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...4from requests.exceptions import ConnectionError, Timeout5import json6import re7import pickle8def __normalize(word):9 word = re.sub(r'[^\w\s]', '_', word).replace(" ", "_").lower()10 return word11def server_check(func):12 def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):13 try:14 rtn = func(*args, **kwargs)15 if isinstance(rtn, list) and len(rtn) == 1 and rtn[0] == "":16 return []17 return rtn18 except ValueError:19 return "500 - Internal Error"20 except ConnectionError:21 return "404 - Server is not reachable."22 return wrapper23@server_check24def testConnection(base_url=server_address):25 """26 :param base_url: String; server address with port number.27 :return: Boolean; True if connection is done, false otherwise.28 """29 try:30 get(base_url, timeout=5)31 return True32 except ConnectionError or Timeout:33 return False34@server_check35def addOrganization(token, base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):36 """37 :param token: String ;JWT User token, superuser token needed.38 :param base_url: String; server address39 :param organization: String; university name40 :return: [] if organization added, NONE otherwise41 """42 organization = __normalize(organization)43 url = base_url + "/organizations"44 return put(url, data={"data": organization},45 headers={"Authorization": "Bearer %s" % token}).json()46@server_check47def addUser(token, id_, name, surname, username, password, email, department, role="student",48 base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):49 """50 :param token: String; JWT Token51 :param id_: String; user ID (studentID i.e.)52 :param name: String; user's real name53 :param surname: String; user's surname54 :param username: String; username for signing in.55 :param password: String; initial password56 :param email: String; Email of user57 :param department: String; Department of user58 :param role: String; Role of user, can be student, lecturer, admin, superuser59 :param base_url: String; address of server60 :param organization: String; university name61 :return: [] if successfully added, NONE otherwise or already added.62 """63 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s" % __normalize(organization)64 return put(url,data={65 "ID": id_,66 "Name": name,67 "Surname": surname,68 "Role": role,69 "Username": username,70 "Password": password,71 "Email": email,72 "Department": department73 },74 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" %token}).json()75@server_check76def signIn(username, password, base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):77 """78 :param username: String; username for sign in79 :param password: String; password for sign in80 :param base_url: String; address of server81 :param organization: String; university name82 :return: List; [String username, String name, String surname, String user id,83 String role, String email, String department, String university, String JWT token]84 """85 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s" % (__normalize(organization), username)86 rtn = get(url, auth=(username, password)).json()87 return rtn88@server_check89def signOut(token, username, base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):90 """91 :param token: String; JWT token92 :param username: String; username93 :param base_url: String; Server address94 :param organization: String; university name95 :return: NOT IMPLEMENTED, will Deactivate access token.96 """97 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/out" % (__normalize(organization), username)98 return put(url, headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" %token}).json()99@server_check100def addCourse(token, course_name, course_code, lecturer_users,101 base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):102 """103 :param token: String; JWT Token104 :param course_name: String; course name105 :param course_code: String; course code106 :param base_url: String; server address107 :param organization: String; university name108 :param lecturer_users: List of Strings; usernames of lecturers of the course109 :return: Course Added if successful.110 """111 course_code = __normalize(course_code)112 course_name = __normalize(course_name)113 organization = __normalize(organization)114 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s" % (organization, course_code)115 return put(url, data={116 "name": course_name,117 "code": course_code,118 "lecturers": pickle.dumps(lecturer_users)},119 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" %token}120 ).json()121@server_check122# todo: @fatihgulmez123def addLecturerToCourse():124 pass125@server_check126def getCourse(token, course_code, base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):127 """128 :param token: String; JWT token129 :param course_code: String; course code130 :param base_url: String; server address131 :param organization: String; organization132 :return: JSON; { "Participants": List of lists of all students' data, "Lecturers": List of Strings of Lecturer full Names.133 "Code": String course code, "ID": Course ID, "Name": Course Name134 """135 course_code = __normalize(course_code)136 organization = __normalize(organization)137 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/get" % (organization, course_code)138 return get(url, data={139 },140 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" %token}).json()141# todo: one student registration142@server_check143def registerStudent(token, course_code, is_list, students, username,144 base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):145 organization = __normalize(organization)146 course_code = __normalize(course_code)147 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/register/%s" % (organization, course_code, is_list)148 if is_list:149 students = open(students)150 return put(url, files={"liste": students}, data={"username": username},151 