How to use update_checksum method in autotest

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...51 self.fragmentation_word = (dont_fragment << 14)52 self.time_to_live = 25553 self.protocol = PROTOCOL_NUMBER54 self.payload = None55 self.update_checksum()56 57 def get_source_ip(self):58 return self.source_ip59 60 def get_destination_ip(self):61 return self.destination_ip 62 63 def get_version(self):64 return self.version65 66 def get_header_length(self):67 return self.header_length68 69 def get_type_of_service(self):70 return self.type_of_service71 72 def get_total_length(self):73 return self.total_length74 75 def get_id_number(self):76 return self.id_number77 78 def get_time_to_live(self):79 return self.time_to_live80 81 def get_protocol(self):82 return self.protocol83 84 def get_checksum(self):85 return self.checksum86 87 def get_fragmentation_word(self):88 return self.fragmentation_word89 90 def get_payload(self):91 return self.payload92 93 def set_source_ip(self, ip):94 self.source_ip = ip95 self.update_checksum()96 97 def set_destination_ip(self, ip):98 self.destination_ip = ip99 self.update_checksum()100 101 def set_version(self, version):102 self.version = version103 self.update_checksum()104 105 def set_header_length(self, length):106 self.header_length = length107 self.update_checksum()108 109 def set_type_of_service(self, type_of_service):110 self.type_of_service = type_of_service111 self.update_checksum()112 113 def add_length(self, length):114 self.total_length += length115 self.update_checksum()116 117 def set_id_number(self, id_number):118 self.id_number = id_number119 self.update_checksum()120 121 def set_time_to_live(self, time_to_live):122 self.time_to_live = time_to_live123 self.update_checksum()124 125 def set_protocol(self, protocol):126 self.protocol = protocol127 self.update_checksum()128 129 def set_fragmentation_word(self, fragmentation_word):130 self.fragmentation_word = fragmentation_word131 self.update_checksum()132 133 def set_payload(self, payload):134 self.payload = payload135 length = len(payload.get_bytes())136 self.add_length(length)137 self.payload.set_parent(self)138 139 def update_checksum(self):140 self.checksum = 0141 header_bytes = self.get_bytes()142 updated_checksum = IPChecksumAlgorithm.for_bytes(header_bytes).value()143 self.checksum = updated_checksum144 145 def get_bytes(self):146 source_ip = socket.inet_aton(self.source_ip)147 destination_ip = socket.inet_aton(self.destination_ip) 148 header_length_plus_version = (self.version << 4) + self.header_length149 payload_bytes = str()150 if self.payload is not None:151 payload_bytes = self.payload.get_bytes()152 header_bytes = struct.pack('!BBHHHBBH4s4s', header_length_plus_version,153 self.type_of_service, self.total_length,...

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1#!/usr/bin/env python2import hashlib3import sys4import MySQLdb5import MySQLdb.cursors6import config7import logging8from hpw.models import property9#from model import *10import property_content11def main():12 try:13 # connect to the mysql db14"Opening MySQL DB connection")15 conn = MySQLdb.connect (16 host = config.dbhost,17 user = config.dbuser,18 passwd = config.dbpass,19 db = config.dbname,20 cursorclass = MySQLdb.cursors.DictCursor21 )22 cursor = conn.cursor()23 except MySQLdb.Error, e:24 print "Error %d: %s" % (e.args[0], e.args[1])25 sys.exit(1)26 id_prop = sys.argv[1]27 rows_master = property.get_property_content_by_property_id(cursor, id_prop, 1)28 rows_update = property.get_property_content_by_property_id(cursor, id_prop, 2)29 master_total_cs = ''30 update_total_cs = ''31 for master_item in rows_master:32 id_prop_content_field = master_item['idPropertyContentField']33 # get the update row matching this one34 update_item = rows_update[id_prop_content_field-1]35 master_checksum = master_item['cs']36 update_checksum = update_item['cs']37 master_total_cs += master_checksum38 update_total_cs += update_checksum39 if master_checksum == None:40 master_checksum = 'null'41 if update_checksum == None:42 update_checksum = 'null'43 print str(id_prop_content_field).ljust(4), property_content.lookup[id_prop_content_field-1].ljust(18), master_checksum[:6].ljust(8), update_checksum[:6].ljust(8), 'Match' if master_checksum == update_checksum else 'Changed'44 print "Property Master Checksum should be", hashlib.sha1(master_total_cs).hexdigest()45 print "Property Master Checksum should be", hashlib.sha1(update_total_cs).hexdigest()46 cursor.close()47 conn.commit()48 conn.close()49if __name__ == '__main__':...

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