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...126 if self._metavar is None:127 return self.key128 return self._metavar129 @property130 def arg_parse_args(self):131 args = {'help': self.help_msg,132 'default': None}133 if self.nargs:134 args['nargs'] = self.nargs135 if self.metavar:136 args['metavar'] = self.metavar137 if self.choices:138 args['choices'] = self.choices139 if self.action:140 args['action'] = self.action141 if self.key_type is not bool:142 # We don't specify type for bool143 args['type'] = self.argparse_type144 if not self.positional_arg:...

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1import argparse2import inspect3import os4import re5import sys6"""7easy_argparser.py8====================================9The core module of my project10"""11arg_parse_args = {12 'VERSION': '1.0.0',13 'DESCRIPTION': '',14 'PROG': os.path.basename(__file__),15}16def command_line(self):17 """18 Autogenerate command line.19 """20 methods = inspect.getmembers(self, predicate=inspect.ismethod)21 v = '%(prog)s {version}'.format(version=self.arg_parse_args['VERSION'])22 my_parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(23 formatter_class=argparse.RawDescriptionHelpFormatter,24 description=v + " - " + self.arg_parse_args['DESCRIPTION'], prog=self.arg_parse_args['PROG']25 )26 functions = [i[0] for i in methods]27 all_params = {}28 for function in functions:29 if function == 'command_line': continue30 params = inspect.signature(eval('self.' + function)).parameters.values()31 param_names = [ for i in params if i.default == inspect._empty]32 optionals = [(, i.default) for i in params if i.default != inspect._empty]33 all_params[function] = [param_names, optionals]34 if optionals or len(param_names) > 0:35 my_parser.add_argument("--" + function,36 nargs="*" if optionals else len(param_names) if len(param_names) > 0 else None,37 metavar=tuple(param_names) if param_names and not optionals38 else (' '.join(param_names), "") if param_names and optionals else None,39 help="Optional args: " + " ".join(["[{0}={1}]".format(*p)40 if p[1] else "[{0}]".format(p[0])41 for p in optionals])42 if len(optionals) > 0 else None)43 else:44 my_parser.add_argument('--' + function, action='store_true')45 args = my_parser.parse_args()46 for arg, value in args.__dict__.items():47 if len(all_params[arg][0]) == 0 and len(all_params[arg][1]) == 0 and not value:48 value = None49 if arg in functions and value is not None:50 self.called_function = function51 try:52 if len(all_params[arg][0]) == 0 and len(all_params[arg][1]) == 0:53 res = eval('self.{0}()'.format(arg))54 else:55 res = eval('self.' + arg)(*value)56 except Exception as e:57 raise e58 # exit(0)59def add_argparser():60 return True61# Ignore decorator to ignore a method class or variable62# decorator63def Cmdline(options):64 """65 Decorator to autogenerate command line.66 """67 def _cmdline(func):68 def wrapper(*inner_args, **kwargs):69 # print(enter_string)70 if options:71 arg_parse_args.update(options)72 setattr(func, 'arg_parse_args', arg_parse_args)73 setattr(func, 'command_line', command_line)74 return func(*inner_args, **kwargs)75 # print(exit_string)76 # if not inspect.isclass(func): raise Exception("Can only decorate classes")77 return wrapper78 return _cmdline79def cmdline(obj=None, options=None):80 """81 Call this to make your file a cmdline program82 :param obj:83 :param options:84 :return:85 """86 if not obj:87 modules = sys.modules.keys()88 obj = [i for i in globals() if i not in modules and not re.match('__.*__', i)]89 print(obj)90if __name__ == '__main__':91 # a = inspect.getmembers()92 # a = [func for func in dir()]93 # print(a)94 # print(sys.modules.keys())95 cmdline()96#97# @cmdline(OPTIONS={98# 'DESCRIPTION': 'description test'99# })100# class A:101# a = 'something'102#103# def imcool(self):104# print('i"m cool')105#106# def say(self, something):107# print(something)108#109#...

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