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1#-*- encoding: utf-8 -*-2from optparse import OptionParser3import os4import re5import string6import sys7from datetime import datetime8import traceback9import hashlib10import socket11import random12class ApolloRsyncPkg(object):13 """ 实现文件的rsync。14 # Attributes:15 """16 def __init__(self, user, app, svr, version, directory, reupload):17 """ 初始化18 """19 # rsync ip addr. 锁定域名的ip地址20 rsync_ip = socket.gethostbyname("")21 # 文件上传的rsync 地址22 self.rsync_server="apollo@%s::upload" % (rsync_ip)23 # 上传的用户24 self.user = user25 # 上传pkg的产品名26 = app27 # 上传pkg的服务名28 self.svr = svr29 # 上传pkg的服务版本30 self.version = version31 # pkg所在的目录,必须是绝对目录32 = directory33 # 上传的时间34 self.uptime ='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')35 # pkg的md536 self.md5 = ""37 # pkg的机密随机字符串38 self.passwd = ''.join(random.sample(string.ascii_letters + string.digits, 32)) + \39 ''.join(random.sample(string.ascii_letters + string.digits, 32)) + \40 ''.join(random.sample(string.ascii_letters + string.digits, 32)) + \41 ''.join(random.sample(string.ascii_letters + string.digits, 32))42 self.pkg_file = "pkg_%s_%s_%s.tar.gz" % (app, svr, version)43 self.pkg_pathfile = "/tmp/%s" % (self.pkg_file)44 self.pkg_info_file = "" % (app, svr, version)45 self.pkg_info_pathfile = "/tmp/%s" % (self.pkg_info_file)46 self.reupload = reupload47 48 def rsync(self):49 """ rsync pkg50 """51 cmd = "cd %s && tar -czvf - * | openssl des3 -salt -k %s -out %s" % \52 (, self.passwd, self.pkg_pathfile)53 print "tar pkg path, cmd:%s" % (cmd)54 ret =os.system(cmd)55 if 0 <> ret:56 print "Failed to exec:%s" % (cmd)57 return False58 self.__md5()59 upload_pkg_file = "pkg_%s_%s_%s.%s.tar.gz" % (, self.svr, self.version, self.md5[0:16])60 pkg_info = "[pkg]\ntype=pkg\nreupload=%s\nuser=%s\napp=%s\nsvr=%s\nversion=%s\ndirectory=%s\npkg_file=%s\ntime=%s\nmd5=%s\npasswd=%s\n" % \61 (self.reupload, self.user,, self.svr, self.version,, upload_pkg_file, self.uptime, self.md5, self.passwd)62 # write pkg_info63 print "Write pkg info to:%s" % (self.pkg_info_pathfile)64 with open(self.pkg_info_pathfile, "wb") as f:65 f.write(pkg_info)66 cmd = "rsync -atz %s %s/%s" % (self.pkg_info_pathfile, self.rsync_server, self.pkg_info_file)67 print "rsync pkg info file:%s, cmd:%s" % (self.pkg_info_pathfile, cmd)68 ret =os.system(cmd)69 if 0 <> ret:70 print "Failed to exec:%s" % (cmd)71 return False72 cmd = "rsync -atz %s %s/%s" % (self.pkg_pathfile, self.rsync_server, upload_pkg_file)73 print "rsync pkg file:%s to file:%s, cmd:%s" % (self.pkg_pathfile, upload_pkg_file, cmd)74 ret =os.system(cmd)75 if 0 <> ret:76 print "Failed to exec:%s" % (cmd)77 return False78 return True79 def __md5(self):80 """ pkg file's md581 """82 md5_obj = hashlib.md5()83 with open(self.pkg_pathfile, "rb") as f:84 while True:85 d = if not d: break87 md5_obj.update(d)88 self.md5 = md5_obj.hexdigest().lower()89def main():90 """91 Running rsync upload pkg.92 """93 opt = OptionParser()94 opt.add_option("-u","--username",action="store",type="string",dest="user",95 help="apollo's username.")96 opt.add_option("-a","--app", action="store", type="string", dest="app",97 help="apollo's product name.")98 opt.add_option("-s", "--svr", action="store", type="string", dest="svr",99 help="apollo's service name.")100 opt.add_option("-v", "--version", action="store", type="string", dest="version",101 help="service's version.")102 opt.add_option("-d", "--directory", action="store", type="string", dest="directory",103 help="service pkg's directory, it must be absolute path.")104 opt.add_option("-r", "--reupload", action="store_true", default="False", dest="reupload",105 help="re-upload the pkg, default is false.")106 (options,args)=opt.parse_args()107 if not options.user or not len(options.user):108 print "Must specify the apollo user by -u, exit."109 exit(1)110 if not or not len( print "Must specify the apollo product name by -a, exit."112 exit(1)113 if not options.svr or not len(options.svr):114 print "Must specify the apollo sevice name by -s, exit."115 exit(1)116 if not options.version or not len(options.version):117 print "Must specify the service's version by -v, exit."118 exit(1)119 if not or not len( print "Must specify the service pkg's directory by -d, exit."121 exit(1)122 if not os.path.isdir( print "Service pkg's directory[%s] doesn't exist, exit." % ( exit(1)125 if not"/"):126 print "Service pkg's directory[%s] isn't absolute path, exit." % ( exit(1)128 129 print "Begin to rsync, user:%s, product:%s, svr:%s, version:%s, directory:%s, reupload:%s" % \130 (options.user,, options.svr, options.version,, options.reupload)131 try:132 rsync = ApolloRsyncPkg(options.user,, options.svr, options.version,, options.reupload)133 if not rsync.rsync():134 exit(1)135 except Exception, e:136 print "Failed to upload, exception:%s" % (e)137 traceback.print_exc()138 exit(1)139 print "Success to rysnc."140 exit(0)141if __name__ == "__main__":...

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