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...809 # The init step is a child of the function810 # we were just running.811 self._current_step_ancestry.append(current_function)812 self.next_step_prepend('step_init')813 def step_engine(self):814 """The multi-run engine used when the control file defines step_init.815 Does the next step.816 """817 # Set up the environment and then interpret the control file.818 # Some control files will have code outside of functions,819 # which means we need to have our state engine initialized820 # before reading in the file.821 global_control_vars = {'job': self,822 'args': self.args}823 exec(JOB_PREAMBLE, global_control_vars, global_control_vars)824 try:825 execfile(self.control, global_control_vars, global_control_vars)826 except error.TestNAError, detail:827 self.record(detail.exit_status, None, self.control, str(detail))828 except SystemExit:829 raise # Send error.JobContinue and JobComplete on up to runjob.830 except Exception, detail:831 # Syntax errors or other general Python exceptions coming out of832 # the top level of the control file itself go through here.833 raise error.UnhandledJobError(detail)834 # If we loaded in a mid-job state file, then we presumably835 # know what steps we have yet to run.836 if not self._is_continuation:837 if 'step_init' in global_control_vars:838 self.next_step(global_control_vars['step_init'])839 else:840 # if last job failed due to unexpected reboot, record it as fail841 # so harness gets called842 last_job = self._state.get('client', 'unexpected_reboot', None)843 if last_job:844 subdir, testname = last_job845 self.record('FAIL', subdir, testname, 'unexpected reboot')846 self.record('END FAIL', subdir, testname)847 # Iterate through the steps. If we reboot, we'll simply848 # continue iterating on the next step.849 while len(self._state.get('client', 'steps')) > 0:850 steps = self._state.get('client', 'steps')851 (ancestry, fn_name, args, dargs) = steps.pop(0)852 self._state.set('client', 'steps', steps)853 self._next_step_index = 0854 ret = self._create_frame(global_control_vars, ancestry, fn_name)855 local_vars, self._current_step_ancestry = ret856 local_vars = self._run_step_fn(local_vars, fn_name, args, dargs)857 self._add_step_init(local_vars, fn_name)858 def add_sysinfo_command(self, command, logfile=None, on_every_test=False):859 self._add_sysinfo_loggable(sysinfo.command(command, logf=logfile),860 on_every_test)861 def add_sysinfo_logfile(self, file, on_every_test=False):862 self._add_sysinfo_loggable(sysinfo.logfile(file), on_every_test)863 def _add_sysinfo_loggable(self, loggable, on_every_test):864 if on_every_test:865 self.sysinfo.test_loggables.add(loggable)866 else:867 self.sysinfo.boot_loggables.add(loggable)868 self._save_sysinfo_state()869 def _load_sysinfo_state(self):870 state = self._state.get('client', 'sysinfo', None)871 if state:872 self.sysinfo.deserialize(state)873 def _save_sysinfo_state(self):874 state = self.sysinfo.serialize()875 self._state.set('client', 'sysinfo', state)876class disk_usage_monitor:877 def __init__(self, logging_func, device, max_mb_per_hour):878 self.func = logging_func879 self.device = device880 self.max_mb_per_hour = max_mb_per_hour881 def start(self):882 self.initial_space = utils.freespace(self.device)883 self.start_time = time.time()884 def stop(self):885 # if no maximum usage rate was set, we don't need to886 # generate any warnings887 if not self.max_mb_per_hour:888 return889 final_space = utils.freespace(self.device)890 used_space = self.initial_space - final_space891 stop_time = time.time()892 total_time = stop_time - self.start_time893 # round up the time to one minute, to keep extremely short894 # tests from generating false positives due to short, badly895 # timed bursts of activity896 total_time = max(total_time, 60.0)897 # determine the usage rate898 bytes_per_sec = used_space / total_time899 mb_per_sec = bytes_per_sec / 1024**2900 mb_per_hour = mb_per_sec * 60 * 60901 if mb_per_hour > self.max_mb_per_hour:902 msg = ("disk space on %s was consumed at a rate of %.2f MB/hour")903 msg %= (self.device, mb_per_hour)904 self.func(msg)905 @classmethod906 def watch(cls, *monitor_args, **monitor_dargs):907 """ Generic decorator to wrap a function call with the908 standard create-monitor -> start -> call -> stop idiom."""909 def decorator(func):910 def watched_func(*args, **dargs):911 monitor = cls(*monitor_args, **monitor_dargs)912 monitor.start()913 try:914 func(*args, **dargs)915 finally:916 monitor.stop()917 return watched_func918 return decorator919def runjob(control, drop_caches, options):920 """921 Run a job using the given control file.922 This is the main interface to this module.923 @see base_job.__init__ for parameter info.924 """925 control = os.path.abspath(control)926 state = control + '.state'927 # Ensure state file is cleaned up before the job starts to run if autotest928 # is not running with the --continue flag929 if not options.cont and os.path.isfile(state):930 logging.debug('Cleaning up previously found state file')931 os.remove(state)932 # instantiate the job object ready for the control file.933 myjob = None934 try:935 # Check that the control file is valid936 if not os.path.exists(control):937 raise error.JobError(control + ": control file not found")938 # When continuing, the job is complete when there is no939 # state file, ensure we don't try and continue.940 if options.cont and not os.path.exists(state):941 raise error.JobComplete("all done")942 myjob = job(control=control, drop_caches=drop_caches, options=options)943 # Load in the users control file, may do any one of:944 # 1) execute in toto945 # 2) define steps, and select the first via next_step()946 myjob.step_engine()947 except error.JobContinue:948 sys.exit(5)949 except error.JobComplete:950 sys.exit(1)951 except error.JobError, instance:952 logging.error("JOB ERROR: " + str(instance))953 if myjob:954 command = None955 if len(instance.args) > 1:956 command = instance.args[1]957 myjob.record('ABORT', None, command, str(instance))958 myjob.record('END ABORT', None, None, str(instance))959 assert myjob._record_indent == 0960 myjob.complete(1)...

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1from curses import wrapper2import locale3import game.story.welcome as welcome4import game.story.end as end5import game.story.map_factory as map_factory6import game.character.creator as character_creator7import game.engine.wait as wait8import game.character.character as character9import game.progression.ability as ability10import game.engine.step_engine as step_engine11def play_step(step, hero, stdscr):12 stdscr.refresh()13 if step and step["type"] != "empty":14 step_engine.forType(step.get("type"))(step, hero, stdscr)15def start():16 map = map_factory.generate()18 hero = wrapper(loop, map, hero)20 loop(stdscr, map, hero):22 locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, "")23 map_window = stdscr.derwin(15, 25, 1, 1)24 map_window.keypad(True)25 character_window = stdscr.derwin(15, 60, 1, 28)26 text_window = stdscr.derwin(15, 60, 16, 28)27 stdscr.vline(1, 27, "|", 15)28 map.render(map_window)29 while hero.is_alive():30 hero.print_character(character_window)31 text_window.refresh()32 character_window.refresh()33 direction = map_window.getch()34 text_window.clear()35 character_window.clear()36 map_window.clear()37 step = map.move_hero(direction)38 map.render(map_window)...

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