How to use _connect_tasks method in avocado

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...222 runnable, status_server_uri, job_id223 )224 if pre_tasks:225 pre_tasks.append(runtime_test)226 self._connect_tasks(pre_tasks)227 def _connect_tasks(self, tasks):228 for dependency, task in zip(tasks, tasks[1:]):229 self.graph[task] = task230 self.graph[dependency] = dependency231 task.dependencies.append(dependency)232 def get_tasks_in_topological_order(self):233 """Computes the topological order of runtime tasks in graph234 :returns: runtime tasks in topological order235 :rtype: list236 """237 def topological_order_util(vertex, visited, topological_order):238 visited[vertex] = True239 for v in vertex.dependencies:240 if not visited[v]:241 topological_order_util(v, visited, topological_order)...

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...100 task_layer_ids = task_name_to_layer_ids(task_name)101 if layer_id in task_layer_ids:102 return t_id103 t_id += 1104 def _connect_tasks():105 """ Connect tasks, i.e., fill in tasks adjacent and reverse adjacent lists"""106 for connection in dnn.get_connections():107 src_task_id = find_task_id( dst_task_id = find_task_id( if src_task_id is not None and dst_task_id is not None:110 if src_task_id != dst_task_id:111 tasks_adjacent_list[src_task_id].append(dst_task_id)112 tasks_reverse_adjacent_list[dst_task_id].append(src_task_id)113 else:114 raise Exception("Tasks connection error")115 def _compute_communication_costs():116 layers = dnn.get_layers()117 for task_name in tasks:118 task_output_layer_id = last_layer_id(task_name)119 task_output_layer = layers[task_output_layer_id]120 layer_out_tokens = task_output_layer.ofm * task_output_layer.oh * task_output_layer.ow121 tasks_out_comm_cost.append(layer_out_tokens)122 # main script123 set_built_in(dnn, built_in_ops)124 for layer in dnn.get_layers():125 layer.visited = False126 # create tasks127 tasks = []128 input_layer = dnn.get_input_layer()129 _create_tasks(input_layer)130 # for multi-input_examples DNN131 for layer in dnn.get_layers():132 if not layer.visited:133 _create_tasks(layer)134 tasks.sort(key=lambda task_name: first_layer_id(task_name))135 # create connections (create tasks adjacent and reverse-adjacent lists)136 tasks_adjacent_list = [[] for _ in tasks]137 tasks_reverse_adjacent_list = [[] for _ in tasks]138 _connect_tasks()139 # compute communication costs140 tasks_out_comm_cost = []141 _compute_communication_costs()142 app_graph = TaskGraph(tasks, tasks_adjacent_list, tasks_reverse_adjacent_list, tasks_out_comm_cost)143 = dnn.name144 # add layer names as jobs145 app_graph.jobs_per_task = [[] for _ in range(len(tasks))]146 dnn_layers = dnn.get_layers()147 for layer_id in range(len(dnn_layers)):148 layer = dnn_layers[layer_id]149 task_id = get_task_id(app_graph, layer_id)150 app_graph.jobs_per_task[task_id].append(

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