How to use _split_complete_lines method in avocado

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...160 """Base interface for resolving running messages."""161 _tag = b""162 def __init__(self):163 self.line_buffer = b""164 def _split_complete_lines(self, data):165 """166 It will split data into list of lines.167 If the data don't finish with the new line character, the last line is168 marked as incomplete, and it is saved to the line buffer for next usage.169 When the buffer is not empty the buffer will be added at the beginning170 of data.171 :param data: massage log172 :type data: bytes173 :return: list of lines174 """175 data_lines = data.splitlines(True)176 if len(data_lines) <= 1 and not data.endswith(b"\n"):177 self.line_buffer += data178 return []179 else:180 data_lines[0] = self.line_buffer + data_lines[0]181 self.line_buffer = b""182 if not data.endswith(b"\n"):183 self.line_buffer = data_lines.pop()184 return data_lines185 def _save_to_default_file(self, message, task):186 """187 It will save message log into the default log file.188 The default log file is based on `DEFAULT_LOG_FILE` variable and every189 line of log will be saved with prefix based on `_tag` variable190 :param message: message from runner191 :type message: dict192 :param task: runtime_task which message is related to193 :type task: :class:`avocado.core.nrunner.Task`194 """195 if message.get("encoding"):196 data = message.get("log", b"").splitlines(True)197 else:198 data = self._split_complete_lines(message.get("log", b""))199 if data:200 data = self._tag + self._tag.join(data)201 self._save_message_to_file(202 DEFAULT_LOG_FILE, data, task, message.get("encoding")203 )204 @staticmethod205 def _message_to_line(message, encoding):206 """207 Converts the message to string.208 When the message doesn't end with a new line, the new line is added.209 :param message: message for decoding210 :type message: bytes211 :param encoding: encoding of the message212 :type encoding: str...

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