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1# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.2# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be3# found in the LICENSE file.4import mock5import unittest6import common7from autotest_lib.frontend.afe.json_rpc import proxy as rpc_proxy8from autotest_lib.server import frontend9from autotest_lib.server.hosts import afe_store10from autotest_lib.server.hosts import host_info11class AfeStoreTest(unittest.TestCase):12 """Test refresh/commit success cases for AfeStore."""13 def setUp(self):14 self.hostname = 'some-host'15 self.mock_afe = mock.create_autospec(frontend.AFE, instance=True)16 = afe_store.AfeStore(self.hostname, afe=self.mock_afe)17 def _create_mock_host(self, labels, attributes):18 """Create a mock frontend.Host with the given labels and attributes.19 @param labels: The labels to set on the host.20 @param attributes: The attributes to set on the host.21 @returns: A mock object for frontend.Host.22 """23 mock_host = mock.create_autospec(frontend.Host, instance=True)24 mock_host.labels = labels25 mock_host.attributes = attributes26 return mock_host27 def test_refresh(self):28 """Test that refresh correctly translates host information."""29 self.mock_afe.get_hosts.return_value = [30 self._create_mock_host(['label1'], {'attrib1': 'val1'})]31 info = self.assertListEqual(info.labels, ['label1'])33 self.assertDictEqual(info.attributes, {'attrib1': 'val1'})34 def test_refresh_no_host_raises(self):35 """Test that refresh complains if no host is found."""36 self.mock_afe.get_hosts.return_value = []37 with self.assertRaises(host_info.StoreError):38 def test_refresh_multiple_hosts_picks_first(self):40 """Test that refresh returns the first host if multiple match."""41 self.mock_afe.get_hosts.return_value = [42 self._create_mock_host(['label1'], {'attrib1': 'val1'}),43 self._create_mock_host(['label2'], {'attrib2': 'val2'})]44 info = self.assertListEqual(info.labels, ['label1'])46 self.assertDictEqual(info.attributes, {'attrib1': 'val1'})47 def test_commit_labels(self):48 """Tests that labels are updated correctly on commit."""49 self.mock_afe.get_hosts.return_value = [50 self._create_mock_host(['label1'], {})]51 info = host_info.HostInfo(['label2'], {})52 self.assertEqual(, 2)54 expected_run_calls = [55'host_remove_labels', id='some-host',56 labels=['label1']),57'host_add_labels', id='some-host',58 labels=['label2']),59 ]60,61 any_order=True)62 def test_commit_labels_raises(self):63 """Test that exception while committing is translated properly."""64 self.mock_afe.get_hosts.return_value = [65 self._create_mock_host(['label1'], {})]66 = rpc_proxy.JSONRPCException('some error')67 info = host_info.HostInfo(['label2'], {})68 with self.assertRaises(host_info.StoreError):69 def test_commit_adds_attributes(self):71 """Tests that new attributes are added correctly on commit."""72 self.mock_afe.get_hosts.return_value = [73 self._create_mock_host([], {})]74 info = host_info.HostInfo([], {'attrib1': 'val1'})75 self.assertEqual(self.mock_afe.set_host_attribute.call_count, 1)77 self.mock_afe.set_host_attribute.assert_called_once_with(78 'attrib1', 'val1', hostname=self.hostname)79 def test_commit_updates_attributes(self):80 """Tests that existing attributes are updated correctly on commit."""81 self.mock_afe.get_hosts.return_value = [82 self._create_mock_host([], {'attrib1': 'val1'})]83 info = host_info.HostInfo([], {'attrib1': 'val1_updated'})84 self.assertEqual(self.mock_afe.set_host_attribute.call_count, 1)86 self.mock_afe.set_host_attribute.assert_called_once_with(87 'attrib1', 'val1_updated', hostname=self.hostname)88 def test_commit_deletes_attributes(self):89 """Tests that deleted attributes are updated correctly on commit."""90 self.mock_afe.get_hosts.return_value = [91 self._create_mock_host([], {'attrib1': 'val1'})]92 info = host_info.HostInfo([], {})93 self.assertEqual(self.mock_afe.set_host_attribute.call_count, 1)95 self.mock_afe.set_host_attribute.assert_called_once_with(96 'attrib1', None, hostname=self.hostname)97 def test_str(self):98 """Sanity tests the __str__ implementaiton"""99 self.assertEqual(str(, 'AfeStore[some-host]')100class DictDiffTest(unittest.TestCase):101 """Tests the afe_store._dict_diff private method."""102 def _assert_dict_diff(self, got_tuple, expectation_tuple):103 """Verifies the result from _dict_diff104 @param got_tuple: The tuple returned by afe_store._dict_diff105 @param expectatin_tuple: tuple (left_only, right_only, differing)106 containing iterable of keys to verify against got_tuple.107 """108 for got, expect in zip(got_tuple, expectation_tuple):109 self.assertEqual(got, set(expect))110 def test_both_empty(self):111 """Tests the case when both dicts are empty."""112 self._assert_dict_diff(afe_store._dict_diff({}, {}),113 ((), (), ()))114 def test_right_dict_only(self):115 """Tests the case when left dict is empty."""116 self._assert_dict_diff(afe_store._dict_diff({}, {1: 1}),117 ((), (1,), ()))118 def test_left_dict_only(self):119 """Tests the case when right dict is empty."""120 self._assert_dict_diff(afe_store._dict_diff({1: 1}, {}),121 ((1,), (), ()))122 def test_left_dict_extra(self):123 """Tests the case when left dict has extra keys."""124 self._assert_dict_diff(afe_store._dict_diff({1: 1, 2: 2}, {1: 1}),125 ((2,), (), ()))126 def test_right_dict_extra(self):127 """Tests the case when right dict has extra keys."""128 self._assert_dict_diff(afe_store._dict_diff({1: 1}, {1: 1, 2: 2}),129 ((), (2,), ()))130 def test_identical_keys_with_different_values(self):131 """Tests the case when the set of keys is same, but values differ."""132 self._assert_dict_diff(afe_store._dict_diff({1: 1, 2: 3}, {1: 1, 2: 2}),133 ((), (), (2,)))134if __name__ == '__main__':...

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