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...20 self.skipTest('dummy skip test')21 def setUp(self):22 prefix = temp_dir_prefix(__name__, self, 'setUp')23 self.tmpdir = tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(prefix=prefix)24 def _get_fake_filename_test(self, name):25 class FakeFilename(test.Test):26 @property27 def filename(self):28 return name29 def test(self):30 pass31 tst_id = TestID("test", name=name)32 return FakeFilename("test", tst_id, def tearDown(self):34 self.tmpdir.cleanup()35 def test_ugly_name(self):36 def run(name, path_name):37 """ Initialize test and check the dirs were created """38 tst = self.DummyTest("test", TestID(1, name),39 self.assertEqual(os.path.basename(tst.logdir), path_name)41 self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(tst.logdir))42 self.assertEqual(os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(tst.logdir)),43 run("/absolute/path", "1-_absolute_path")45 run("./relative/path", "1-._relative_path")46 run("../../multi_level/relative/path",47 "1-.._.._multi_level_relative_path")48 # Greek word 'kosme'49 run("\xce\xba\xe1\xbd\xb9\xcf\x83\xce\xbc\xce\xb5",50 "1-\xce\xba\xe1\xbd\xb9\xcf\x83\xce\xbc\xce\xb5")51 # Particularly problematic noncharacters in 16-bit applications52 name = ("\xb7\x95\xef\xb7\x96\xef\xb7\x97\xef\xb7\x98\xef\xb7\x99"53 "\xef\xb7\x9a\xef\xb7\x9b\xef\xb7\x9c\xef\xb7\x9d\xef\xb7"54 "\x9e\xef\xb7\x9f\xef\xb7\xa0\xef\xb7\xa1\xef\xb7\xa2\xef"55 "\xb7\xa3\xef\xb7\xa4\xef\xb7\xa5\xef\xb7\xa6\xef\xb7\xa7"56 "\xef\xb7\xa8\xef\xb7\xa9\xef\xb7\xaa\xef\xb7\xab\xef\xb7"57 "\xac\xef\xb7\xad\xef\xb7\xae\xef\xb7\xaf")58 run(name, "1-" + name)59 def test_long_name(self):60 def check(uid, name, variant, exp_logdir):61 tst = self.DummyTest("test", TestID(uid, name, variant),62 self.assertEqual(os.path.basename(tst.logdir), exp_logdir)64 return tst65 # Everything fits66 check(1, "a" * 253, None, "1-" + ("a" * 253))67 check(2, "a" * 251, {"variant_id": 1}, "2-" + ("a" * 251) + "_1")68 check(99, "a" * 249, {"variant_id": 88}, "99-" + ("a" * 249) + "_88")69 # Shrink name70 check(3, "a" * 252, {"variant_id": 1}, "3-" + ('a' * 251) + "_1")71 # Shrink variant72 check("a" * 253, "whatever", {"variant_id": 99}, "a" * 253 + "_9")73 check("a" * 254, "whatever", {"variant_id": 99}, "a" * 254 + "_")74 # No variant75 tst = check("a" * 255, "whatever", {"variant_id": "whatever-else"},76 "a" * 255)77 # Impossible to store (uid does not fit78 self.assertRaises(RuntimeError, check, "a" * 256, "whatever",79 {"variant_id": "else"}, None)80 self.assertEqual(os.path.basename(tst.workdir),81 os.path.basename(tst.logdir))82 def test_data_dir(self):83 """84 Checks `get_data()` won't report fs-unfriendly data dir name85 """86 max_length_name = os.path.join(, "a" * 250)87 tst = self._get_fake_filename_test(max_length_name)88 self.assertEqual(os.path.join(, max_length_name + ".data"),89 tst.get_data('', 'file', False))90 def test_no_data_dir(self):91 """92 Tests that with a filename too long, no datadir is possible93 """94 above_limit_name = os.path.join(, "a" * 251)95 tst = self._get_fake_filename_test(above_limit_name)96 self.assertFalse(tst.get_data('', 'file', False))97 tst._record_reference('stdout', 'stdout.expected')98 tst._record_reference('stderr', 'stderr.expected')99 tst._record_reference('output', 'output.expected')100 def test_all_dirs_exists_no_hang(self):101 with unittest.mock.patch('os.path.exists', return_value=True):102 self.assertRaises(exceptions.TestSetupFail, self.DummyTest, "test",103 TestID(1, "name"), def test_try_override_test_variable(self):105 dummy_test = self.DummyTest( self.assertRaises(AttributeError, setattr, dummy_test, "name", "whatever")107 self.assertRaises(AttributeError, setattr, dummy_test, "status", "whatever")108 def test_check_reference_success(self):109 '''...

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