How to use set_dest_qdisc method in autotest

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...13 netem_qdisc.add_param('loss 100%')14 ack_filter = u32filter()15 ack_filter.add_rule('match ip protocol 6 0xff')16 ack_filter.add_rule('match u8 0x10 0x10 at nexthdr+13')17 ack_filter.set_dest_qdisc(netem_qdisc)18 root_qdisc = prio()19 root_qdisc.get_class(2).set_leaf_qdisc(netem_qdisc)20 root_qdisc.add_filter(ack_filter)21 lo_if = mock_netif('lo')22 root_qdisc.setup(lo_if)23 # run test here ...24 root_qdisc.restore(lo_if)25"""26import commands, os, re27import common28from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error29from import net_utils30# TODO (chavey) clean up those global here and new_handle()31handle_counter = 032INCR = 10033def new_handle():34 global handle_counter35 handle_counter += INCR36 return handle_counter37class tcclass(object):38 def __init__(self, handle, minor, leaf_qdisc=None):39 self._parent_class = None40 self._children = []41 self._leaf_qdisc = leaf_qdisc42 self._handle = handle43 self._minor = minor44 def get_leaf_qdisc(self):45 return self._leaf_qdisc46 def set_leaf_qdisc(self, leaf_qdisc):47 leaf_qdisc.set_parent_class(self)48 self._leaf_qdisc = leaf_qdisc49 def get_parent_class(self):50 return self._parent_class51 def set_parent_class(self, parent_class):52 self._parent_class = parent_class53 def get_minor(self):54 return self._minor55 def id(self):56 return '%s:%s' % (self._handle, self._minor)57 def add_child(self, child_class):58 child_class.set_parent_class(self)59 if child_class not in self._children:60 self._child.append(child_class)61 def setup(self, netif):62 # setup leaf qdisc63 if self._leaf_qdisc:64 self._leaf_qdisc.setup(netif)65 # setup child classes66 for child in self._children:67 child.setup()68 def restore(self, netif):69 # restore child classes70 children_copy = list(self._children)71 children_copy.reverse()72 for child in children_copy:73 child.restore()74 # restore leaf qdisc75 if self._leaf_qdisc:76 self._leaf_qdisc.restore(netif)77class tcfilter(object):78 _tc_cmd = 'tc filter %(cmd)s dev %(dev)s parent %(parent)s protocol ' \79 '%(protocol)s prio %(priority)s %(filtertype)s \\\n ' \80 '%(rules)s \\\n flowid %(flowid)s'81 conf_device = 'dev'82 conf_parent = 'parent'83 conf_type = 'filtertype'84 conf_protocol = 'protocol'85 conf_priority = 'priority'86 conf_flowid = 'flowid'87 conf_command = 'cmd'88 conf_rules = 'cmd'89 conf_qdiscid = 'qdiscid'90 conf_name = 'name'91 conf_params = 'params'92 def __init__(self):93 self._parent_qdisc = None94 self._dest_qdisc = None95 self._protocol = 'ip'96 self._priority = 197 self._handle = None98 self._tc_conf = None99 def get_parent_qdisc(self):100 return self._parent_qdisc101 def set_parent_qdisc(self, parent_qdisc):102 self._parent_qdisc = parent_qdisc103 def get_dest_qdisc(self):104 return self._dest_qdisc105 def set_dest_qdisc(self, dest_qdisc):106 self._dest_qdisc = dest_qdisc107 def get_protocol(self):108 return self._protocol109 def set_protocol(self, protocol):110 self._protocol = protocol111 def get_priority(self):112 return self._priority113 def set_priority(self, priority):114 self._priority = priority115 def get_handle(self):116 return self._handle117 def set_handle(self, handle):118 self._handle = handle119 def _get_tc_conf(self, netif):...

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