How to use watchdog_loop method in autotest

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1import atexit2import time34from char_lcd_output import CharLcdOutput5from gstreamer_wrapper import GStreamerWrapper6from led_light_output import LedLightOutput7from nav_button_loop import NavButtonLoop8from process_manager import ProcessManager9from remote_monitor_loop import RemoteMonitorLoop10from screen_navigator import ScreenNavigator11from voice_output import VoiceOutput12from watchdog_loop import WatchdogLoop1314def main():15 print("Starting")1617 proc_manager = ProcessManager()1819 lcd_output = CharLcdOutput()20 light_output = LedLightOutput()21 voice_output = VoiceOutput()2223 gst = GStreamerWrapper()24 gst.play_wall()2526 nav = ScreenNavigator(gst, lcd_output)2728 temp_loop = RemoteMonitorLoop(proc_manager, lcd_output, light_output, voice_output)29 btn_loop = NavButtonLoop(proc_manager, nav, lcd_output)30 watchdog_loop = WatchdogLoop()3132 print("Initialized")33 try:34 print("Starting Char LCD Output")35 lcd_output.display_text(text_line1="Starting", priority=CharLcdOutput.TextPriorityEnum.Normal, timeout=10)3637 print("Starting TempLoop")38 temp_loop.start()3940 print("Starting SoundMonitorLoop")41 # soundMonitorLoop.start()4243 print("Starting NavButtonLoop")44 btn_loop.start()4546 print("Starting WatchdogLoop")47 watchdog_loop.start()4849 # Continuously monitor child processes for any that have exited / raised an error50 # Once one is detected end app51 # Child processes are daemonized so they will exit with the parent52 # Shell script loop will restart the whole Python script at that point53 while not proc_manager.hasAnyErrors():54 time.sleep(1)55 finally:56 lcd_output.display_text(text_line1='Exiting', text_line2 = '', priority = CharLcdOutput.TextPriorityEnum.System)57 time.sleep(1)58 lcd_output.display_text(text_line1='', text_line2='', priority=CharLcdOutput.TextPriorityEnum.System)596061if __name__ == '__main__': ...

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Source:apt-watchdog Github


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...10import sys11import time12# default kill time 60min13WAKEUP_INTERVAL = 60*6014def watchdog_loop():15 watch_files = ["/var/log/apt/term.log",16 "/var/log/dist-upgrade/apt-term.log"]17 mtime = 018 while True:19 for f in watch_files:20 if os.path.exists(f):21 mtime = max(mtime, os.path.getmtime(f))22 time.sleep(WAKEUP_INTERVAL)23 for f in watch_files:24 if os.path.exists(f):25 if os.path.getmtime(f) > mtime:26 break27 else:28 print "no mtime change for %s seconds, sending SIGINT" % WAKEUP_INTERVAL29["killall","-INT","apt-get"])30 31if __name__ == "__main__":32 print "Starting apt watchdog daemon for the auto-install-tester"33 if len(sys.argv) > 1 and sys.argv[1] == "--no-daemon":34 watchdog_loop()35 # do the daemon thing36 pid = os.fork()37 if pid == 0:38 os.setsid()39 signal.signal(signal.SIGHUP, signal.SIG_IGN)40 watchdog_loop()41 else:42 # add a little sleep to ensure child is setup43 time.sleep(10)...

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