How to use verify_running_as_root method in autotest

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...18 print(message, '\n')19 return False20 return True21# check if openpyn itself has been started with root access.22def verify_running_as_root():23 if os.getuid() == 0:24 # print(message, '\n')25 return True26 return False27def obtain_root_access():28 # asks for sudo password to be cached29 try: # try accessing root read only file "600" permission, ask for sudo pass30 ["sudo", "cat", "/etc/resolv.conf"],32 stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL, stdout=subprocess.DEVNULL)33 except subprocess.CalledProcessError:34 print("except occured while running obtain_root_access() 'sudo ls' command")35 except KeyboardInterrupt:36 print('\n(KeyboardInterrupt) Ctr+C received, Bye\n')37 sys.exit()38def logged_in_user_is_root(username):39 user_record = pwd.getpwnam(username)40 user_id = user_record.pw_gid41 # print(user_record, user_id)42 if user_id == 0:43 return True44 return False45def running_with_sudo():46 if verify_running_as_root():47 try:48 logged_in_user = os.getlogin()49 if logged_in_user_is_root(logged_in_user):50 return False # when logged in as 'root' user notifications will work.51 return True # 'sudo' is used notification won't work.52 except FileNotFoundError:53 print("os.getlogin(), returned FileNotFoundError, \54assuming 'openpyn' is running with 'SUDO'")55 return True56 except OSError:57 print("os.getlogin(), returned error, assuming \58'openpyn' is running with 'SUDO'")59 return True60 return False # regular user without 'sudo'

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...6credentials_file_path = __basefilepath__ + "credentials"7def check_credentials():8 return os.path.exists(credentials_file_path)9def save_credentials():10 if root.verify_running_as_root() is False:11 print(Fore.RED + "\nPlease run as 'sudo openpyn --init' the first time. Root access is",12 "needed to store credentials in " + "'" + credentials_file_path + "'" + "." + Style.RESET_ALL)13 sys.exit()14 else:15 print(Fore.BLUE + "Storing credentials in " + "'" + credentials_file_path + "'" + " with openvpn",16 "compatible 'auth-user-pass' file format\n")17 username = input("Enter your username for NordVPN, i.e ")18 password = input("Enter the password for NordVPN: ")19 try:20 with open(credentials_file_path, 'w') as creds:21 creds.write(username + "\n")22 creds.write(password + "\n")23 creds.close()24 # Change file permission to 600...

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