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...86 content = test_content.text_content(87 "Min time: " + str(reference_time[0]) + "s, " +88 "Max time: " + str(reference_time[1]) + "s")89 self.addDetail("AWS", content)90 def _check_test(self):91 reference_time = self._get_benchmark_result()92 if reference_time is not None:93 self.assertLessEqual(self.test_time, float(reference_time[1]),94 str(self.test_time) + "s (current) > " +95 reference_time[1] + "s (AWS)")96 @decorators.attr(type='benchmark')97 def test_001_attach_volume(self):98 """Attach volume"""99 if self.ctx.ssh is None:100 raise self.skipException("Booting failed")101 self._start_test()102 # NOTE(apavlov): ec2-create-volume -z ZONE -s SIZE_GB103 zone = self.ctx.instance.placement104 volume = self.ec2_client.create_volume(self.volume_size, zone)105 self.addResourceCleanUp(self.destroy_volume_wait, volume)106 self.ctx.volume = volume107 # NOTE(apavlov): wait it (ec2-describe-volumes VOLUME)108 self.assertVolumeStatusWait(volume, "available")109 # NOTE(apavlov): ec2-attach-volume -d /dev/XXX -i INSTANCE VOLUME110 # and wait until it will be available111 self.ctx.part_lines = self.ctx.ssh.get_partitions().split('\n')112 volume.attach(, "/dev/" + self.volume_attach_name)113 # NOTE(apavlov): "attaching" invalid EC2 status #1074901114 self.assertVolumeStatusWait(self._volume_state, "in-use")115 boto_wait.re_search_wait(self._volume_state, "in-use")116 boto_wait.state_wait(self._part_state, 1)117 part_lines_new = self.ctx.ssh.get_partitions().split('\n')118 volume_name = utils.detect_new_volume(self.ctx.part_lines,119 part_lines_new)120 self.ctx.part_lines = part_lines_new121 self._end_test("Create and attach volume")122 self.ctx.ssh.exec_command("PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin "123 "&& sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/" + volume_name)124 self.ctx.ssh.exec_command("sudo mkdir -m 777 /vol "125 "&& sudo mount /dev/" + volume_name + " /vol")126 self.ctx.volume_ready = True127 self._check_test()128 @decorators.attr(type='benchmark')129 def test_002_fill_volume(self):130 """Fill volume with data"""131 if self.ctx.ssh is None:132 raise self.skipException("Booting failed")133 if not self.ctx.volume_ready:134 raise self.skipException("Volume preparation failed")135 self._start_test()136 self.ctx.ssh.exec_command("sudo mkdir -m 777 /vol/data")137 file_lines = 102 * int(self.volume_size)138 for i in xrange(int(self.volume_fill)):139 self.ctx.ssh.exec_command("cat /dev/urandom "140 "| tr -d -c 'a-zA-Z0-9' "141 "| fold -w 1020 "142 "| head -n " + str(file_lines) +143 " > /vol/data/file" + str(i))144 self._end_test("Volume filling")145 self.ctx.volume_filled = True146 self._check_test()147 @decorators.attr(type='benchmark')148 def test_003_snapshot_volume(self):149 """Snapshot volume"""150 if self.ctx.ssh is None:151 raise self.skipException("Booting failed")152 if not self.ctx.volume_filled:153 raise self.skipException("Volume filling failed")154 self._start_test()155 snapshot = self.ec2_client.create_snapshot( self.addResourceCleanUp(self.destroy_snapshot_wait, snapshot)157 self.assertSnapshotStatusWait(snapshot, "completed")158 self._end_test("Snapshot creation")159 self.ctx.snapshot = snapshot160 self._check_test()161 @decorators.attr(type='benchmark')162 def test_004_clone_volume_snapshot(self):163 """Clone volume"""164 if self.ctx.ssh is None:165 raise self.skipException("Booting failed")166 if self.ctx.snapshot is None:167 raise self.skipException("Snapshot of volume failed")168 self._start_test()169 zone = self.ctx.instance.placement170 volume2 = self.ec2_client.create_volume(171 self.volume_size, zone, snapshot=self.ctx.snapshot)172 self.addResourceCleanUp(self.destroy_volume_wait, volume2)173 # NOTE(apavlov): wait it (ec2-describe-volumes VOLUME)174 self.assertVolumeStatusWait(volume2, "available")175 self._end_test("Volume creation by snapshot")176 self._check_test()177 @decorators.attr(type='benchmark')178 def test_005_detach_volume(self):179 """Detach volume"""180 if self.ctx.ssh is None:181 raise self.skipException("Booting failed")182 if not self.ctx.volume_ready:183 raise self.skipException("Volume preparation failed")184 self._start_test()185 self.ctx.ssh.exec_command("sudo umount /vol")186 self.ctx.volume.detach()187 # NOTE(apavlov): "detaching" invalid EC2 status #1074901188 self.assertVolumeStatusWait(self._volume_state, "available")189 boto_wait.re_search_wait(self._volume_state, "available")190 self._end_test("Detach volume")191 boto_wait.state_wait(self._part_state, -1)...

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...10ASSETS_PATH = Path(__file__).parent.resolve() / "assets"11class TestFile:12 """Tests the CVE Bin Tool file binary checker."""13 @pytest.mark.asyncio14 async def _check_test(self, file_type):15 """Helper function to parse a binary file and check whether16 the given string is in the parsed result"""17 async with NamedTemporaryFile("w+b", suffix=file_type, delete=False) as f:18 if file_type == "out":19 # write magic signature20 await f.write(b"\x7f\x45\x4c\x46\x02\x01\x01\x03\n")21 await assert await aio_is_binary( else:24 await f.write(b"some other data\n")25 await assert not await aio_is_binary( await aio_rmfile( @pytest.mark.asyncio29 async def test_binary_out_file(self):30 """file *.out"""31 await self._check_test("out")32 @pytest.mark.asyncio33 async def test_source_file(self):34 """file *.c"""35 await self._check_test("c")36 @pytest.mark.asyncio37 async def test_single_byte_file(self):38 """file single-byte"""39 assert not await aio_is_binary(str(ASSETS_PATH / "single-byte.txt"))40 @pytest.mark.asyncio41 async def test_windows(self):42 """file single-byte"""...

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