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" %token}).json()152 else:153 return put(url, data={"username": username, "liste": pickle.dumps(students)},154 headers={"Authorization": "Bearer %s" % token}).json()155@server_check156def getCourseStudents(token, course_code, base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):157 """158 :param token: String; JWT Token159 :param course_code: String; course code160 :param base_url: String; server address161 :param organization: String; university name162 :return: List of Lists of students' name, surname, ID, email.163 """164 course_code =__normalize(course_code)165 organization = __normalize(organization)166 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/register" % (organization, course_code)167 return get(url,168 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" %token}).json()169@server_check170def getUserCourses(token, username, base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):171 """172 :param token: String; JWT Token173 :param username: String; username of request174 :param base_url: String; server address175 :param organization: String; university name176 :return: List of lists of course name and course code.177 """178 organization = __normalize(organization)179 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/courses/role=lecturer" % (organization, username)180 return get(url,181 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" %token}).json()182@server_check183def changePassword(token, username, password, new_password, isMail=False,184 base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):185 """186 :param token: String; JWT token187 :param username: String; username of request188 :param password: String; old password189 :param new_password: String; new password or Email190 :param is_mail: Boolean; True if email change function, False if password change function.191 :param base_url: String; server address192 :param organization: String; university name193 :return: String; Mail Changed or Password Change if successful, Not authorized if password is wrong.194 """195 organization = __normalize(organization)196 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/edit_password" % (organization, username)197 return put(url, data={198 "Password": password,199 "newPassword": new_password,200 "isMail": isMail201 },202 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" %token}).json()203@server_check204def deleteStudentFromLecture(token, course_code, student_id,205 base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):206 """207 :param token: String; JWT token208 :param course_code: String; course code209 :param student_id: Integer; student ID210 :param base_url: String; server address211 :param organization: String; university name212 :return: NONE213 """214 organization =__normalize(organization)215 course_code = __normalize(course_code)216 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/delete_user" % (organization, course_code)217 return delete(url, data={"Student": student_id},218 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" %token}).json()219@server_check220def createExam(token, course_code, name, time, duration, status="draft",221 base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):222 """223 :param token: String; JWT Token224 :param course_code: String; course code225 :param name: String; exam name226 :param time: String Timestamp; Start time of exam227 :param duration: Integer; duration of exam in minutes228 :param status: String; can be draft, completed, graded, ready229 :param base_url: String; server address230 :param organization: String; university name231 :return: Integer, ExamID232 """233 organization = __normalize(organization)234 course_code = __normalize(course_code)235 name = __normalize(name)236 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/add" % (organization, course_code)237 return put(url, data={"name": name, "time": time, "duration": duration, "status": status},238 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" %token}).json()239@server_check240def getExamsOfLecture(token, course_code, base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):241 """242 :param token: String; JWT Token243 :param course_code: String; course code244 :param base_url: String; server address245 :param organization: String; university name246 :return: List of Lists of exams data (ID, name, lecture id, timestamp start time, integer duration (min), status)247 """248 organization = __normalize(organization)249 course_code = __normalize(course_code)250 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/" % (organization, course_code)251 return get(url,252 headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" %token}).json()253@server_check254def getExam(token, course_code, name, base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):255 """256 :param token: String; JWT token257 :param course_code: String; course code258 :param name: String; exam name259 :param base_url: String; server address260 :param organization: String; university name261 :return: JSON; Name: String exam name, Course: String course code, Questions: JSON(see create exam questions structure),262 Time: String Timestamp starting time, Duration: Integer exam duration in minutes, ID: Integer exam id263 """264 organization = __normalize(organization)265 course_code = __normalize(course_code)266 name = __normalize(name)267 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s" % (organization, course_code, name)268 exam_info = get(url, headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}).json()269 for question in exam_info["Questions"].values():270 new_dict = {}271 for key, value in question["Test_Cases"].items():272 new_dict[eval(key)] = value273 question["Test_Cases"] = new_dict274 return exam_info275@server_check276def sendAnswers(token, course_code, question_id, username, answer,277 base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization, **kwargs):278 """279 :param token: String; JWT token280 :param course_code: String; course code281 :param question_id: String; question ID282 :param username: String; username of request283 :param answer: String; user's answer284 :param base_url: String; server address285 :param organization: String; university name286 :param kwargs: Dictionary; keys are question_time, compile_number, answer_count287 :return: [] if success, NONE otherwise288 """289 organization = __normalize(organization)290 course_code = __normalize(course_code)291 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/answers/%s" % (organization, course_code, str(question_id), username)292 return put(url, data={"answers": answer, "question_stats": kwargs}, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}).json()293@server_check294def deleteExam(token, exam_name, course_code, base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):295 """296 :param token: String; JWT token297 :param exam_name: String; exam name to be deleted298 :param course_code: String; course code of exam299 :param base_url: String; server address300 :param organization: String; university name301 :return: [] if successful302 """303 organization = __normalize(organization)304 course_code = __normalize(course_code)305 exam_name = __normalize(exam_name)306 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/delete" % (organization, course_code, exam_name)307 return delete(url,308 headers={"Authorization": "Bearer %s" % token}).json()309@server_check310def uploadProfilePic(token, username, pic, base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):311 organization = __normalize(organization)312 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/pic" % (organization, username)313 return put(url, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}, files = {"pic": open(pic, "rb")}).json()314# @server_check315def getProfilePic(token, username, base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):316 """317 :param token: String; JWT token318 :param username: String; username of request319 :param base_url: String; server address320 :param organization: String; university321 :return: Done, saves profile picture to SEAS/img/pic_username.png322 """323 organization = __normalize(organization)324 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/pic" % (organization, username)325 response = get(url, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token})326 try:327 with open("data/img/pic_user_current.png", "wb") as f:328 f.write(response.content)329 except TypeError:330 pass331 return "Done"332@server_check333def grade_answer(token, course_code, question_id, student_user, grade,334 base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):335 """336 :param token: String; JWT token337 :param course_code: String, course code338 :param question_id: Integer, question id number339 :param student_user: String; username of answer340 :param grade: Integer; grade of answer341 :param base_url: String; Server address342 :param organization: String; university name343 :return: [] if successful.344 """345 organization = __normalize(organization)346 course_code = __normalize(course_code)347 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/answers/%s/grade" % (organization, course_code, str(question_id), student_user)348 return put(url, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}, data={"grade": grade}).json()349@server_check350def edit_question(token, course_code, exam_name, question_id, info,351 base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):352 """353 :param token: String; JWT token354 :param course_code: String, course code355 :param exam_name: String, exam name356 :param question_id: Integer, question id number357 :param info: JSON; question metadata.358 :param base_url: String; Server address359 :param organization: String; university name360 :return: [] if successful.361 """362 organization = __normalize(organization)363 course_code = __normalize(course_code)364 exam_name = __normalize(exam_name)365 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/%s/edit" % (366 organization, course_code, exam_name, str(question_id))367 return put(url, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}, data={"data":json.dumps(info)}).json()368@server_check369def add_time_to_exam(token, course_code, exam_name, additional_time,370 base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):371 """372 :param token:373 :param course_code:374 :param exam_name:375 :param additional_time:376 :param base_url:377 :param organization:378 :return: [] if success379 """380 organization = __normalize(organization)381 course_code = __normalize(course_code)382 exam_name = __normalize(exam_name)383 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/more_time" % (organization, course_code, exam_name)384 return put(url, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}, data={"additional_time": additional_time}).json()385@server_check386def change_status_of_exam(token, course_code, exam_name, status,387 base_url=server_address, organization=current_organization):388 """389 :param token:390 :param course_code:391 :param exam_name:392 :param status:393 :param base_url:394 :param organization:395 :return: [] if success396 """397 organization = __normalize(organization)398 course_code = __normalize(course_code)399 exam_name = __normalize(exam_name)400 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/status" % (organization, course_code, exam_name)401 if status not in ["draft", "finished", "published", "graded", "deactivated", "active"]:402 return "Wrong status."403 return put(url, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}, data={"status": status}).json()404@server_check405def addQuestionToExam(token, course_code, exam_name, question_info,406 organization=current_organization, base_url=server_address):407 organization = __normalize(organization)408 course_code = __normalize(course_code)409 exam_name = __normalize(exam_name)410 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/add_question" % (organization, course_code, exam_name)411 return put(url, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}, data={"data": json.dumps(question_info)}).json()412@server_check413def resetPassword(username, temp_pass=None, new_pass=None,414 organization=current_organization, base_url=server_address):415 organization = __normalize(organization)416 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/reset_password" % (organization, username)417 if temp_pass is None:418 return get(url).json()419 else:420 return put(url, auth=(temp_pass, new_pass)).json()421@server_check422def getGradesOfExam(token, course_code, exam_name, student_id="ALL",423 organization=current_organization, base_url=server_address):424 organization = __normalize(organization)425 course_code = __normalize(course_code)426 exam_name = __normalize(exam_name)427 if student_id != "ALL":428 try:429 student_id = int(student_id)430 except:431 return "Invalid student ID."432 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/get_grades/%s" % (organization, course_code, exam_name, student_id)433 return get(url, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}).json()434@server_check435def getAnswersOfStudent(token, course, exam, student_id,436 organization=current_organization, base_url=server_address):437 # returns a list: [answer_id, question_id, student_id, given_answer, given_grade or None]438 organization = __normalize(organization)439 course = __normalize(course)440 exam = __normalize(exam)441 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/get_answers/%s" % (organization, course, exam, student_id)442 return get(url, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}).json()443@server_check444def getLastActivities(token, username, sign_in=False, organization=current_organization, base_url=server_address):445 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/" % (organization, username)446 if sign_in:447 url += "last_login"448 else:449 url += "last_activities"450 return get(url, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}).json()451@server_check452def postExamData(token, course, exam, user_id, key_stream, keystroke=None, memory_usage=None, network_download=None,453 network_upload=None, organization=current_organization, base_url=server_address):454 """455 :param token:456 :param course:457 :param exam:458 :param user_id:459 :param key_stream: tuple460 :param keystroke:461 :param memory_usage:462 :param network_download:463 :param network_upload:464 :param organization:465 :param base_url:466 :return:467 """468 organization = __normalize(organization)469 course = __normalize(course)470 exam = __normalize(exam)471 data = {"keystroke": keystroke, "memory_usage": memory_usage, "network_download": network_download,472 "network_upload": network_upload, "key_stream": key_stream}473 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/data/%s" % (organization, course, exam, user_id)474 return put(url, headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}, data=data).json()475@server_check476def extraMaterials(token, course, exam, question_id, file_, purpose, upload=False,477 organization=current_organization, base_url=server_address):478 purpose = __normalize(purpose)479 if purpose not in ("auto_grade", "reference", "visual_question"):480 return "Wrong purpose!"481 organization = __normalize(organization)482 course = __normalize(course)483 exam = __normalize(exam)484 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/materials" % (organization, course, exam)485 with open(file_, "rb") as data_f:486 if upload:487 rtn = put(url, files={"file": data_f},488 data={"question_id": question_id, "purpose": purpose},489 headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}).json()490 else:491 rtn = None492 pass493 return rtn494@server_check495def getKeyloggerData(token, course, exam, student_id, organization=current_organization, base_url=server_address):496 organization = __normalize(organization)497 course = __normalize(course)498 exam = __normalize(exam)499 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/keystrokes" % (organization, course, exam)500 return get(url, data={"student_id": student_id},501 headers={"Authorization": "Bearer " + token}).json()502@server_check503def giveSecondAccessExam(token, course, exam, student_username,504 organization=current_organization, base_url=server_address):505 organization = __normalize(organization)506 course = __normalize(course)507 exam = __normalize(exam)508 url = base_url + "/organizations/%s/%s/exams/%s/exceptional_access" % (organization, course, exam)...

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2class Clock:3 MINS_PER_HOUR = 604 HOURS_PER_DAY = 245 def __init__(self, hour: int, minute: int) -> None:6 nhours, nmins = self.__normalize(hour, minute, self.MINS_PER_HOUR)7 _, nhours = self.__normalize(0, nhours, self.HOURS_PER_DAY)8 self.hours = nhours9 self.mins = nmins10 def __repr__(self) -> str:11 return f"{str(self.hours).zfill(2)}:{str(self.mins).zfill(2)}"12 def __eq__(self, other: "Clock") -> bool:13 return str(self) == str(other)14 def __add__(self, minutes: int) -> "Clock":15 self.hours, self.mins = self.__normalize(16 self.hours, self.mins+minutes, self.MINS_PER_HOUR)17 _, self.hours = self.__normalize(0, self.hours, self.HOURS_PER_DAY)18 return self19 def __sub__(self, minutes: int) -> "Clock":20 self.hours, self.mins = self.__normalize(21 self.hours, self.mins-minutes, self.MINS_PER_HOUR)22 _, self.hours = self.__normalize(0, self.hours, self.HOURS_PER_DAY)23 return self24 def __normalize(self, hi: int, lo: int, base: int) -> Tuple[int, int]:25 if lo < 0:26 norm = (-lo-1) // base + 127 hi -= norm28 lo += norm * base29 if lo >= base:30 norm = lo // base31 hi += norm32 lo -= norm * base...

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