How to use test_garbage_collection method in autotest

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1""" Test utilities2"""3# Authors: Deepak Surti, Ioannis Tziakos4# Copyright (c) 2015, Enthought, Inc.5# License: BSD Style.6import contextlib7import gc8import unittest9import weakref10@contextlib.contextmanager11def restore_gc_state():12 """Ensure that gc state is restored on exit of the with statement."""13 originally_enabled = gc.isenabled()14 try:15 yield16 finally:17 if originally_enabled:18 gc.enable()19 else:20 gc.disable()21class TestGarbageCollection(unittest.TestCase):22 """ This is a base class to use when testing garbage collection.23 See: tvtk.tests.test_garbage_collection24 mayavi.tests.test_garbage_collection25 """26 def check_object_garbage_collected(self, obj_create_fn, obj_close_fn=None):27 """ Call this from a test function to test for garbage collection28 passing the following parameters:29 obj_create_fn: function30 A function with no parameters that creates the object31 obj_close_fn: function32 A function of 1 parameter which is the object created by33 obj_create_fn, to handling the object closing, if any.34 """35 # given36 object_collected = []37 object_weakref = None38 def object_collected_callback(weakref):39 object_collected.append(True)40 def do():41 obj = obj_create_fn()42 reference = weakref.ref(obj, object_collected_callback)43 if obj_close_fn:44 obj_close_fn(obj)45 return reference46 # when47 with restore_gc_state():48 gc.disable()49 object_weakref = do()50 # The object should have been collected.51 self.assertTrue(object_collected[0])...

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