How to use test_create_delete method in autotest

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...4from dohq_artifactory.admin import Project5from dohq_artifactory.admin import RepositoryLocal6from dohq_artifactory.admin import User7class TestUser:8 def test_create_delete(self, artifactory):9 user_name = "test_create_delete_user"10 # Remove if user exist11 test_user = artifactory.find_user(user_name)12 if test_user is not None:13 test_user.delete()14 test_user = User(15 artifactory=artifactory,16 name=user_name,17 email="",18 password="Pa55w@rd",19 profile_updatable=True,20 )21 # CREATE22 test_user.create()23 assert artifactory.find_user(user_name) is not None24 # DELETE25 test_user.delete()26 assert artifactory.find_user(user_name) is None27 def test_create_update(self, artifactory):28 user_name = "test_create_update_user"29 # Remove if user exist30 test_user = artifactory.find_user(user_name)31 if test_user is not None:32 test_user.delete()33 test_user = User(34 artifactory=artifactory,35 name=user_name,36 email="",37 password="oldPa55w@rd",38 )39 # CREATE40 test_user.create()41 assert artifactory.find_user(user_name) is not None42 # UPDATE43 test_user = artifactory.find_user(user_name) # type: User44 test_user.password = "oldPa55w@rd"45 current_pwd = test_user.encryptedPassword46 test_user.password = "newPa55w@rd"47 test_user.update()48 new_pwd = test_user.encryptedPassword49 assert new_pwd != current_pwd, "Password did not change!"50 # DELETE51 test_user.delete()52 assert artifactory.find_user(user_name) is None53 def test_add_to_group(self, group1, user1):54 # type: (Group, User) -> None55 user1.add_to_group(group1)56 user1.update()57 assert "group1" in user1.raw["groups"]58class TestGroup:59 def test_create_delete(self, artifactory):60 name = "test_create_delete_group"61 # Remove if exist62 test_group = artifactory.find_group(name)63 if test_group is not None:64 test_group.delete()65 test_group = Group(artifactory=artifactory, name=name)66 # CREATE67 test_group.create()68 assert artifactory.find_group(name) is not None69 # DELETE70 test_group.delete()71 assert artifactory.find_group(name) is None72 def test_create_delete_with_user(self, artifactory):73 name = "test_adding_user_to_group"74 users = ["admin"]75 # Remove if exist76 test_group = artifactory.find_group(name)77 if test_group is not None:78 test_group.delete()79 test_group = Group(artifactory=artifactory, name=name)80 # CREATE81 test_group.users = users82 test_group.create()83 del test_group84 test_group = artifactory.find_group(name)85 assert test_group is not None86 assert test_group.users == users88 # DELETE89 test_group.delete()90 assert artifactory.find_group(name) is None91class TestLocalRepositories:92 def test_create_delete(self, artifactory):93 name = "test-debian-repo"94 # Remove if exist95 test_repo = artifactory.find_repository_local(name)96 if test_repo is not None:97 test_repo.delete()98 test_repo = RepositoryLocal(99 artifactory=artifactory, name=name, package_type=RepositoryLocal.DEBIAN100 )101 # CREATE102 test_repo.create()103 assert artifactory.find_repository_local(name) is not None104 assert test_repo.raw["enableDebianSupport"], "Repository is not Debian"105 # DELETE106 test_repo.delete()107 assert artifactory.find_repository_local(name) is None108class TestTargetPermission:109 def test_create_delete(self, artifactory):110 name = "create_delete_permission"111 # Remove if exist112 test_permission = artifactory.find_permission_target(name)113 if test_permission is not None:114 test_permission.delete()115 test_permission = PermissionTarget(artifactory=artifactory, name=name)116 # CREATE117 test_permission.create()118 assert artifactory.find_permission_target(name) is not None119 # DELETE120 test_permission.delete()121 assert artifactory.find_permission_target(name) is None122 def test_add_repositories(self, permission, repo1, repo2):123 # type: (PermissionTarget, RepositoryLocal, RepositoryLocal) -> None124 permission.add_repository(repo1, repo2)125 permission.update()126 assert "repo1" in permission.raw["repositories"]127 assert "repo2" in permission.raw["repositories"]128 repositories = permission.repositories129 assert "repo1" in [repositories[0].name, repositories[1].name]130 def test_add_user_group(self, permission, user1, user2, group1):131 # type: (PermissionTarget, User, User, Group) -> None132 permission.add_user(user1, PermissionTarget.ROLE_DEPLOY)133 permission.update()134 assert "user1" in permission.raw["principals"]["users"]135 assert (136 PermissionTarget.ADMIN not in permission.raw["principals"]["users"]["user1"]137 )138 permission.add_user(user2, PermissionTarget.ADMIN)139 permission.update()140 assert [PermissionTarget.ADMIN] == permission.raw["principals"]["users"][141 "user2"142 ]143 permission.add_group(group1, PermissionTarget.READ)144 permission.update()145 assert "group1" in permission.raw["principals"]["groups"]146class TestProject:147 def test_create_delete(self, artifactory_token):148 # Illegal project key length; valid length: 3 <= key <= 6149 # Name must start with a lowercase letter and only contain lowercase150 # letters and digits.Name151 project_key = "t1k1"152 display_name = "test_create_delete_display_name"153 # Remove if project exist154 test_project = artifactory_token.find_project(project_key)155 if test_project is not None:156 test_project.delete()157 test_project = Project(158 artifactory=artifactory_token,159 project_key=project_key,160 display_name=display_name,161 )...

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...8from db_mapping import *9from dao import dao,DataException10count = 111class TestCustomer(unittest.TestCase):12 def test_create_delete(self):13 for i in range(count):14 c = Customer("Test")15 id = c.customer_id17 dao.customer_dao.delete(c)18 try:19 dao.customer_dao.find_by_id(id)20 except NoResultFound as ex:22 pass23class TestOperationDefinition(unittest.TestCase):24 def test_create_delete(self):25 for i in range(count):26 c = OperationDefinition()27 c.description = "Alpha"28 c.short_id = "AL"29 id = c.operation_definition_id31 dao.operation_definition_dao.delete(c)32 try:33 dao.operation_definition_dao.find_by_id(id)34 except NoResultFound as ex:36 pass37class TestEmployee(unittest.TestCase):38 def test_create_delete(self):39 for i in range(count):40 c = Employee()41 c.fullname = "Alpha"42 id = c.employee_id44 dao.employee_dao.delete(c.employee_id)45 try:46 dao.employee_dao.find_by_id(id)47 except NoResultFound as ex:49 pass50class TestOrder(unittest.TestCase):51 def test_create_delete(self):52 customer = Customer("Test")53 print((customer.customer_id))55 for i in range(count):56 c = Order()57 c.description = "alpha"58 c.customer = customer59 id = c.order_id61 try:62 dao.customer_dao.delete(customer.customer_id)63 except DataException as ex:65 pass...

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