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2Install server interfaces, for autotest client machine OS provisioning.3"""4import os, xmlrpclib, logging, time5from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error6def remove_hosts_file():7 """8 Remove the ssh known hosts file for a machine.9 Sometimes it is useful to have this done since on a test lab, SSH10 fingerprints of the test machines keep changing all the time due11 to frequent reinstalls.12 """13 known_hosts_file = "%s/.ssh/known_hosts" % os.getenv("HOME")14 if os.path.isfile(known_hosts_file):15 logging.debug("Deleting known hosts file %s", known_hosts_file)16 os.remove(known_hosts_file)17class CobblerInterface(object):18 """19 Implements interfacing with the Cobbler install server.20 @see: """22 def __init__(self, **kwargs):23 """24 Sets class attributes from the keyword arguments passed to constructor.25 @param **kwargs: Dict of keyword arguments passed to constructor.26 """27 self.xmlrpc_url = kwargs['xmlrpc_url']28 self.user = kwargs['user']29 self.password = kwargs['password']30 self.fallback_profile = kwargs['fallback_profile']31 if self.xmlrpc_url:32 self.server = xmlrpclib.Server(self.xmlrpc_url)33 self.token = self.server.login(self.user, self.password)34 def get_system_handle(self, host):35 """36 Get a system handle, needed to perform operations on the given host37 @param host: Host name38 @return: Tuple (system, system_handle)39 """40 try:41 system = self.server.find_system({"name" : host.hostname})[0]42 except IndexError, detail:43 ### TODO: Method to register this system as brand new44 logging.error("Error finding %s: %s", host.hostname, detail)45 raise ValueError("No system %s registered on install server" %46 host.hostname)47 system_handle = self.server.get_system_handle(system, self.token)48 return (system, system_handle)49 def install_host(self, host, profile=None, timeout=None):50 """51 Install a host object with profile name defined by distro.52 @param host: Autotest host object.53 @param profile: String with cobbler profile name.54 @param timeout: Amount of time to wait for the install.55 """56 if self.xmlrpc_url:57 step_time = 6058 if timeout is None:59 # 1 hour of timeout by default60 timeout = 1 * 360061"Setting up machine %s install", host.hostname)62 remove_hosts_file()63 system, system_handle = self.get_system_handle(host)64 if profile is None:65 profile = self.fallback_profile66 system_info = self.server.get_system(system)67 current_profile = system_info.get('profile')68 # If no fallback profile is enabled, we don't want to mess69 # with the currently profile set for that machine.70 if profile and (profile != current_profile):71 self.server.modify_system(system_handle, 'profile', profile,72 self.token)73 else:74 profile = current_profile75 # Enable netboot for that machine (next time it'll reboot and be76 # reinstalled)...

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...10def setup_and_teardown():11 unit_box.create()12 unit_test_config.write_to_hosts_file(unit_box.ssh_config())13 yield14 unit_test_config.remove_hosts_file()15 unit_box.destroy()16def test_check_openvswitch_playbook():17 unit_playbook = playbook.AnsiblePlaybook('playbook', 'site.yml', HOSTS_FILE)18 unit_playbook.add_extra_vars('container_network', 'test')...

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