How to use set_system_err method in autotest

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...1179 def add_system_out(self, value): self.system_out.append(value)1180 def insert_system_out_at(self, index, value): self.system_out.insert(index, value)1181 def replace_system_out_at(self, index, value): self.system_out[index] = value1182 def get_system_err(self): return self.system_err1183 def set_system_err(self, system_err): self.system_err = system_err1184 def add_system_err(self, value): self.system_err.append(value)1185 def insert_system_err_at(self, index, value): self.system_err.insert(index, value)1186 def replace_system_err_at(self, index, value): self.system_err[index] = value1187 def get_name(self): return self.name1188 def set_name(self, name): = name1189 def get_assertions(self): return self.assertions1190 def set_assertions(self, assertions): self.assertions = assertions1191 def get_time(self): return self.time1192 def set_time(self, time): self.time = time1193 def get_timestamp(self): return self.timestamp1194 def set_timestamp(self, timestamp): self.timestamp = timestamp1195 def get_classname(self): return self.classname1196 def set_classname(self, classname): self.classname = classname1197 def get_status(self): return self.status1198 def set_status(self, status): self.status = status1199 def get_class(self): return self.class_1200 def set_class(self, class_): self.class_ = class_1201 def get_file(self): return self.file1202 def set_file(self, file): self.file = file1203 def get_line(self): return self.line1204 def set_line(self, line): self.line = line1205 def get_log(self): return self.log1206 def set_log(self, log): self.log = log1207 def get_group(self): return self.group1208 def set_group(self, group): = group1209 def get_url(self): return self.url1210 def set_url(self, url): self.url = url1211 def hasContent_(self):1212 if (1213 self.skipped or1214 self.error or1215 self.failure or1216 self.system_out or1217 self.system_err1218 ):1219 return True1220 else:1221 return False1222 def export(self, outfile, level, namespace_='', name_='testcase', namespacedef_='', pretty_print=True):1223 imported_ns_def_ = GenerateDSNamespaceDefs_.get('testcase')1224 if imported_ns_def_ is not None:1225 namespacedef_ = imported_ns_def_1226 if pretty_print:1227 eol_ = '\n'1228 else:1229 eol_ = ''1230 if self.original_tagname_ is not None:1231 name_ = self.original_tagname_1232 showIndent(outfile, level, pretty_print)1233 outfile.write('<%s%s%s' % (namespace_, name_, namespacedef_ and ' ' + namespacedef_ or '', ))1234 already_processed = set()1235 self.exportAttributes(outfile, level, already_processed, namespace_, name_='testcase')1236 if self.hasContent_():1237 outfile.write('>%s' % (eol_, ))1238 self.exportChildren(outfile, level + 1, namespace_='', name_='testcase', pretty_print=pretty_print)1239 showIndent(outfile, level, pretty_print)1240 outfile.write('</%s%s>%s' % (namespace_, name_, eol_))1241 else:1242 outfile.write('/>%s' % (eol_, ))1243 def exportAttributes(self, outfile, level, already_processed, namespace_='', name_='testcase'):1244 if is not None and 'name' not in already_processed:1245 already_processed.add('name')1246 outfile.write(' name=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(, input_name='name')), ))1247 if self.assertions is not None and 'assertions' not in already_processed:1248 already_processed.add('assertions')1249 outfile.write(' assertions=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(self.assertions), input_name='assertions')), ))1250 if self.time is not None and 'time' not in already_processed:1251 already_processed.add('time')1252 outfile.write(' time=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(self.time), input_name='time')), ))1253 if self.timestamp is not None and 'timestamp' not in already_processed:1254 already_processed.add('timestamp')1255 outfile.write(' timestamp=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(self.timestamp), input_name='timestamp')), ))1256 if self.classname is not None and 'classname' not in already_processed:1257 already_processed.add('classname')1258 outfile.write(' classname=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(self.classname), input_name='classname')), ))1259 if self.status is not None and 'status' not in already_processed:1260 already_processed.add('status')1261 outfile.write(' status=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(self.status), input_name='status')), ))1262 if self.class_ is not None and 'class_' not in already_processed:1263 already_processed.add('class_')1264 outfile.write(' class=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(self.class_), input_name='class')), ))1265 if self.file is not None and 'file' not in already_processed:1266 already_processed.add('file')1267 outfile.write(' file=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(self.file), input_name='file')), ))1268 