How to use validate_ISO8601_DATETIME_PATTERN method in autotest

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...497 def get_timestamp(self):498 return self.timestamp499 def set_timestamp(self, timestamp):500 self.timestamp = timestamp501 def validate_ISO8601_DATETIME_PATTERN(self, value):502 # Validate type ISO8601_DATETIME_PATTERN, a restriction on xs:dateTime.503 pass504 def get_hostname(self):505 return self.hostname506 def set_hostname(self, hostname):507 self.hostname = hostname508 def get_time(self):509 return self.time510 def set_time(self, time):511 self.time = time512 def get_failures(self):513 return self.failures514 def set_failures(self, failures):515 self.failures = failures516 def get_extensiontype_(self):517 return self.extensiontype_518 def set_extensiontype_(self, extensiontype_):519 self.extensiontype_ = extensiontype_520 def export(self, outfile, level, namespace_='', name_='testsuite', namespacedef_=''):521 showIndent(outfile, level)522 outfile.write('<%s%s%s' % (namespace_, name_, namespacedef_ and ' ' + namespacedef_ or '', ))523 already_processed = []524 self.exportAttributes(outfile, level, already_processed, namespace_, name_='testsuite')525 if self.hasContent_():526 outfile.write('>\n')527 self.exportChildren(outfile, level + 1, namespace_, name_)528 showIndent(outfile, level)529 outfile.write('</%s%s>\n' % (namespace_, name_))530 else:531 outfile.write('/>\n')532 def exportAttributes(self, outfile, level, already_processed, namespace_='', name_='testsuite'):533 if self.tests is not None and 'tests' not in already_processed:534 already_processed.append('tests')535 outfile.write(' tests="%s"' % self.gds_format_integer(self.tests, input_name='tests'))536 if self.errors is not None and 'errors' not in already_processed:537 already_processed.append('errors')538 outfile.write(' errors="%s"' % self.gds_format_integer(self.errors, input_name='errors'))539 if is not None and 'name' not in already_processed:540 already_processed.append('name')541 outfile.write(' name=%s' % (self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(, input_name='name'), ))542 if self.timestamp is not None and 'timestamp' not in already_processed:543 already_processed.append('timestamp')544 outfile.write(' timestamp=%s' % (quote_attrib(self.timestamp), ))545 if self.hostname is not None and 'hostname' not in already_processed:546 already_processed.append('hostname')547 outfile.write(' hostname=%s' % (self.gds_format_string(quote_attrib(self.hostname).encode(ExternalEncoding), input_name='hostname'), ))548 if self.time is not None and 'time' not in already_processed:549 already_processed.append('time')550 outfile.write(' time="%s"' % self.gds_format_float(self.time, input_name='time'))551 if self.failures is not None and 'failures' not in already_processed:552 already_processed.append('failures')553 outfile.write(' failures="%s"' % self.gds_format_integer(self.failures, input_name='failures'))554 if self.extensiontype_ is not None and 'xsi:type' not in already_processed:555 already_processed.append('xsi:type')556 outfile.write(' xmlns:xsi=""')557 outfile.write(' xsi:type="%s"' % self.extensiontype_)558 def exportChildren(self, outfile, level, namespace_='', name_='testsuite', fromsubclass_=False):559 if is not None:560, level, namespace_, name_='properties', )561 for testcase_ in self.testcase:562 testcase_.export(outfile, level, namespace_, name_='testcase')563 if self.system_out is not None:564 showIndent(outfile, level)565 outfile.write('<%ssystem-out>%s</%ssystem-out>\n' % (namespace_, self.gds_format_string(quote_xml(self.system_out).encode(ExternalEncoding), input_name='system-out'), namespace_))566 if self.system_err is not None:567 showIndent(outfile, level)568 outfile.write('<%ssystem-err>%s</%ssystem-err>\n' % (namespace_, self.gds_format_string(quote_xml(self.system_err).encode(ExternalEncoding), input_name='system-err'), namespace_))569 def hasContent_(self):570 if (571 is not None or572 self.testcase or573 self.system_out is not None or574 self.system_err is not None575 ):576 return True577 else:578 return False579 def exportLiteral(self, outfile, level, name_='testsuite'):580 level += 1581 self.exportLiteralAttributes(outfile, level, [], name_)582 if self.hasContent_():583 