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...191 logging.DEBUG,192 fmt="%(message)s")193 root_logger.addHandler(test_handler)194 self.__logging_handlers[test_handler] = ["avocado.test", ""]195 def __stop_job_logging(self):196 if self._stdout_stderr:197 sys.stdout, sys.stderr = self._stdout_stderr198 for handler, loggers in self.__logging_handlers.iteritems():199 for logger in loggers:200 logging.getLogger(logger).removeHandler(handler)201 def _update_latest_link(self):202 """203 Update the latest job result symbolic link [avocado-logs-dir]/latest.204 """205 def soft_abort(msg):206 """ Only log the problem """207 logging.getLogger("avocado.test").warning("Unable to update the "208 "latest link: %s" % msg)209 basedir = os.path.dirname(self.logdir)210 basename = os.path.basename(self.logdir)211 proc_latest = os.path.join(basedir, "latest.%s" % os.getpid())212 latest = os.path.join(basedir, "latest")213 if os.path.exists(latest) and not os.path.islink(latest):214 soft_abort('"%s" already exists and is not a symlink' % latest)215 return216 if os.path.exists(proc_latest):217 try:218 os.unlink(proc_latest)219 except OSError, details:220 soft_abort("Unable to remove %s: %s" % (proc_latest, details))221 return222 try:223 os.symlink(basename, proc_latest)224 os.rename(proc_latest, latest)225 except OSError, details:226 soft_abort("Unable to create create latest symlink: %s" % details)227 return228 finally:229 if os.path.exists(proc_latest):230 os.unlink(proc_latest)231 def _start_sysinfo(self):232 if hasattr(self.args, 'sysinfo'):233 if self.args.sysinfo == 'on':234 sysinfo_dir = path.init_dir(self.logdir, 'sysinfo')235 self.sysinfo = sysinfo.SysInfo(basedir=sysinfo_dir)236 def _make_test_runner(self):237 if hasattr(self.args, 'test_runner'):238 test_runner_class = self.args.test_runner239 else:240 test_runner_class = runner.TestRunner241 self.test_runner = test_runner_class(job=self,242 result=self.result)243 def _make_test_suite(self, references=None):244 """245 Prepares a test suite to be used for running tests246 :param references: String with tests references to be resolved, and then247 run, separated by whitespace. Optionally, a248 list of tests (each test a string).249 :returns: a test suite (a list of test factories)250 """251 loader.loader.load_plugins(self.args)252 try:253 suite = except loader.LoaderUnhandledReferenceError as details:255 raise exceptions.OptionValidationError(details)256 except KeyboardInterrupt:257 raise exceptions.JobError('Command interrupted by user...')258 if not getattr(self.args, "dry_run", False):259 return suite260 for i in xrange(len(suite)):261 suite[i] = [test.DryRunTest, suite[i][1]]262 return suite263 def _log_job_id(self):264 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER265'Job ID: %s', self.unique_id)266 if self.replay_sourcejob is not None:267'Replay of Job ID: %s', self.replay_sourcejob)268'')269 @staticmethod270 def _log_cmdline():271 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER272 cmdline = " ".join(sys.argv)273"Command line: %s", cmdline)274'')275 @staticmethod276 def _log_avocado_version():277 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER278'CloudTest Version: %s', version.VERSION)279 if os.path.exists('.git') and os.path.exists('avocado.spec'):280 cmd = "git show --summary --pretty='%H' | head -1"281 status, top_commit = commands.getstatusoutput(cmd)282 cmd2 = "git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD"283 status2, branch = commands.getstatusoutput(cmd2)284 # Let's display information only if git is installed285 # (commands succeed).286 if status == 0 and status2 == 0:287'Avocado git repo info')288"Top commit: %s", top_commit)289"Branch: %s", branch)290'')291 @staticmethod292 def _log_avocado_config():293 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER294'Config files read (in order):')295 for cfg_path in settings.config_paths:296 if settings.config_paths_failed:298'Config files failed to read (in order):')299 for cfg_path in settings.config_paths_failed:300'')302'Avocado config:')303 header = ('Section.Key', 'Value')304 config_matrix = []305 for section in settings.config.sections():306 for value in settings.config.items(section):307 config_key = ".".join((section, value[0]))308 config_matrix.append([config_key, value[1]])309 for line in astring.iter_tabular_output(config_matrix, header):310'')312 @staticmethod313 def _log_avocado_datadir():314 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER315'Avocado Data Directories:')316'')317"Avocado replaces config dirs that can't be accessed")318'with sensible defaults. Please edit your local config')319'file to customize values')320'')321'base ' + data_dir.get_base_dir())322'tests ' + data_dir.get_test_dir())323'data ' + data_dir.get_data_dir())324'logs ' + data_dir.get_logs_dir())325'')326 def _log_mux_tree(self, mux):327 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER328 tree_repr = tree.tree_view(mux.variants.root, verbose=True,329 use_utf8=False)330 if tree_repr:331'Multiplex tree representation:')332 for line in tree_repr.splitlines():333'')335 def _log_tmp_dir(self):336 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER337'Temporary dir: %s', data_dir.get_tmp_dir())338'')339 def _log_mux_variants(self, mux):340 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER341 for (index, tpl) in enumerate(mux.variants):342 paths = ', '.join([x.path for x in tpl])343'Variant %s: %s', index + 1, paths)344 if mux.variants:345'')346 def _log_job_debug_info(self, mux):347 """348 Log relevant debug information to the job log.349 """350 self._log_cmdline()351 self._log_avocado_version()352 self._log_avocado_config()353 self._log_avocado_datadir()354 self._log_mux_tree(mux)355 self._log_tmp_dir()356 self._log_mux_variants(mux)357 self._log_job_id()358 def create_test_suite(self):359 """360 Creates the test suite for this Job361 This is a public Job API as part of the documented Job phases362 """363 try:364 self.test_suite = self._make_test_suite(self.references)365 self.result.tests_total = len(self.test_suite)366 except loader.LoaderError as details:367 stacktrace.log_exc_info(sys.exc_info(), '')368 raise exceptions.OptionValidationError(details)369 if not self.test_suite:370 if self.references:371 references = " ".join(self.references)372 e_msg = ("No tests found for given test references, try "373 "'avocado list -V %s' for details" % references)374 else:375 e_msg = ("No test references provided nor any other arguments "376 "resolved into tests. Please double check the executed"377 " command.")378 raise exceptions.OptionValidationError(e_msg)379 def pre_tests(self):380 """381 Run the pre tests execution hooks382 By default this runs the plugins that implement the383 :class:`avocado.core.plugin_interfaces.JobPre` interface.384 """385 self._job_pre_post_dispatcher = dispatcher.JobPrePostDispatcher()386 output.log_plugin_failures(self._job_pre_post_dispatcher.load_failures)387 self._job_pre_post_dispatcher.map_method('pre', self)388 self._result_events_dispatcher.map_method('pre_tests', self)389 def run_tests(self):390 mux = getattr(self.args, "mux", None)391 if mux is None:392 mux = multiplexer.Mux()393 if not mux.is_parsed(): # Mux not yet parsed, apply args394 try:395 mux.parse(self.args)396 except (IOError, ValueError) as details:397 raise exceptions.OptionValidationError("Unable to parse mux: "398 "%s" % details)399 self._make_test_runner()400 self._start_sysinfo()401 self._log_job_debug_info(mux)402 jobdata.record(self.args, self.logdir, mux, self.references, sys.argv)403 replay_map = getattr(self.args, 'replay_map', None)404 summary = self.test_runner.run_suite(self.test_suite,405 mux,406 self.timeout,407 replay_map)408 # If it's all good so far, set job status to 'PASS'409 if self.status == 'RUNNING':410 self.status = 'PASS'411'Test results available in %s', self.logdir)412 if summary is None:413 self.exitcode |= exit_codes.AVOCADO_JOB_FAIL414 return self.exitcode415 if 'INTERRUPTED' in summary:416 self.exitcode |= exit_codes.AVOCADO_JOB_INTERRUPTED417 if 'FAIL' in summary:418 self.exitcode |= exit_codes.AVOCADO_TESTS_FAIL419 return self.exitcode420 def post_tests(self):421 """422 Run the post tests execution hooks423 By default this runs the plugins that implement the424 :class:`avocado.core.plugin_interfaces.JobPost` interface.425 """426 if self._job_pre_post_dispatcher is None:427 self._job_pre_post_dispatcher = dispatcher.JobPrePostDispatcher()428 output.log_plugin_failures(self._job_pre_post_dispatcher.load_failures)429 self._job_pre_post_dispatcher.map_method('post', self)430 def run(self):431 """432 Runs all job phases, returning the test execution results.433 This method is supposed to be the simplified interface for434 jobs, that is, they run all phases of a job.435 :return: Integer with overall job status. See436 :mod:`avocado.core.exit_codes` for more information.437 """438 runtime.CURRENT_JOB = self439 try:440 self.create_test_suite()441 self.pre_tests()442 return self.run_tests()443 except exceptions.JobBaseException as details:444 self.status = details.status445 fail_class = details.__class__.__name__446 self.log.error('\nAvocado job failed: %s: %s', fail_class, details)447 self.exitcode |= exit_codes.AVOCADO_JOB_FAIL448 return self.exitcode449 except exceptions.OptionValidationError as details:450 self.log.error('\n' + str(details))451 self.exitcode |= exit_codes.AVOCADO_JOB_FAIL452 return self.exitcode453 except Exception as details:454 self.status = "ERROR"455 exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback = sys.exc_info()456 tb_info = traceback.format_exception(exc_type, exc_value,457 exc_traceback.tb_next)458 fail_class = details.__class__.__name__459 self.log.error('\nAvocado crashed: %s: %s', fail_class, details)460 for line in tb_info:461 self.log.debug(line)462 self.log.error("Please include the traceback info and command line"463 " used on your bug report")464 self.log.error('Report bugs visiting %s', _NEW_ISSUE_LINK)465 self.exitcode |= exit_codes.AVOCADO_FAIL466 return self.exitcode467 finally:468 self.post_tests()469 if not settings.get_value('runner.behavior', 'keep_tmp_files',470 key_type=bool, default=False):471 data_dir.clean_tmp_files()472 self.__stop_job_logging()473class TestProgram(object):474 """475 Convenience class to make avocado test modules executable.476 """477 def __init__(self):478 # Avoid fork loop/bomb when running a test via avocado.main() that479 # calls avocado.main() itself480 if os.environ.get('AVOCADO_STANDALONE_IN_MAIN', False):481 sys.stderr.write('AVOCADO_STANDALONE_IN_MAIN environment variable '482 'found. This means that this code is being '483 'called recursively. Exiting to avoid an infinite'484 ' fork loop.\n')485 sys.exit(exit_codes.AVOCADO_FAIL)486 os.environ['AVOCADO_STANDALONE_IN_MAIN'] = 'True'...

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