How to use _determine_status_server method in avocado

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...259 :type config: dict260 """261 for runnable in runnables:262 runnable.config = Runnable.filter_runnable_config(runnable.kind, config)263 def _determine_status_server(self, test_suite, config_key):264 if test_suite.config.get("nrunner.status_server_auto"):265 # no UNIX domain sockets on Windows266 if platform.system() != "Windows":267 if self.status_server_dir is None:268 self.status_server_dir = tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(269 prefix="avocado_"270 )271 return os.path.join(, ".status_server.sock")272 return test_suite.config.get(config_key)273 def _create_status_server(self, test_suite, job):274 listen = self._determine_status_server(275 test_suite, "nrunner.status_server_listen"276 )277 # pylint: disable=W0201278 self.status_repo = StatusRepo(job.unique_id)279 # pylint: disable=W0201280 self.status_server = StatusServer(listen, self.status_repo)281 async def _update_status(self, job):282 tasks_by_id = {283 str(runtime_task.task.identifier): runtime_task.task284 for runtime_task in self.runtime_tasks285 }286 message_handler = MessageHandler()287 while True:288 try:289 (_, task_id, _, index) = self.status_repo.status_journal_summary_pop()290 except IndexError:291 await asyncio.sleep(0.05)292 continue293 message = self.status_repo.get_task_data(task_id, index)294 task = tasks_by_id.get(task_id)295 message_handler.process_message(message, task, job)296 @staticmethod297 def _abort_if_missing_runners(runnables):298 if runnables:299 missing_kinds = set([runnable.kind for runnable in runnables])300 msg = (301 f"Could not find runners for runnable(s) of kind(s): "302 f"{', '.join(missing_kinds)}"303 )304 raise JobError(msg)305 def run_suite(self, job, test_suite):306 summary = set()307 if not test_suite.enabled:308 job.interrupted_reason = f"Suite {} is disabled."309 return summary310 test_suite.tests, missing_requirements = check_runnables_runner_requirements(311 test_suite.tests312 )313 self._update_avocado_configuration_used_on_runnables(314 test_suite.tests, test_suite.config315 )316 self._abort_if_missing_runners(missing_requirements)317 job.result.tests_total = test_suite.variants.get_number_of_tests(318 test_suite.tests319 )320 self._create_status_server(test_suite, job)321 graph = RuntimeTaskGraph(322 test_suite.get_test_variants(),323,324 self._determine_status_server(test_suite, "nrunner.status_server_uri"),325 job.unique_id,326 )327 # pylint: disable=W0201328 self.runtime_tasks = graph.get_tasks_in_topological_order()329 # Start the status server330 asyncio.ensure_future(self.status_server.serve_forever())331 if test_suite.config.get("nrunner.shuffle"):332 random.shuffle(self.runtime_tasks)333 test_ids = [334 rt.task.identifier335 for rt in self.runtime_tasks336 if rt.task.category == "test"337 ]338 tsm = TaskStateMachine(self.runtime_tasks, self.status_repo)...

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