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...160 smtp.ehlo()161 if self._smtp_user:162 smtp.login(self._smtp_user, self._smtp_password)163 tos = [mime_message[to] for to in ['To', 'Cc', 'Bcc'] if mime_message[to]]164 smtp.sendmail(mime_message['From'], tos, mime_message.as_string())165 finally:166 smtp.quit()167 def _SendSendmail(self, mime_message,168 popen=subprocess.Popen,169 sendmail_command='sendmail'):170 """Send MIME message via sendmail, if exists on computer.171 Attempts to send email via sendmail. Any IO failure, including172 the program not being found is ignored.173 Args:174 mime_message: MimeMessage to send. Create using ToMIMEMessage.175 popen: popen function to create a new sub-process.176 """177 try:178 tos = []...

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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2"""3 MoinMoin - MoinMoin.mail.sendmail Tests4 @copyright: 2003-2004 by Juergen Hermann <>5 @license: GNU GPL, see COPYING for details.6"""7from email.charset import Charset, QP8from email.header import Header9from MoinMoin.mail import sendmail10from MoinMoin import config11class TestdecodeSpamSafeEmail:12 """mail.sendmail: testing mail"""13 _tests = (14 ('', ''),15 ('AT', '@'),16 ('DOT', '.'),17 ('DASH', '-'),18 ('CAPS', ''),19 ('Mixed', 'Mixed'),20 ('lower', 'lower'),21 ('Firstname DOT Lastname AT example DOT net',22 ''),23 ('Firstname . Lastname AT exa mp le DOT n e t',24 ''),25 ('Firstname I DONT WANT SPAM . Lastname@example DOT net',26 ''),27 ('First name I Lastname DONT AT WANT SPAM example DOT n e t',28 ''),29 ('', ''),30 ('first . last @ example . com', ''),31 )32 def testDecodeSpamSafeMail(self):33 """mail.sendmail: decoding spam safe mail"""34 for coded, expected in self._tests:35 assert sendmail.decodeSpamSafeEmail(coded) == expected36class TestencodeSpamSafeEmail:37 """mail.sendmail: testing spam safe mail"""38 _tests = (39 ('', ''),40 ('@', ' AT '),41 ('.', ' DOT '),42 ('-', ' DASH '),43 ('lower', 'lower'),44 ('',45 'firstname DOT lastname AT example DOT net'),46 ('',47 'f DOT lastname AT example DOT net'),48 )49 def testEncodeSpamSafeMail(self):50 """mail.sendmail: encoding mail address to spam safe mail"""51 for coded, expected in self._tests:52 assert sendmail.encodeSpamSafeEmail(coded) == expected53 def testEncodeSpamSafeMailAndObfuscate(self):54 """mail.sendmail: encoding mail address by an obfuscate string to spam safe mail """55 for coded, expected in self._tests:56 expected = expected.replace(' AT ', ' AT SYCTE ')57 assert sendmail.encodeSpamSafeEmail(coded, 'SYCTE') == expected58class TestEncodeAddress:59 """ Address encoding tests60 See section 3.4.61 Address Specification.62 mailbox = name-addr / addr-spec63 name-addr = [display-name] angle-addr64 angle-addr = [CFWS] "<" addr-spec ">" [CFWS] / obs-angle-addr65 """66 charset = Charset(config.charset)67 charset.header_encoding = QP68 charset.body_encoding = QP69 def testSimpleAddress(self):70 """ mail.sendmail: encode simple address: local@domain """71 address = u'local@domain'72 expected = address.encode(config.charset)73 assert sendmail.encodeAddress(address, self.charset) == expected74 def testComposite(self):75 """ mail.sendmail: encode address: 'Phrase <local@domain>' """76 address = u'Phrase <local@domain>'77 expected = str(address)78 assert sendmail.encodeAddress(address, self.charset) == expected79 def testCompositeUnicode(self):80 """ mail.sendmail: encode Uncode address: 'ויקי <local@domain>' """81 address = u'ויקי <local@domain>'82 phrase = str(Header(u'ויקי'.encode('utf-8'), self.charset))83 expected = phrase + ' ' + '<local@domain>'84 assert sendmail.encodeAddress(address, self.charset) == expected85 def testEmptyPhrase(self):86 """ mail.sendmail: encode address with empty phrase: '<local@domain>' """87 address = u'<local@domain>'88 expected = 'local@domain'89 assert sendmail.encodeAddress(address, self.charset) == expected90 def testEmptyAddress(self):91 """ mail.sendmail: encode address with empty address: 'Phrase <>'92 Let the smtp server handle this. We may raise error in such93 case, but we don't do error checking for mail addresses.94 """95 address = u'Phrase <>'96 expected = str(address)97 assert sendmail.encodeAddress(address, self.charset) == expected98 def testInvalidAddress(self):99 """ mail.sendmail: encode invalid address 'Phrase <blah'100 Assume that this is a simple address. This address will101 probably cause an error when trying to send mail. Junk in, junk102 out.103 """104 address = u'Phrase <blah'105 expected = str(address)106 assert sendmail.encodeAddress(address, self.charset) == expected...

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