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...13 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid)14 check(res1, msg="Locking file %s" % t.word())15 res2 = c.lock_test(fh)16 check(res2, NFS4ERR_DENIED, "Testing file %s is locked" % t.word())17 res3 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, res1.lockid)18 check(res3, msg="Unlocking locked file %s" % t.word())19 res2 = c.lock_test(fh)20 check(res2, msg="Testing file %s was unlocked" % t.word())21def testUnlocked(t, env):22 """LOCKU on an unlocked area should work or return NFS4ERR_LOCK_RANGE23 FLAGS: locku all24 DEPEND: MKFILE25 CODE: LKUNONE26 """27 c = env.c128 c.init_connection()29 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())30 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid, 100, 100)31 check(res1, msg="Locking file %s" % t.word())32 res2 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, res1.lockid, 0, 50)33 check(res2, [NFS4_OK, NFS4ERR_LOCK_RANGE], "LOCKU on an unlocked area")34 if res2.status == NFS4ERR_LOCK_RANGE:35 t.fail_support("LOCKU on an unlocked area should return OK")36def testSplit(t, env):37 """LOCKU inside a locked range should work or return NFS4ERR_LOCK_RANGE38 FLAGS: locku all39 DEPEND: MKFILE40 CODE: LKUSPLIT41 """42 c = env.c143 c.init_connection()44 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())45 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid, 100, 100)46 check(res1, msg="Locking file %s" % t.word())47 res2 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, res1.lockid, 125, 50)48 check(res2, [NFS4_OK, NFS4ERR_LOCK_RANGE], "LOCKU inside locked area")49 if res2.status == NFS4ERR_LOCK_RANGE:50 t.fail_support("LOCKU inside a locked area should return OK")51def testOverlap(t, env):52 """LOCKU on an overlapping range should work or return NFS4ERR_LOCK_RANGE53 FLAGS: locku all54 DEPEND: MKFILE LKUNONE LKUSPLIT55 CODE: LKUOVER56 """57 c = env.c158 c.init_connection()59 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())60 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid, 100, 100)61 check(res1, msg="Locking file %s" % t.word())62 res2 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, res1.lockid, 50, 100)63 check(res2, [NFS4_OK, NFS4ERR_LOCK_RANGE],64 "LOCKU overlapping a locked area")65 if res2.status == NFS4ERR_LOCK_RANGE:66"LOCKU overlapping a locked area should return OK, "67 "given server allows other non-matching LOCKUs")68def test32bitRange(t, env):69 """LOCKU ranges over 32 bits should work or return NFS4ERR_BAD_RANGE70 FLAGS: lock locku all71 DEPEND: MKFILE LOCKRNG LKUSPLIT72 CODE: LKU273 """74 c = env.c175 c.init_connection()76 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())77 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid)78 check(res1)79 res2 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, res1.lockid, 0, 0xffffffffffff)80 check(res2, [NFS4_OK, NFS4ERR_BAD_RANGE, NFS4ERR_LOCK_RANGE],81 "LOCKU range over 32 bits")82 if res2.status == NFS4ERR_BAD_RANGE:83"Allowed 64 bit LOCK range, but only 32 bit LOCKU range")84 if res2.status == NFS4ERR_LOCK_RANGE:85"Allowed 32bit splitting of locks, but not 64bit")86def testZeroLen(t, env):87 """LOCKU with len=0 should return NFS4ERR_INVAL88 FLAGS: locku all89 DEPEND: MKFILE90 CODE: LKU391 """92 c = env.c193 c.init_connection()94 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())95 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid)96 check(res1)97 res2 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, res1.lockid, 1, 0)98 check(res2, NFS4ERR_INVAL, "LOCKU with len=0")99 100def testLenTooLong(t, env):101 """LOCKU with offset+len overflow should return NFS4ERR_INVAL102 FLAGS: locku emptyfh all103 DEPEND: MKFILE104 CODE: LKU4105 """106 c = env.c1107 c.init_connection()108 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())109 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid)110 check(res1)111 res2 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, res1.lockid, 100, 0xfffffffffffffffe)112 check(res2, NFS4ERR_INVAL, "LOCKU with offset+len overflow")113def testNoFh(t, env):114 """LOCKU with no (cfh) should return NFS4ERR_NOFILEHANDLE115 FLAGS: locku all116 DEPEND: MKFILE117 CODE: LKU5118 """119 c = env.c1120 c.init_connection()121 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())122 