How to use _make_python_file_tests method in avocado

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...439 )440 return tests441 def _make_existing_file_tests(self, test_path, make_broken, subtests_filter):442 if test_path.endswith(".py"):443 return self._make_python_file_tests(test_path, make_broken, subtests_filter)444 else:445 return make_broken(NotATest, test_path, self.NOT_TEST_STR)446 def _make_nonexisting_file_tests(447 self, test_path, make_broken, subtests_filter, test_name448 ):449 # Try to resolve test ID (keep compatibility)450 test_path = os.path.join(data_dir.get_test_dir(), test_name)451 if os.path.exists(test_path):452 return self._make_python_file_tests(453 test_path, make_broken, subtests_filter, test_name454 )455 else:456 if not subtests_filter and ":" in test_name:457 test_name, subtests_filter = test_name.split(":", 1)458 test_path = os.path.join(data_dir.get_test_dir(), test_name)459 if os.path.exists(test_path):460 subtests_filter = re.compile(subtests_filter)461 return self._make_python_file_tests(462 test_path, make_broken, subtests_filter, test_name463 )464 return make_broken(465 NotATest,466 test_name,467 (f"File not found ('{test_name}'; " f"'{test_path}')"),468 )469 @staticmethod470 def _make_test(471 klass, uid, description=None, subtests_filter=None, **test_arguments472 ):473 """474 Create test template475 :param klass: test class476 :param uid: test uid (by default used as id and name)477 :param description: Description appended to "uid" (for listing purpose)478 :param subtests_filter: optional filter of methods for avocado tests479 :param test_arguments: arguments to be passed to the klass(test_arguments)480 """481 if subtests_filter and not return []483 if description:484 uid = f"{uid}: {description}"485 test_arguments["name"] = uid486 return [(klass, test_arguments)]487 def _make_tests(self, test_path, list_non_tests, subtests_filter=None):488 """489 Create test templates from given path490 :param test_path: File system path491 :param list_non_tests: include bad tests (NotATest, BrokenSymlink,...)492 :param subtests_filter: optional filter of methods for avocado tests493 """494 def ignore_broken(klass, uid, description=None): # pylint: disable=W0613495 """Always return empty list"""496 return []497 if list_non_tests: # return broken test with params498 make_broken = self._make_test499 else: # return empty set instead500 make_broken = ignore_broken501 test_name = test_path502 if os.path.exists(test_path):503 if os.access(test_path, os.R_OK) is False:504 return make_broken(AccessDeniedPath, test_path, "Is not " "readable")505 return self._make_existing_file_tests(506 test_path, make_broken, subtests_filter507 )508 else:509 if os.path.islink(test_path):510 try:511 if not os.path.isfile(os.readlink(test_path)):512 return make_broken(513 BrokenSymlink, test_path, "Is a " "broken symlink"514 )515 except OSError:516 return make_broken(517 AccessDeniedPath, test_path, "Is not " "accessible."518 )519 return self._make_nonexisting_file_tests(520 test_path, make_broken, subtests_filter, test_name521 )522 def _make_python_file_tests(523 self, test_path, make_broken, subtests_filter, test_name=None524 ):525 if test_name is None:526 test_name = test_path527 try:528 # Avocado tests529 avocado_tests, _ = safeloader.find_avocado_tests(test_path)530 if avocado_tests:531 test_factories = []532 for test_class, info in avocado_tests.items():533 if isinstance(test_class, str):534 for test_method, tags, _ in info:535 name = test_name + f":{test_class}.{test_method}"536 if subtests_filter and not

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