37 warnings.simplefilter("default", DeprecationWarning)38 return func1(*args, **kwargs)39 return new_func140 return decorator41class StorageBackend(models.Model):42 _name = "storage.backend"43 _inherit = ["collection.base", "server.env.mixin"]44 _backend_name = "storage_backend"45 _description = "Storage Backend"46 name = fields.Char(required=True)47 backend_type = fields.Selection(48 selection=[("filesystem", "Filesystem")], required=True, default="filesystem"49 )50 directory_path = fields.Char(51 help="Relative path to the directory to store the file"52 )53 has_validation = fields.Boolean(compute="_compute_has_validation")54 def _compute_has_validation(self):55 for rec in self:56 adapter = self._get_adapter()57 rec.has_validation = hasattr(adapter, "validate_config")58 @property59 def _server_env_fields(self):60 return {"backend_type": {}, "directory_path": {}}61 def add(self, relative_path, data, binary=True, **kwargs):62 if not binary:63 data = base64.b64decode(data)64 return self._forward("add", relative_path, data, **kwargs)65 @deprecated("Use `add`")66 def _add_bin_data(self, relative_path, data, **kwargs):67 return self.add(relative_path, data, **kwargs)68 @deprecated("Use `add` with `binary=False`")69 def _add_b64_data(self, relative_path, data, **kwargs):70 return self.add(relative_path, data, binary=False, **kwargs)71 def get(self, relative_path, binary=True, **kwargs):72 data = self._forward("get", relative_path, **kwargs)73 if not binary and data:74 data = base64.b64encode(data)75 return data76 @deprecated("Use `get` with `binary=False`")77 def _get_b64_data(self, relative_path, **kwargs):78 return self.get(relative_path, binary=False, **kwargs)79 @deprecated("Use `get`")80 def _get_bin_data(self, relative_path, **kwargs):81 return self.get(relative_path, **kwargs)82 def list_files(self, relative_path="", pattern=False):83 names = self._forward("list", relative_path)84 if pattern:85 names = fnmatch.filter(names, pattern)86 return names87 @deprecated("Use `list_files`")88 def _list(self, relative_path="", pattern=False):89 return self.list_files(relative_path, pattern=pattern)90 def find_files(self, pattern, relative_path="", **kw):91 return self._forward("find_files", pattern, relative_path=relative_path)92 @deprecated("Use `find_files`")93 def _find_files(self, pattern, relative_path="", **kw):94 return self.find_files(pattern, relative_path=relative_path, **kw)95 def move_files(self, files, destination_path, **kw):96 return self._forward("move_files", files, destination_path, **kw)97 @deprecated("Use `move_files`")98 def _move_files(self, files, destination_path, **kw):99 return self.move_files(files, destination_path, **kw)100 def delete(self, relative_path):101 return self._forward("delete", relative_path)102 @deprecated("Use `delete`")103 def _delete(self, relative_path):104 return self.delete(relative_path)105 def _forward(self, method, *args, **kwargs):106 _logger.debug(107 "Backend Storage ID: %s type %s: %s file %s %s",108 self.backend_type,109,110 method,111 args,112 kwargs,113 )114 self.ensure_one()115 adapter = self._get_adapter()116 return getattr(adapter, method)(*args, **kwargs)117 def _get_adapter(self):118 with self.work_on(self._name) as work:119 return work.component(usage=self.backend_type)120 def action_test_config(self):121 if not self.has_validation:122 raise AttributeError("Validation not supported!")123 adapter = self._get_adapter()124 try:125 adapter.validate_config()126 title = _("Connection Test Succeeded!")127 message = _("Everything seems properly set up!")128 msg_type = "success"129 except Exception as err:130 title = _("Connection Test Failed!")131 message = str(err)132 msg_type = "danger"133 return {134 "type": "ir.actions.client",135 "tag": "display_notification",136 "params": {137 "title": title,138 "message": message,139 "type": msg_type,140 "sticky": False,141 },...

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1import os2import zipfile3import sublime4from .console_write import console_write5from .open_compat import open_compat, read_compat6from .unicode import unicode_from_os7from .file_not_found_error import FileNotFoundError8def read_package_file(package, relative_path, binary=False, debug=False):9 package_dir = _get_package_dir(package)10 file_path = os.path.join(package_dir, relative_path)11 if os.path.exists(package_dir):12 result = _read_regular_file(package, relative_path, binary, debug)13 if result != False:14 return result15 if int(sublime.version()) >= 3000:16 result = _read_zip_file(package, relative_path, binary, debug)17 if result != False:18 return result19 if debug:20 console_write(u"Unable to find file %s in the package %s" % (relative_path, package), True)21 return False22def package_file_exists(package, relative_path):23 package_dir = _get_package_dir(package)24 file_path = os.path.join(package_dir, relative_path)25 if os.path.exists(package_dir):26 result = _regular_file_exists(package, relative_path)27 if result:28 return result29 if int(sublime.version()) >= 3000:30 return _zip_file_exists(package, relative_path)31 return False32def _get_package_dir(package):33 """:return: The full filesystem path to the package directory"""34 return os.path.join(sublime.packages_path(), package)35def _read_regular_file(package, relative_path, binary=False, debug=False):36 package_dir = _get_package_dir(package)37 file_path = os.path.join(package_dir, relative_path)38 try:39 with open_compat(file_path, ('rb' if binary else 'r')) as f:40 return read_compat(f)41 except (FileNotFoundError) as e:42 if debug:43 console_write(u"Unable to find file %s in the package folder for %s" % (relative_path, package), True)44 return False45def _read_zip_file(package, relative_path, binary=False, debug=False):46 zip_path = os.path.join(sublime.installed_packages_path(),47 package + '.sublime-package')48 if not os.path.exists(zip_path):49 if debug:50 console_write(u"Unable to find a sublime-package file for %s" % package, True)51 return False52 try:53 package_zip = zipfile.ZipFile(zip_path, 'r')54 except (zipfile.BadZipfile):55 console_write(u'An error occurred while trying to unzip the sublime-package file for %s.' % package, True)56 return False57 try:58 contents = if not binary:60 contents = contents.decode('utf-8')61 return contents62 except (KeyError) as e:63 if debug:64 console_write(u"Unable to find file %s in the sublime-package file for %s" % (relative_path, package), True)65 except (IOError) as e:66 message = unicode_from_os(e)67 console_write(u'Unable to read file from sublime-package file for %s due to an invalid filename' % package, True)68 except (UnicodeDecodeError):69 console_write(u'Unable to read file from sublime-package file for %s due to an invalid filename or character encoding issue' % package, True)70 return False71def _regular_file_exists(package, relative_path):72 package_dir = _get_package_dir(package)73 file_path = os.path.join(package_dir, relative_path)74 return os.path.exists(file_path)75def _zip_file_exists(package, relative_path):76 zip_path = os.path.join(sublime.installed_packages_path(),77 package + '.sublime-package')78 if not os.path.exists(zip_path):79 return False80 try:81 package_zip = zipfile.ZipFile(zip_path, 'r')82 except (zipfile.BadZipfile):83 console_write(u'An error occurred while trying to unzip the sublime-package file for %s.' % package_name, True)84 return False85 try:86 package_zip.getinfo(relative_path)87 return True88 except (KeyError) as e:...

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