How to use _parse_key_val method in avocado

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...45 op = ">="46 class Lte(Op):47 op = "<="48 @classmethod49 def _parse_key_val(cls, k, v):50 if issubclass(v.__class__, cls.Op):51 return '{} {} "{}"'.format(k, v.op, v.v)52 else:53 return '{} {} "{}"'.format(k, cls.Eq.op, v)54 @classmethod55 def sql(cls, data):56 rows = []57 for k, v in data.items():58 if isinstance(v, list) or isinstance(v, tuple) or isinstance(v, set):59 parts = [cls._parse_key_val(k, _v) for _v in v]60 rows.append("( {} )".format(cls.OR.join(parts)))61 else:62 rows.append(cls._parse_key_val(k, v))63 return cls.AND.join(rows)64def validate_with_schema(65 data: Dict, schema: Dict, do_raise: bool = True, reraise_as: Exception = None66):67 """Validate JSON data using a JSON Schema."""68 try:69 jsonschema.validate(data, schema)70 except jsonschema.ValidationError as e:71 if do_raise:72 if reraise_as:73 raise reraise_as(str(e)) from e74 else:75 raise e76 else:...

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...5from gnmi import gnmi_pb2, gnmi_pb2_grpc6# This file contains utility functions that make it easy to perform gNMI7# requests against the switch under test.8_grpc_addr = testutils.test_param_get("grpcaddr")9def _parse_key_val(key_val_str):10 # [key1=val1,key2=val2,.....]11 key_val_str = key_val_str[1:-1] # remove "[]"12 return [kv.split("=") for kv in key_val_str.split(",")]13# parse path_str string and add elements to path (gNMI Path class)14def _build_path(path_str, path):15 if path_str == "/":16 # the root path should be an empty path17 return18 path_elem_info_list = re.findall(r"/([^/\[]+)(\[([^=]+=[^\]]+)\])?", path_str)19 for path_elem_info in path_elem_info_list:20 # [('interfaces', ''), ('interface', '[name=1/1/1]'), ...]21 pe = path.elem.add()22 = path_elem_info[0]23 if path_elem_info[1]:24 for kv in _parse_key_val(path_elem_info[1]):25 # [('name', '1/1/1'), ...]26 pe.key[kv[0]] = kv[1]27# Public API starts here.28def build_gnmi_get_req(path: str):29 req = gnmi_pb2.GetRequest()30 req.encoding = gnmi_pb2.PROTO31 p = req.path.add()32 _build_path(path, p)33 if path == "/":34 # Special case35 req.type = gnmi_pb2.GetRequest.CONFIG36 return req37def build_gnmi_set_req(path: str, value, replace=False):38 req = gnmi_pb2.SetRequest()...

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