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...56 <a href="0.4.0/">0.4.0/</a> 2017-11-19 20:01 -57<hr></pre>58</body></html>"""59class VMImagePlugin(unittest.TestCase):60 def _get_temporary_dirs_mapping_and_config(self):61 """62 Creates a temporary bogus base data dir63 And returns a dictionary containing the temporary data dir paths and64 the path to a configuration file contain those same settings65 """66 prefix = temp_dir_prefix(__name__, self, 'setUp')67 base_dir = tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(prefix=prefix)68 data_directory = os.path.join(, 'data')69 os.mkdir(data_directory)70 os.mkdir(os.path.join(data_directory, 'cache'))71 mapping = {'base_dir':,72 'data_dir': data_directory}73 temp_settings = ('[datadir.paths]\n'74 'base_dir = %(base_dir)s\n'75 'data_dir = %(data_dir)s\n') % mapping76 config_file = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile('w', delete=False)77 config_file.write(temp_settings)78 config_file.close()79 return base_dir, mapping, config_file.name80 @unittest.mock.patch('avocado.utils.vmimage.urlopen')81 def _create_test_files(self, urlopen_mock):82 with unittest.mock.patch('avocado.core.data_dir.settings', self.stg):83 expected_images = [{'name': 'Fedora', 'file': 'Fedora-Cloud-Base-{version}-{build}.{arch}.qcow2',84 'url': FEDORA_PAGE},85 {'name': 'JeOS', 'file': 'jeos-{version}-{arch}.qcow2.xz', 'url': JEOS_PAGE},86 {'name': 'CirrOS', 'file': 'cirros-{version}-{arch}-disk.img', 'url': CIRROS_PAGE}87 ]88 cache_dir = data_dir.get_cache_dirs()[0]89 providers = [provider() for provider in vmimage_util.list_providers()]90 for provider in providers:91 for image in expected_images:92 if image['name'] == urlread_mocked = unittest.mock.Mock(return_value=image["url"])94 urlopen_mock.return_value = unittest.mock.Mock(read=urlread_mocked)95 image['type'] = "vmimage"96 image['version'] = provider.version97 image['arch'] = provider.arch98 image['build'] = "1234"99 image['file'] = os.path.join(cache_dir, image['file'].format(100 version=image['version'],101 build=image['build'],102 arch=image['arch']))103 open(image["file"], "w").close()104 create_metadata_file(image['file'], image)105 return sorted(expected_images, key=lambda i: i['name'])106 def setUp(self):107 (self.base_dir, self.mapping,108 self.config_file_path) = self._get_temporary_dirs_mapping_and_config()109 self.stg = Settings()110 with unittest.mock.patch('avocado.core.stgs', self.stg):111 import avocado.core112 avocado.core.register_core_options()113 self.stg.process_config_path(self.config_file_path)114 self.stg.merge_with_configs()115 self.expected_images = self._create_test_files()116 def test_list_downloaded_images(self):117 with unittest.mock.patch('avocado.core.data_dir.settings', self.stg):118 with unittest.mock.patch('avocado.utils.vmimage.ImageProviderBase.get_version'):119 images = sorted(vmimage_plugin.list_downloaded_images(), key=lambda i: i['name'])120 for index, image in enumerate(images):121 for key in image:122 self.assertEqual(self.expected_images[index][key], image[key],...

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...5from flexmock import flexmock6from avocado.core import settings7class DataDirTest(unittest.TestCase):8 @staticmethod9 def _get_temporary_dirs_mapping_and_config():10 """11 Creates a temporary bogus base data dir12 And returns a dictionary containing the temporary data dir paths and13 a the path to a configuration file contain those same settings14 """15 base_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix='avocado_' + __name__)16 mapping = {'base_dir': base_dir,17 'test_dir': os.path.join(base_dir, 'tests'),18 'data_dir': os.path.join(base_dir, 'data'),19 'logs_dir': os.path.join(base_dir, 'logs')}20 temp_settings = ('[datadir.paths]\n'21 'base_dir = %(base_dir)s\n'22 'test_dir = %(test_dir)s\n'23 'data_dir = %(data_dir)s\n'24 'logs_dir = %(logs_dir)s\n') % mapping25 config_file = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(delete=False)26 config_file.write(temp_settings)27 config_file.close()28 return (mapping, def setUp(self):30 (self.mapping,31 self.config_file_path) = self._get_temporary_dirs_mapping_and_config()32 def testDataDirFromConfig(self):33 """34 When avocado.conf is present, honor the values coming from it.35 """36 stg_orig = settings.settings37 stg = settings.Settings(self.config_file_path)38 try:39 # Trick the module to think we're on a system wide install40 stg.intree = False41 flexmock(settings, settings=stg)42 from avocado.core import data_dir43 flexmock(data_dir.settings, settings=stg)44 self.assertFalse(data_dir.settings.settings.intree)45 for key in self.mapping.keys():46 data_dir_func = getattr(data_dir, 'get_%s' % key)47 self.assertEqual(data_dir_func(), stg.get_value('datadir.paths', key))48 finally:49 flexmock(settings, settings=stg_orig)50 del data_dir51 #def testUniqueLogDir(self):52 # """53 # Tests that multiple queries for a logdir at the same time provides54 # unique results.55 # """56 # from avocado.core import data_dir57 # flexmock(data_dir.time).should_receive('strftime').and_return("date")58 # logdir = os.path.join(self.mapping['base_dir'], "foor", "bar", "baz")59 # path_prefix = os.path.join(logdir, "job-date-")60 # uid = "1234567890"*461 # for i in xrange(7, 40):62 # path = data_dir.create_job_logs_dir(logdir, uid)63 # self.assertEqual(path, path_prefix + uid[:i])64 # self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(path))65 # path = data_dir.create_job_logs_dir(logdir, uid)66 # self.assertEqual(path, path_prefix + uid + ".0")67 # self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(path))68 # path = data_dir.create_job_logs_dir(logdir, uid)69 # self.assertEqual(path, path_prefix + uid + ".1")70 # self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(path))71 def testSettingsDirAlternateDynamic(self):72 """73 Tests that changes to the data_dir settings are applied dynamically74 To guarantee that, first the data_dir module is loaded. Then a new,75 alternate set of data directories are created and set in the76 "canonical" settings location, that is, avocado.core.settings.settings.77 No data_dir module reload should be necessary to get the new locations78 from data_dir APIs.79 """80 stg_orig = settings.settings81 from avocado.core import data_dir82 (self.alt_mapping,83 self.alt_config_file_path) = self._get_temporary_dirs_mapping_and_config()84 stg = settings.Settings(self.alt_config_file_path)85 flexmock(settings, settings=stg)86 for key in self.alt_mapping.keys():87 data_dir_func = getattr(data_dir, 'get_%s' % key)88 self.assertEqual(data_dir_func(), self.alt_mapping[key])89 flexmock(settings, settings=stg_orig)90 del data_dir91 def tearDown(self):92 os.unlink(self.config_file_path)93 shutil.rmtree(self.mapping['base_dir'])94 # clean up alternate configuration file if set by the test95 if hasattr(self, 'alt_config_file_path'):96 os.unlink(self.alt_config_file_path)97 if hasattr(self, 'alt_mapping'):...

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