How to use tar_package method in autotest

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1#!/usr/bin/env python2# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-3"""4@author = 'wyx'5@time = 2017/2/4 09:056@annotation = ''7"""8import calendar9import datetime10import decimal11import json12import re13import subprocess14import sys15import time16from dateutil import tz17from base import config18def error_msg():19 import traceback20 return traceback.format_exc()21def get_round(spread):22 if spread >= 1:23 return spread24 return decimal.Decimal(str(spread)).as_tuple().exponent * -125def get_point(num):26 return decimal.Decimal(str(num)).as_tuple().exponent * -127def point2decfloat(point):28 """29 保留位数转化成decimal30 2 -> 0.0131 """32 if point >= 1:33 return decimal.Decimal('0.' + '0' * (point - 1) + '1')34 return safe_decimal(point)35def safe_decimal(data):36 if not isinstance(data, str):37 data = str(data)38 return decimal.Decimal(data)39def nowdt():40 return dt2ts(dt, tzinfo=config.tz_info):42 if dt.tzinfo is None:43 if tzinfo is None:44 return int(time.mktime(dt.timetuple()))45 dt = dt.replace(tzinfo=tzinfo)46 utc_dt = dt.astimezone(tz.tzutc()).timetuple()47 return calendar.timegm(utc_dt)48def ts2dt(timestamp):49 if not isinstance(timestamp, float):50 timestamp = float(timestamp)51 return datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(timestamp, config.tz_info)52def str2dt(dtstr, format='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S', tzinfo=config.tz_info):53 dt = datetime.datetime.strptime(dtstr, format)54 return dt.replace(tzinfo=tzinfo)55def deal_min_trade(min_trade):56 if min_trade >= 1 and isinstance(min_trade, int):57 return min_trade + 158 else:59 point = get_point(min_trade)60 return min_trade + float(point2decfloat(point))61def shell_cmd(cmd):62 return subprocess.check_output(cmd, stderr=sys.stderr, shell=True)63def android_activity(json_output=False):64 def device_name():65 cmd = 'adb devices -l'66 r = shell_cmd(cmd).decode()67 res ='model:(.*?) device', r, re.S)68 if res:69 return {'deviceName': res.groups()[0]}70 return None71 def get_package():72 """get the current activity and packagename"""73 cmd = 'adb shell dumpsys window windows | grep -E "mCurrentFocus"'74 r = shell_cmd(cmd).decode()75 res ='=Window{(.*?)}', r)76 if res:77 try:78 res = res.groups()[0].split(' ')[-1].split('/')79 package_name = res[0]80 activity_name = res[1]81 if package_name and activity_name:82 return {83 'appPackage': package_name,84 'appActivity': activity_name,85 }86 return None87 except Exception:88 return None89 device = device_name()90 if device is None:91 raise RuntimeError('No device or adb')92 tar_package = get_package()93 # if tar_package is None:94 # raise RuntimeError('No current activity')95 if tar_package:96 device.update(tar_package)97 device['platformName'] = 'Android'98 device['noReset'] = True99 device['automationName'] = 'uiautomator2'100 device['newCommandTimeout'] = 0101 return device if not json_output else json.dumps(device)102def project_dir():103 import os104 file_path = os.path.abspath(__file__)...

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1def getting_data(url,path):2 data = urllib.request.urlopen(url)3 tar_package =, mode='r:gz')4 tar_package.extractall(path)5 tar_package.close()6 return print("Data extracted and saved.")78getting_data("","/content/carimages")910def getting_metadata(url,filename):11 '''12 Downloading a metadata file from a specific url and save it to the disc.13 '''14 labels = urllib2.urlopen(url)15 file = open(filename, 'wb')16 file.write( file.close()18 return print("Metadata downloaded and saved.")19 ...

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