if self.line is not None and 'line' not in already_processed:1269 already_processed.add('line')1270 outfile.write(' line=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(self.line), input_name='line')), ))1271 if self.log is not None and 'log' not in already_processed:1272 already_processed.add('log')1273 outfile.write(' log=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(self.log), input_name='log')), ))1274 if is not None and 'group' not in already_processed:1275 already_processed.add('group')1276 outfile.write(' group=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(, input_name='group')), ))1277 if self.url is not None and 'url' not in already_processed:1278 already_processed.add('url')1279 outfile.write(' url=%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(self.url), input_name='url')), ))1280 def exportChildren(self, outfile, level, namespace_='', name_='testcase', fromsubclass_=False, pretty_print=True):1281 if pretty_print:1282 eol_ = '\n'1283 else:1284 eol_ = ''1285 for skipped_ in self.skipped:1286 skipped_.export(outfile, level, namespace_, name_='skipped', pretty_print=pretty_print)1287 for error_ in self.error:1288 error_.export(outfile, level, namespace_, name_='error', pretty_print=pretty_print)1289 for failure_ in self.failure:1290 failure_.export(outfile, level, namespace_, name_='failure', pretty_print=pretty_print)1291 for system_out_ in self.system_out:1292 showIndent(outfile, level, pretty_print)1293 outfile.write('<system-out>%s</system-out>%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_xml(system_out_), input_name='system-out')), eol_))1294 for system_err_ in self.system_err:1295 showIndent(outfile, level, pretty_print)1296 outfile.write('<system-err>%s</system-err>%s' % (self.gds_encode(self.gds_format_string(quote_xml(system_err_), input_name='system-err')), eol_))1297 def build(self, node):1298 already_processed = set()1299 self.buildAttributes(node, node.attrib, already_processed)1300 for child in node:1301 nodeName_ = Tag_pattern_.match(child.tag).groups()[-1]1302 self.buildChildren(child, node, nodeName_)1303 return self1304 def buildAttributes(self, node, attrs, already_processed):1305 value = find_attr_value_('name', node)1306 if value is not None and 'name' not in already_processed:1307 already_processed.add('name')1308 = value1309 value = find_attr_value_('assertions', node)1310 if value is not None and 'assertions' not in already_processed:1311 already_processed.add('assertions')1312 self.assertions = value1313 value = find_attr_value_('time', node)1314 if value is not None and 'time' not in already_processed:1315 already_processed.add('time')1316 self.time = value1317 value = find_attr_value_('timestamp', node)1318 if value is not None and 'timestamp' not in already_processed:1319 already_processed.add('timestamp')1320 self.timestamp = value1321 value = find_attr_value_('classname', node)1322 if value is not None and 'classname' not in already_processed:1323 already_processed.add('classname')1324 self.classname = value1325 value = find_attr_value_('status', node)1326 if value is not None and 'status' not in already_processed:1327 already_processed.add('status')1328 self.status = value1329 value = find_attr_value_('class', node)1330 if value is not None and 'class' not in already_processed:1331 already_processed.add('class')1332 self.class_ = value1333 value = find_attr_value_('file', node)1334 if value is not None and 'file' not in already_processed:1335 already_processed.add('file')1336 self.file = value1337 value = find_attr_value_('line', node)1338 if value is not None and 'line' not in already_processed:1339 already_processed.add('line')1340 self.line = value1341 value = find_attr_value_('log', node)1342 if value is not None and 'log' not in already_processed:1343 already_processed.add('log')1344 self.log = value1345 value = find_attr_value_('group', node)1346 if value is not None and 'group' not in already_processed:1347 already_processed.add('group')1348 = value1349 value = find_attr_value_('url', node)1350 if value is not None and 'url' not in already_processed:1351 already_processed.add('url')1352 self.url = value1353 def buildChildren(self, child_, node, nodeName_, fromsubclass_=False):1354 if nodeName_ == 'skipped':1355 obj_ = skipped.factory()1356 self.skipped.append(obj_)1358 obj_.original_tagname_ = 'skipped'1359 elif nodeName_ == 'error':1360 obj_ = error.factory()1361 self.error.append(obj_)1363 obj_.original_tagname_ = 'error'1364 elif nodeName_ == 'failure':1365 obj_ = failure.factory()1366 self.failure.append(obj_)1368 obj_.original_tagname_ = 'failure'1369 elif nodeName_ == 'system-out':1370 system_out_ = child_.text1371 system_out_ = self.gds_validate_string(system_out_, node, 'system_out')1372 self.system_out.append(system_out_)1373 elif nodeName_ == 'system-err':1374 