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid)123 check(res1)124 res2 = c.unlock_file(1, None, res1.lockid)125 check(res2, NFS4ERR_NOFILEHANDLE, "LOCKU with no <cfh>")126def testBadLockSeqid(t, env):127 """LOCKU with a bad lockseqid should return NFS4ERR_BAD_SEQID128 FLAGS: locku seqid all129 DEPEND: MKFILE130 CODE: LKU6131 """132 c = env.c1133 c.init_connection()134 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())135 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid)136 check(res1)137 res2 = c.unlock_file(2, fh, res1.lockid)138 check(res2, NFS4ERR_BAD_SEQID, "LOCKU with a bad lockseqid=2")139def testBadLockSeqid2(t, env):140 """LOCKU with a bad lockseqid should return NFS4ERR_BAD_SEQID141 FLAGS: locku seqid all142 DEPEND: MKFILE143 CODE: LKU6b144 """145 c = env.c1146 c.init_connection()147 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())148 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid, 0, 50)149 check(res1)150 res2 = c.relock_file(1, fh, res1.lockid, 100, 50)151 check(res2)152 res3 = c.unlock_file(0, fh, res2.lockid)153 check(res3, NFS4ERR_BAD_SEQID, "LOCKU with a bad lockseqid=1")154# See 8.1.5, as well as def of BAD_SEQID in sec 12155# Turns out should expect replay of LOCK command.156# But nfs4lib will raise an error, and not allow checking of response157# FRED - fix this158def testBadLockSeqid3(t, env):159 """LOCKU with a bad lockseqid should return NFS4ERR_BAD_SEQID160# FLAGS: locku seqid all161 FLAGS: ganesha162 DEPEND: MKFILE163 CODE: LKU6c164 """165 c = env.c1166 c.init_connection()167 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())168 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid, 0, 50)169 check(res1)170 res2 = c.relock_file(1, fh, res1.lockid, 100, 50)171 check(res2)172 res3 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, res2.lockid)173 check(res3, NFS4ERR_BAD_SEQID, "LOCKU with a bad lockseqid=1")174def testOldLockStateid(t, env):175 """LOCKU with old lock stateid should return NFS4ERR_OLD_STATEID176 FLAGS: locku oldid all177 DEPEND: MKFILE178 CODE: LKU7179 """180 c = env.c1181 c.init_connection()182 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())183 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid)184 check(res1)185 res2 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, res1.lockid)186 check(res2)187 # Try to unlock again with old stateid188 res3 = c.unlock_file(2, fh, res1.lockid)189 check(res3, NFS4ERR_OLD_STATEID, "LOCKU with old lockstateid",190 [NFS4ERR_BAD_STATEID])191def testBadLockStateid(t, env):192 """LOCKU should return NFS4ERR_BAD_STATEID if use a bad id193 FLAGS: locku badid all194 DEPEND: MKFILE195 CODE: LKU8196 """197 c = env.c1198 c.init_connection()199 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())200 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid)201 check(res1)202 res2 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, stateid4(0, b''))203 check(res2, NFS4ERR_BAD_STATEID, "LOCKU with a bad stateid")204 205def testStaleLockStateid(t, env):206 """LOCKU with stale lockstateid should return NFS4ERR_STALE_STATEID207 FLAGS: locku staleid all208 DEPEND: MKFILE209 CODE: LKU9210 """211 c = env.c1212 c.init_connection()213 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word())214 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid)215 check(res1)216 res2 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, makeStaleId(res1.lockid))217 check(res2, NFS4ERR_STALE_STATEID, "LOCKU with stale lockstateid",218 [NFS4ERR_BAD_STATEID, NFS4ERR_OLD_STATEID])219# FRED - what is correct error return?220def testTimedoutUnlock(t, env):221 """LOCKU: Try to unlock file after timed out 222 NFS4ER_EXPIRED return mandated by section 8.6.3 of rfc223 224 FLAGS: locku timed all225 DEPEND: MKFILE226 CODE: LKU10227 """228 c = env.c1229 sleeptime = c.getLeaseTime() * 3 // 2230 c.init_connection()231 fh, stateid = c.create_confirm(t.word(), attrs={FATTR4_MODE: 0o666})232 res1 = c.lock_file(t.word(), fh, stateid)233 check(res1)234 env.sleep(sleeptime)235 # Conflicting open should force server to drop state236 c2 = env.c2237 c2.init_connection()238 c2.open_confirm(t.word(), access=OPEN4_SHARE_ACCESS_WRITE)239 res2 = c.unlock_file(1, fh, res1.lockid)240 check(res2, [NFS4ERR_EXPIRED, NFS4_OK],...

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