How to use run_banner_output method in autotest

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...23 print " -r Run recovery mode. (Note: recovery is implicit after"24 print " any crash!)"25 print26 sys.exit(1)27def run_banner_output(cmd):28 """Returns ------ CMD ------\nCMD_OUTPUT in a string"""29 banner_output = '%s\n%%s\n\n' %, '-')30 command_output = ''31 try:32 cmd_out =, ignore_status=True, timeout=30)33 command_output = cmd_out.stdout + cmd_out.stderr34 except error.CmdError:35 command_output = 'Timed out'36 return banner_output % command_output37def kill_all_monitors():38"Killing all monitor_dbs")39 # try shutdown first40 status = os.system("killall -2")41 if status == 0: # were any killed?42 # give them some time to shutdown43 time.sleep(30)44 # kill any that are left45 os.system("killall")46def handle_sigterm(signum, frame):47'Caught SIGTERM')48 kill_all_monitors()49 sys.exit(1)50signal.signal(signal.SIGTERM, handle_sigterm)51class MonitorProc:52 def __init__(self, do_recovery=False):53 args = [monitor_db]54 if do_recovery:55 args.append("--recover-hosts")56 args.append(results_dir)57 kill_all_monitors()58 environ = os.environ59 scheduler_config = scheduler_logging_config.SchedulerLoggingConfig60 log_name = scheduler_config.get_log_name()61 os.environ['AUTOTEST_SCHEDULER_LOG_NAME'] = log_name62 scheduler_log_dir = scheduler_config.get_server_log_dir()63 self.log_path = os.path.join(scheduler_log_dir, log_name)64 self.log_size = 065 self.last_log_change = time.time()66"STARTING monitor_db with log file %s" % self.log_path)67 devnull = open(os.devnull, 'w')68 self.proc = subprocess.Popen(args, stdout=devnull)69 def is_running(self):70 if self.proc.poll() is not None:71"monitor_db DIED")72 return False73 old_size = self.log_size74 new_size = os.path.getsize(self.log_path)75 if old_size != new_size:76"Log was touched")77 self.log_size = new_size78 self.last_log_change = time.time()79 elif self.last_log_change + STALL_TIMEOUT < time.time():80"monitor_db STALLED")81 self.collect_stalled_info()82 return False83 return True84 def collect_stalled_info(self):85 INFO_TO_COLLECT = ['uptime',86 'ps auxwww',87 'iostat -k -x 2 4',88 ]89 db_cmd = '/usr/bin/mysqladmin --verbose processlist -u%s -p%s'90 config = global_config.global_config91 try:92 user = config.get_config_value("BACKUP", "user")93 password = config.get_config_value("BACKUP", "password")94 db_cmd %= (user, password)95 INFO_TO_COLLECT.append(db_cmd)96 except global_config.ConfigError:97 pass98 stall_log_path = self.log_path + '.stall_info'99 log = open(stall_log_path, "w")100 for cmd in INFO_TO_COLLECT:101 log.write(run_banner_output(cmd))102 log.close()"initializing")104if os.getuid() == 0:105 logging.critical("running as root, aborting!")106 sys.exit(1)107utils.write_pid("monitor_db_babysitter")108while True:109 proc = MonitorProc(do_recovery=recover)110 time.sleep(PAUSE_LENGTH)111 while proc.is_running():112"Tick")113 time.sleep(PAUSE_LENGTH)...

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