How to use _log_avocado_version method in avocado

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...272 cmdline = " ".join(sys.argv)273"Command line: %s", cmdline)274'')275 @staticmethod276 def _log_avocado_version():277 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER278'CloudTest Version: %s', version.VERSION)279 if os.path.exists('.git') and os.path.exists('avocado.spec'):280 cmd = "git show --summary --pretty='%H' | head -1"281 status, top_commit = commands.getstatusoutput(cmd)282 cmd2 = "git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD"283 status2, branch = commands.getstatusoutput(cmd2)284 # Let's display information only if git is installed285 # (commands succeed).286 if status == 0 and status2 == 0:287'Avocado git repo info')288"Top commit: %s", top_commit)289"Branch: %s", branch)290'')291 @staticmethod292 def _log_avocado_config():293 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER294'Config files read (in order):')295 for cfg_path in settings.config_paths:296 if settings.config_paths_failed:298'Config files failed to read (in order):')299 for cfg_path in settings.config_paths_failed:300'')302'Avocado config:')303 header = ('Section.Key', 'Value')304 config_matrix = []305 for section in settings.config.sections():306 for value in settings.config.items(section):307 config_key = ".".join((section, value[0]))308 config_matrix.append([config_key, value[1]])309 for line in astring.iter_tabular_output(config_matrix, header):310'')312 @staticmethod313 def _log_avocado_datadir():314 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER315'Avocado Data Directories:')316'')317"Avocado replaces config dirs that can't be accessed")318'with sensible defaults. Please edit your local config')319'file to customize values')320'')321'base ' + data_dir.get_base_dir())322'tests ' + data_dir.get_test_dir())323'data ' + data_dir.get_data_dir())324'logs ' + data_dir.get_logs_dir())325'')326 def _log_mux_tree(self, mux):327 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER328 tree_repr = tree.tree_view(mux.variants.root, verbose=True,329 use_utf8=False)330 if tree_repr:331'Multiplex tree representation:')332 for line in tree_repr.splitlines():333'')335 def _log_tmp_dir(self):336 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER337'Temporary dir: %s', data_dir.get_tmp_dir())338'')339 def _log_mux_variants(self, mux):340 job_log = _TEST_LOGGER341 for (index, tpl) in enumerate(mux.variants):342 paths = ', '.join([x.path for x in tpl])343'Variant %s: %s', index + 1, paths)344 if mux.variants:345'')346 def _log_job_debug_info(self, mux):347 """348 Log relevant debug information to the job log.349 """350 self._log_cmdline()351 self._log_avocado_version()352 self._log_avocado_config()353 self._log_avocado_datadir()354 self._log_mux_tree(mux)355 self._log_tmp_dir()356 self._log_mux_variants(mux)357 self._log_job_id()358 def create_test_suite(self):359 """360 Creates the test suite for this Job361 This is a public Job API as part of the documented Job phases362 """363 try:364 self.test_suite = self._make_test_suite(self.references)365 self.result.tests_total = len(self.test_suite)...

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