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...69 self.__logger = None70 if self.job:71 self.job.warning_loggers.discard(self.__warning_stream)72 self.__warning_stream.close()73 def run_conmux(self, cmd):74 """75 Send a command to the conmux session76 """77 if not self.conmux_attach or not os.path.exists(self.conmux_attach):78 return False79 cmd = '%s %s echo %s 2> /dev/null' % (self.conmux_attach,80 self.get_conmux_hostname(),81 cmd)82 result = utils.system(cmd, ignore_status=True)83 return result == 084 def hardreset(self, timeout=DEFAULT_REBOOT_TIMEOUT, wait=True,85 conmux_command='hardreset', num_attempts=1, halt=False,86 **wait_for_restart_kwargs):87 """88 Reach out and slap the box in the power switch.89 @params conmux_command: The command to run via the conmux interface90 @params timeout: timelimit in seconds before the machine is91 considered unreachable92 @params wait: Whether or not to wait for the machine to reboot93 @params num_attempts: Number of times to attempt hard reset erroring94 on the last attempt.95 @params halt: Halts the machine before hardresetting.96 @params **wait_for_restart_kwargs: keyword arguments passed to97 wait_for_restart()98 """99 conmux_command = "'~$%s'" % conmux_command100 # if the machine is up, grab the old boot id, otherwise use a dummy101 # string and NOT None to ensure that wait_down always returns True,102 # even if the machine comes back up before it's called103 try:104 old_boot_id = self.get_boot_id()105 except error.AutoservSSHTimeout:106 old_boot_id = 'unknown boot_id prior to SerialHost.hardreset'107 def reboot():108 if halt:109 self.halt()110 if not self.run_conmux(conmux_command):111 self.record("ABORT", None, "reboot.start",112 "hard reset unavailable")113 raise error.AutoservUnsupportedError(114 'Hard reset unavailable')115 self.record("GOOD", None, "reboot.start", "hard reset")116 if wait:117 warning_msg = ('Serial console failed to respond to hard reset '118 'attempt (%s/%s)')119 for attempt in xrange(num_attempts-1):120 try:121 self.wait_for_restart(timeout, log_failure=False,122 old_boot_id=old_boot_id,123 **wait_for_restart_kwargs)124 except error.AutoservShutdownError:125 logging.warning(warning_msg, attempt+1, num_attempts)126 # re-send the hard reset command127 self.run_conmux(conmux_command)128 else:129 break130 else:131 # Run on num_attempts=1 or last retry132 try:133 self.wait_for_restart(timeout,134 old_boot_id=old_boot_id,135 **wait_for_restart_kwargs)136 except error.AutoservShutdownError:137 logging.warning(warning_msg, num_attempts, num_attempts)138 msg = "Host did not shutdown"139 raise error.AutoservShutdownError(msg)140 if self.job:141 self.job.disable_warnings("POWER_FAILURE")...

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