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...556 # Module does not have an avocado test class inside, and557 # it's not executable. Not a Test.558 return make_broken(NotATest, test_path,559 self.__not_test_str)560 def _make_existing_file_tests(self, test_path, make_broken,561 subtests_filter, test_name=None):562 if test_name is None:563 test_name = test_path564 try:565 # Avocado tests566 avocado_tests, disabled = safeloader.find_avocado_tests(test_path)567 if avocado_tests:568 test_factories = []569 for test_class, info in avocado_tests.items():570 if isinstance(test_class, string_types):571 for test_method, tags in info:572 name = test_name + \573 ':%s.%s' % (test_class, test_method)574 if (subtests_filter and575 not continue577 tst = (test_class, {'name': name,578 'modulePath': test_path,579 'methodName': test_method,580 'tags': tags})581 test_factories.append(tst)582 return test_factories583 # Python unittests584 old_dir = os.getcwd()585 try:586 py_test_dir = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(test_path))587 py_test_name = os.path.basename(test_path)588 os.chdir(py_test_dir)589 python_unittests = self._find_python_unittests(py_test_name,590 disabled,591 subtests_filter)592 finally:593 os.chdir(old_dir)594 if python_unittests:595 return [(test.PythonUnittest, {"name": name,596 "test_dir": py_test_dir})597 for name in python_unittests]598 else:599 return self._make_simple_or_broken_test(test_path,600 subtests_filter,601 make_broken)602 # Since a lot of things can happen here, the broad exception is603 # justified. The user will get it unadulterated anyway, and avocado604 # will not crash.605 except BaseException as details: # Ugly python files can raise any exc606 if isinstance(details, KeyboardInterrupt):607 raise # Don't ignore ctrl+c608 else:609 return self._make_simple_or_broken_test(test_path,610 subtests_filter)611 @staticmethod612 def _make_test(klass, uid, description=None, subtests_filter=None,613 **test_arguments):614 """615 Create test template616 :param klass: test class617 :param uid: test uid (by default used as id and name)618 :param description: Description appended to "uid" (for listing purpose)619 :param subtests_filter: optional filter of methods for avocado tests620 :param test_arguments: arguments to be passed to the klass(test_arguments)621 """622 if subtests_filter and not return []624 if description:625 uid = "%s: %s" % (uid, description)626 test_arguments["name"] = uid627 return [(klass, test_arguments)]628 def _make_tests(self, test_path, list_non_tests, subtests_filter=None):629 """630 Create test templates from given path631 :param test_path: File system path632 :param list_non_tests: include bad tests (NotATest, BrokenSymlink,...)633 :param subtests_filter: optional filter of methods for avocado tests634 """635 def ignore_broken(klass, uid, description=None): # pylint: disable=W0613636 """ Always return empty list """637 return []638 if list_non_tests: # return broken test with params639 make_broken = self._make_test640 else: # return empty set instead641 make_broken = ignore_broken642 test_name = test_path643 if os.path.exists(test_path):644 if os.access(test_path, os.R_OK) is False:645 return make_broken(AccessDeniedPath, test_path, "Is not "646 "readable")647 if test_path.endswith('.py'):648 return self._make_existing_file_tests(test_path, make_broken,649 subtests_filter)650 else:651 if os.access(test_path, os.X_OK):652 return self._make_test(test.SimpleTest, test_path,653 subtests_filter=subtests_filter,654 executable=test_path)655 else:656 return make_broken(NotATest, test_path,657 self.__not_test_str)658 else:659 if os.path.islink(test_path):660 try:661 if not os.path.isfile(os.readlink(test_path)):662 return make_broken(BrokenSymlink, test_path, "Is a "663 "broken symlink")664 except OSError:665 return make_broken(AccessDeniedPath, test_path, "Is not "666 "accessible.")667 # Try to resolve test ID (keep compatibility)668 test_path = os.path.join(data_dir.get_test_dir(), test_name)669 if os.path.exists(test_path):670 return self._make_existing_file_tests(test_path, make_broken,671 subtests_filter,672 test_name)673 else:674 if not subtests_filter and ':' in test_name:675 test_name, subtests_filter = test_name.split(':', 1)676 test_path = os.path.join(data_dir.get_test_dir(),677 test_name)678 if os.path.exists(test_path):679 subtests_filter = re.compile(subtests_filter)680 return self._make_existing_file_tests(test_path,681 make_broken,682 subtests_filter,683 test_name)684 return make_broken(NotATest, test_name, "File not found "685 "('%s'; '%s')" % (test_name, test_path))686 return make_broken(NotATest, test_name, self.__not_test_str)687class ExternalLoader(TestLoader):688 """689 External-runner loader class690 """691 name = 'external'692 def __init__(self, args, extra_params):693 loader_options = extra_params.pop('loader_options', None)694 super(ExternalLoader, self).__init__(args, extra_params)...

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