How to use repair_software_only method in autotest

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...275 except error.AutoservDiskFullHostError, err:276 logging.exception('verify failed')277 self._call_repair_func(err, self.repair_full_disk,278 self._get_mountpoint(err.path))279 def repair_software_only(self):280 """perform software repairs only"""281 while True:282 try:283 self.repair_filesystem_only()284 break285 except (error.AutoservSshPingHostError, error.AutoservSSHTimeout,286 error.AutoservSshPermissionDeniedError,287 error.AutoservDiskFullHostError), err:288 logging.exception('verify failed')289'Trying to reinstall the machine')290 self._call_repair_func(err, self.machine_install)291 def repair_full(self):292 hardware_repair_requests = 0293 while True:294 try:295 self.repair_software_only()296 break297 except error.AutoservHardwareRepairRequiredError, err:298 logging.exception('software repair failed, '299 'hardware repair requested')300 hardware_repair_requests += 1301 try_hardware_repair = (hardware_repair_requests >=302 self.HARDWARE_REPAIR_REQUEST_THRESHOLD)303 if try_hardware_repair:304'hardware repair requested %d times, '305 'trying hardware repair',306 hardware_repair_requests)307 self._call_repair_func(err, self.request_hardware_repair)308 else:309'hardware repair requested %d times, '310 'trying software repair again',311 hardware_repair_requests)312 except error.AutoservHardwareHostError, err:313 logging.exception('verify failed')314 # software repair failed, try hardware repair315'Hardware problem found, '316 'requesting hardware repairs')317 self._call_repair_func(err, self.request_hardware_repair)318 def repair_with_protection(self, protection_level):319 """Perform the maximal amount of repair within the specified320 protection level.321 @param protection_level: the protection level to use for limiting322 repairs, a host_protections.Protection323 """324 protection = host_protections.Protection325 if protection_level == protection.DO_NOT_REPAIR:326'Protection is "Do not repair" so just verifying')327 self.verify()328 elif protection_level == protection.REPAIR_FILESYSTEM_ONLY:329'Attempting filesystem-only repair')330 self.repair_filesystem_only()331 elif protection_level == protection.REPAIR_SOFTWARE_ONLY:332'Attempting software repair only')333 self.repair_software_only()334 elif protection_level == protection.NO_PROTECTION:335'Attempting full repair')336 self.repair_full()337 else:338 raise NotImplementedError('Unknown host protection level %s'339 % protection_level)340 def disable_ipfilters(self):341 """Allow all network packets in and out of the host."""342'iptables-save > /tmp/iptable-rules')343'iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT')344'iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT')345'iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT')346 def enable_ipfilters(self):347 """Re-enable the IP filters disabled from disable_ipfilters()"""...

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