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...132 self.current_method = node.name133 self.asgmts[self.current_klass][self.current_method] = {}134 self.generic_visit(node)135 @staticmethod136 def _ast_list_to_list(node):137 result = []138 for item in node.value.elts:139 if hasattr(item, "value"):140 result.append(item.value)141 return result142 def visit_Assign(self, node): # pylint: disable=C0103143 """Visit Assign on AST and build assignments.144 This method will visit and build list of assignments that matches the145 pattern pattern `name = string`.146 :param node: AST node to be evaluated147 :type node: ast.*148 """149 if isinstance(node.value, (ast.Str, ast.List)):150 # make sure we are into a class method, we are not supporting151 # attributes and module constant assignments at this time152 if self.current_klass and self.current_method:153 # variables to make dictionary assignment line shorter154 cur_klass = self.current_klass155 cur_method = self.current_method156 # if it is a class attribute, save the attribute name157 # otherwise, save the local variable name158 if isinstance(node.targets[0], ast.Attribute):159 name = node.targets[0].attr160 else:161 name = node.targets[0].id162 if isinstance(node.value, ast.Str):163 self.asgmts[cur_klass][cur_method][name] = node.value.s164 elif isinstance(node.value, ast.List):165 self.asgmts[cur_klass][cur_method][name] = self._ast_list_to_list(166 node167 )168 self.generic_visit(node)169 def visit_Call(self, node): # pylint: disable=C0103170 """Visit Calls on AST and build list of calls that matches the pattern.171 :param node: AST node to be evaluated172 :type node: ast.*173 """174 # make sure we are into a class method175 if self.current_klass and self.current_method:176 if isinstance(node.func, ast.Attribute):177 if self.PATTERN in node.func.attr:178 call = self._parse_args(node)179 if call:...

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...13 )14 # nested nodes being handled in function above15 def visit_List(self, node):16 self.collections.append(17 _ast_list_to_list(node, convert_str_values=self.convert_str_values)18 )19 # nested nodes being handled in function above20def extract_collections_from_ast(ast_node: ast.AST, convert_str_values: bool = False) -> List[DictOrList]:21 """22 returns a list of dicts or lists. Goes through ast, converting23 ast.Dict to dict and ast.List to list, leaving the rest intact.24 Returns a list of these created dicts and lists25 Args:26 ast_node:27 Returns:28 """29 adlc = AstDictListConverter(convert_str_values=convert_str_values)30 adlc.visit(ast_node)31 return adlc.collections32def extract_collection_from_ast(ast_node: ast.AST, convert_str_values: bool = False) -> DictOrListOrNone:33 collections = extract_collections_from_ast(ast_node=ast_node, convert_str_values=convert_str_values)34 if len(collections) == 0:35 return None36 if len(collections) > 1:37 raise ValueError(f'expected to extract one assignment from ast. got {len(collections)} '38 f'assigns: {collections}')39 return collections[0]40def _ast_dict_or_list_to_dict_or_list(node: AstDictOrList, convert_str_values: bool = False) -> DictOrList:41 if isinstance(node, ast.Dict):42 return _ast_dict_to_dict(node, convert_str_values=convert_str_values)43 elif isinstance(node, ast.List):44 return _ast_list_to_list(node, convert_str_values=convert_str_values)45 else:46 raise ValueError(f'expected ast.Dict or ast.List. Got {node} of type {type(node)}')47def _ast_dict_to_dict(ast_dict: ast.Dict, convert_str_values: bool = False) -> dict:48 out_dict = {}49 for key, value in zip(ast_dict.keys, ast_dict.values):50 key = cast(ast.Str, key)51 key_string = key.s52 if isinstance(value, (ast.Dict, ast.List)):53 store_value = _ast_dict_or_list_to_dict_or_list(value, convert_str_values=convert_str_values)54 else:55 store_value = _convert_to_str_if_ast_str_and_desired(value, convert_desired=convert_str_values)56 out_dict[key_string] = store_value57 return out_dict58def _ast_list_to_list(ast_list: ast.List, convert_str_values: bool = False) -> list:59 out_list = []60 for item in ast_list.elts:61 if isinstance(item, (ast.Dict, ast.List)):62 store_item = _ast_dict_or_list_to_dict_or_list(item, convert_str_values=convert_str_values)63 else:64 store_item = _convert_to_str_if_ast_str_and_desired(item, convert_desired=convert_str_values)65 out_list.append(store_item)66 return out_list67def _convert_to_str_if_ast_str_and_desired(ast_node: ast.AST, convert_desired=False):68 if not convert_desired:69 return ast_node70 if isinstance(ast_node, ast.Str):71 return ast_node.s72 return ast_node

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