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1#2# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one3# or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file4# distributed with this work for additional information5# regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file6# to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the7# "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance8# with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at9#10# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,13# software distributed under the License is distributed on an14# "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY15# KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the16# specific language governing permissions and limitations17# under the License.18from typing import Any, Callable, Dict, List, Optional19from airflow.models import BaseOperator20from airflow.providers.grpc.hooks.grpc import GrpcHook21class GrpcOperator(BaseOperator):22 """23 Calls a gRPC endpoint to execute an action24 :param stub_class: The stub client to use for this gRPC call25 :type stub_class: gRPC stub class generated from proto file26 :param call_func: The client function name to call the gRPC endpoint27 :type call_func: gRPC client function name for the endpoint generated from proto file, str28 :param grpc_conn_id: The connection to run the operator against29 :type grpc_conn_id: str30 :param data: The data to pass to the rpc call31 :type data: A dict with key value pairs as kwargs of the call_func32 :param interceptors: A list of gRPC interceptor objects to be used on the channel33 :type interceptors: A list of gRPC interceptor objects, has to be initialized34 :param custom_connection_func: The customized connection function to return channel object35 :type custom_connection_func: A python function that returns channel object, take in36 a connection object, can be a partial function37 :param streaming: A flag to indicate if the call is a streaming call38 :type streaming: boolean39 :param response_callback: The callback function to process the response from gRPC call40 :type response_callback: A python function that process the response from gRPC call,41 takes in response object and context object, context object can be used to perform42 push xcom or other after task actions43 :param log_response: A flag to indicate if we need to log the response44 :type log_response: boolean45 """46 template_fields = ('stub_class', 'call_func', 'data')47 template_fields_renderers = {"data": "py"}48 def __init__(49 self,50 *,51 stub_class: Callable,52 call_func: str,53 grpc_conn_id: str = "grpc_default",54 data: Optional[dict] = None,55 interceptors: Optional[List[Callable]] = None,56 custom_connection_func: Optional[Callable] = None,57 streaming: bool = False,58 response_callback: Optional[Callable] = None,59 log_response: bool = False,60 **kwargs,61 ) -> None:62 super().__init__(**kwargs)63 self.stub_class = stub_class64 self.call_func = call_func65 self.grpc_conn_id = grpc_conn_id66 = data or {}67 self.interceptors = interceptors68 self.custom_connection_func = custom_connection_func69 self.streaming = streaming70 self.log_response = log_response71 self.response_callback = response_callback72 def _get_grpc_hook(self) -> GrpcHook:73 return GrpcHook(74 self.grpc_conn_id,75 interceptors=self.interceptors,76 custom_connection_func=self.custom_connection_func,77 )78 def execute(self, context: Dict) -> None:79 hook = self._get_grpc_hook()80"Calling gRPC service")81 # grpc hook always yield82 responses =, self.call_func, streaming=self.streaming, for response in responses:84 self._handle_response(response, context)85 def _handle_response(self, response: Any, context: Dict) -> None:86 if self.log_response:87 if self.response_callback:...

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1"""2This type stub file was generated by pyright.3"""4import calendar5import datetime6import http.client7import os8import re9import google.auth10import google.auth.transport.requests11from __future__ import absolute_import12from threading import local as Local13from typing import Union14from google.protobuf import duration_pb2, timestamp_pb215"""Shared helpers for Google Cloud packages.16This module is not part of the public API surface.17"""18_NOW = ...19UTC = ...20_EPOCH = ...21_RFC3339_MICROS = ...22_RFC3339_NO_FRACTION = ...23_TIMEONLY_W_MICROS = ...24_TIMEONLY_NO_FRACTION = ...25_RFC3339_NANOS = ...26_USER_ROOT: Union[str, None]27_GCLOUD_CONFIG_FILE = ...28_GCLOUD_CONFIG_SECTION = ...29_GCLOUD_CONFIG_KEY = ...30class _LocalStack(Local):31 """Manage a thread-local LIFO stack of resources.32 Intended for use in :class:``,33 :class:``, etc.34 """35 def __init__(self) -> None: ...36 def __iter__(self):37 """Iterate the stack in LIFO order."""38 ...39 def push(self, resource):40 """Push a resource onto our stack."""41 ...42 def pop(self):43 """Pop a resource from our stack.44 :rtype: object45 :returns: the top-most resource, after removing it.46 :raises IndexError: if the stack is empty.47 """48 ...49 @property50 def top(self):51 """Get the top-most resource52 :rtype: object53 :returns: the top-most item, or None if the stack is empty.54 """55 ...56def make_secure_channel(credentials, user_agent, host, extra_options=...):57 """Makes a secure channel for an RPC service.58 Uses / depends on gRPC.59 :type credentials: :class:`google.auth.credentials.Credentials`60 :param credentials: The OAuth2 Credentials to use for creating61 access tokens.62 :type user_agent: str63 :param user_agent: The user agent to be used with API requests.64 :type host: str65 :param host: The host for the service.66 :type extra_options: tuple67 :param extra_options: (Optional) Extra gRPC options used when creating the68 channel.69 :rtype: :class:`grpc._channel.Channel`70 :returns: gRPC secure channel with credentials attached.71 """72 ...73def make_secure_stub(credentials, user_agent, stub_class, host, extra_options=...):74 """Makes a secure stub for an RPC service.75 Uses / depends on gRPC.76 :type credentials: :class:`google.auth.credentials.Credentials`77 :param credentials: The OAuth2 Credentials to use for creating78 access tokens.79 :type user_agent: str80 :param user_agent: The user agent to be used with API requests.81 :type stub_class: type82 :param stub_class: A gRPC stub type for a given service.83 :type host: str84 :param host: The host for the service.85 :type extra_options: tuple86 :param extra_options: (Optional) Extra gRPC options passed when creating87 the channel.88 :rtype: object, instance of ``stub_class``89 :returns: The stub object used to make gRPC requests to a given API.90 """91 ...92def make_insecure_stub(stub_class, host, port=...):93 """Makes an insecure stub for an RPC service.94 Uses / depends on gRPC.95 :type stub_class: type96 :param stub_class: A gRPC stub type for a given service.97 :type host: str98 :param host: The host for the service. May also include the port99 if ``port`` is unspecified.100 :type port: int101 :param port: (Optional) The port for the service.102 :rtype: object, instance of ``stub_class``103 :returns: The stub object used to make gRPC requests to a given API.104 """...

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