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...199 def _name(self, doc):200 name = str(doc.canonical_name)201 if isinstance(doc, RoutineDoc): name += '()'202 return name203 def _check_basic(self, doc):204 """205 Check the description, author, version, and see-also fields of206 C{doc}. This is used as a helper function by L{_check_module},207 L{_check_class}, and L{_check_func}.208 @param doc: The documentation that should be checked.209 @type doc: L{APIDoc}210 @rtype: C{None}211 """212 if ((self._checks & DocChecker.DESCR) and213 (doc.descr in (None, UNKNOWN))):214 if doc.docstring in (None, UNKNOWN):215 self.warning('Undocumented', doc)216 else:217 self.warning('No description', doc)218 if self._checks & DocChecker.AUTHOR:219 for tag, arg, descr in doc.metadata:220 if 'author' == tag: break221 else:222 self.warning('No authors', doc)223 if self._checks & DocChecker.VERSION:224 for tag, arg, descr in doc.metadata:225 if 'version' == tag: break226 else:227 self.warning('No version', doc)228 229 def _check_module(self, doc):230 """231 Run checks on the module whose APIDoc is C{doc}.232 233 @param doc: The APIDoc of the module to check.234 @type doc: L{APIDoc}235 @rtype: C{None}236 """237 if self._checks & DocChecker.MODULE:238 self._check_basic(doc)239 240 def _check_class(self, doc):241 """242 Run checks on the class whose APIDoc is C{doc}.243 244 @param doc: The APIDoc of the class to check.245 @type doc: L{APIDoc}246 @rtype: C{None}247 """248 if self._checks & DocChecker.CLASS:249 self._check_basic(doc)250 def _check_property(self, doc):251 if self._checks & DocChecker.PROPERTY:252 self._check_basic(doc)253 def _check_var(self, doc):254 """255 Run checks on the variable whose documentation is C{var} and256 whose name is C{name}.257 258 @param doc: The documentation for the variable to check.259 @type doc: L{APIDoc}260 @rtype: C{None}261 """262 if self._checks & DocChecker.VAR:263 if (self._checks & (DocChecker.DESCR|DocChecker.TYPE) and264 doc.descr in (None, UNKNOWN) and265 doc.type_descr in (None, UNKNOWN) and266 doc.docstring in (None, UNKNOWN)):267 self.warning('Undocumented', doc)268 else:269 if (self._checks & DocChecker.DESCR and270 doc.descr in (None, UNKNOWN)):271 self.warning('No description', doc)272 if (self._checks & DocChecker.TYPE and273 doc.type_descr in (None, UNKNOWN)):274 self.warning('No type information', doc)275 276 def _check_func(self, doc):277 """278 Run checks on the function whose APIDoc is C{doc}.279 280 @param doc: The APIDoc of the function to check.281 @type doc: L{APIDoc}282 @rtype: C{None}283 """284 name = doc.canonical_name285 if (self._checks & DocChecker.FUNC and286 doc.docstring in (None, UNKNOWN) and287 doc.canonical_name[-1] not in _NO_DOCS):288 self.warning('Undocumented', doc)289 return290 if (self._checks & DocChecker.FUNC and291 doc.canonical_name[-1] not in _NO_BASIC):292 self._check_basic(doc)293 if (self._checks & DocChecker.RETURN and294 doc.canonical_name[-1] not in _NO_RETURN):295 if (doc.return_type in (None, UNKNOWN) and296 doc.return_descr in (None, UNKNOWN)):297 self.warning('No return descr', doc)298 if (self._checks & DocChecker.PARAM and299 doc.canonical_name[-1] not in _NO_PARAM):300 if doc.arg_descrs in (None, UNKNOWN):301 self.warning('No argument info', doc)302 else:303 args_with_descr = []304 for arg, descr in doc.arg_descrs:305 if isinstance(arg, basestring):306 args_with_descr.append(arg)...

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