system_err_ = child_.text1375 system_err_ = self.gds_validate_string(system_err_, node, 'system_err')1376 self.system_err.append(system_err_)1377# end class testcase1378class testsuite(GeneratedsSuper):1379 subclass = None1380 superclass = None1381 def __init__(self, name=None, tests=None, failures=None, errors=None, time=None, disabled=None, skipped=None, skips=None, timestamp=None, hostname=None, id=None, package=None, assertions=None, file=None, skip=None, log=None, url=None, testsuite_member=None, properties=None, testcase=None, system_out=None, system_err=None):1382 self.original_tagname_ = None1383 = _cast(None, name)1384 self.tests = _cast(None, tests)1385 self.failures = _cast(None, failures)1386 self.errors = _cast(None, errors)1387 self.time = _cast(None, time)1388 self.disabled = _cast(None, disabled)1389 self.skipped = _cast(None, skipped)1390 self.skips = _cast(None, skips)1391 self.timestamp = _cast(None, timestamp)1392 self.hostname = _cast(None, hostname)1393 = _cast(None, id)1394 self.package = _cast(None, package)1395 self.assertions = _cast(None, assertions)1396 self.file = _cast(None, file)1397 self.skip = _cast(None, skip)1398 self.log = _cast(None, log)1399 self.url = _cast(None, url)1400 if testsuite_member is None:1401 self.testsuite = []1402 else:1403 self.testsuite = testsuite_member1404 if properties is None:1405 = []1406 else:1407 = properties1408 if testcase is None:1409 self.testcase = []1410 else:1411 self.testcase = testcase1412 if system_out is None:1413 self.system_out = []1414 else:1415 self.system_out = system_out1416 if system_err is None:1417 self.system_err = []1418 else:1419 self.system_err = system_err1420 def factory(*args_, **kwargs_):1421 if CurrentSubclassModule_ is not None:1422 subclass = getSubclassFromModule_(1423 CurrentSubclassModule_, testsuite)1424 if subclass is not None:1425 return subclass(*args_, **kwargs_)1426 if testsuite.subclass:1427 return testsuite.subclass(*args_, **kwargs_)1428 else:1429 return testsuite(*args_, **kwargs_)1430 factory = staticmethod(factory)1431 def get_testsuite(self): return self.testsuite1432 def set_testsuite(self, testsuite): self.testsuite = testsuite1433 def add_testsuite(self, value): self.testsuite.append(value)1434 def insert_testsuite_at(self, index, value): self.testsuite.insert(index, value)1435 def replace_testsuite_at(self, index, value): self.testsuite[index] = value1436 def get_properties(self): return self.properties1437 def set_properties(self, properties): = properties1438 def add_properties(self, value): def insert_properties_at(self, index, value):, value)1440 def replace_properties_at(self, index, value):[index] = value1441 def get_testcase(self): return self.testcase1442 def set_testcase(self, testcase): self.testcase = testcase1443 def add_testcase(self, value): self.testcase.append(value)1444 def insert_testcase_at(self, index, value): self.testcase.insert(index, value)1445 def replace_testcase_at(self, index, value): self.testcase[index] = value1446 def get_system_out(self): return self.system_out1447 def set_system_out(self, system_out): self.system_out = system_out1448 def add_system_out(self, value): self.system_out.append(value)1449 def insert_system_out_at(self, index, value): self.system_out.insert(index, value)1450 def replace_system_out_at(self, index, value): self.system_out[index] = value1451 def get_system_err(self): return self.system_err1452 def set_system_err(self, system_err): self.system_err = system_err1453 def add_system_err(self, value): self.system_err.append(value)1454 def insert_system_err_at(self, index, value): self.system_err.insert(index, value)1455 def replace_system_err_at(self, index, value): self.system_err[index] = value1456 def get_name(self): return self.name1457 def set_name(self, name): = name1458 def get_tests(self): return self.tests1459 def set_tests(self, tests): self.tests = tests1460 def get_failures(self): return self.failures1461 def set_failures(self, failures): self.failures = failures1462 def get_errors(self): return self.errors1463 def set_errors(self, errors): self.errors = errors1464 def get_time(self): return self.time1465 def set_time(self, time): self.time = time1466 def get_disabled(self): return self.disabled...

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...479 def set_system_out(self, system_out):480 self.system_out = system_out481 def get_system_err(self):482 return self.system_err483 def set_system_err(self, system_err):484 self.system_err = system_err485 def get_tests(self):486 return self.tests487 def set_tests(self, tests):488 self.tests = tests489 def get_errors(self):490 return self.errors491 def set_errors(self, errors):492 self.errors = errors493 def get_name(self):494 return self.name495 def set_name(self, name):496 = name497 def get_timestamp(self):...

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