self.exportLiteralChildren(outfile, level, name_)584 def exportLiteralAttributes(self, outfile, level, already_processed, name_):585 if self.tests is not None and 'tests' not in already_processed:586 already_processed.append('tests')587 showIndent(outfile, level)588 outfile.write('tests = %d,\n' % (self.tests,))589 if self.errors is not None and 'errors' not in already_processed:590 already_processed.append('errors')591 showIndent(outfile, level)592 outfile.write('errors = %d,\n' % (self.errors,))593 if is not None and 'name' not in already_processed:594 already_processed.append('name')595 showIndent(outfile, level)596 outfile.write('name = "%s",\n' % (,))597 if self.timestamp is not None and 'timestamp' not in already_processed:598 already_processed.append('timestamp')599 showIndent(outfile, level)600 outfile.write('timestamp = "%s",\n' % (self.timestamp,))601 if self.hostname is not None and 'hostname' not in already_processed:602 already_processed.append('hostname')603 showIndent(outfile, level)604 outfile.write('hostname = "%s",\n' % (self.hostname,))605 if self.time is not None and 'time' not in already_processed:606 already_processed.append('time')607 showIndent(outfile, level)608 outfile.write('time = %f,\n' % (self.time,))609 if self.failures is not None and 'failures' not in already_processed:610 already_processed.append('failures')611 showIndent(outfile, level)612 outfile.write('failures = %d,\n' % (self.failures,))613 def exportLiteralChildren(self, outfile, level, name_):614 if is not None:615 showIndent(outfile, level)616 outfile.write('properties=model_.propertiesType(\n')617, level, name_='properties')618 showIndent(outfile, level)619 outfile.write('),\n')620 showIndent(outfile, level)621 outfile.write('testcase=[\n')622 level += 1623 for testcase_ in self.testcase:624 showIndent(outfile, level)625 outfile.write('model_.testcaseType(\n')626 testcase_.exportLiteral(outfile, level, name_='testcaseType')627 showIndent(outfile, level)628 outfile.write('),\n')629 level -= 1630 showIndent(outfile, level)631 outfile.write('],\n')632 if self.system_out is not None:633 showIndent(outfile, level)634 outfile.write('system_out=%s,\n' % quote_python(self.system_out).encode(ExternalEncoding))635 if self.system_err is not None:636 showIndent(outfile, level)637 outfile.write('system_err=%s,\n' % quote_python(self.system_err).encode(ExternalEncoding))638 def build(self, node):639 self.buildAttributes(node, node.attrib, [])640 for child in node:641 nodeName_ = Tag_pattern_.match(child.tag).groups()[-1]642 self.buildChildren(child, node, nodeName_)643 def buildAttributes(self, node, attrs, already_processed):644 value = find_attr_value_('tests', node)645 if value is not None and 'tests' not in already_processed:646 already_processed.append('tests')647 try:648 self.tests = int(value)649 except ValueError, exp:650 raise_parse_error(node, 'Bad integer attribute: %s' % exp)651 value = find_attr_value_('errors', node)652 if value is not None and 'errors' not in already_processed:653 already_processed.append('errors')654 try:655 self.errors = int(value)656 except ValueError, exp:657 raise_parse_error(node, 'Bad integer attribute: %s' % exp)658 value = find_attr_value_('name', node)659 if value is not None and 'name' not in already_processed:660 already_processed.append('name')661 = value662 = ' '.join( value = find_attr_value_('timestamp', node)664 if value is not None and 'timestamp' not in already_processed:665 already_processed.append('timestamp')666 self.timestamp = value667 self.validate_ISO8601_DATETIME_PATTERN(self.timestamp) # validate type ISO8601_DATETIME_PATTERN668 value = find_attr_value_('hostname', node)669 if value is not None and 'hostname' not in already_processed:670 already_processed.append('hostname')671 self.hostname = value672 self.hostname = ' '.join(self.hostname.split())673 value = find_attr_value_('time', node)674 if value is not None and 'time' not in already_processed:675 already_processed.append('time')676 try:677 self.time = float(value)678 except ValueError, exp:679 raise ValueError('Bad float/double attribute (time): %s' % exp)680 value = find_attr_value_('failures', node)681 if value is not None and 'failures' not in already_processed:...

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