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...25from avocado.utils.partition import Partition26from avocado.utils.software_manager import SoftwareManager27def clear_dmesg():28"dmesg -c ", sudo=True)29def collect_dmesg(obj):30 obj.whiteboard = process.system_output("dmesg").decode()31class LTP(Test):32 """33 LTP (Linux Test Project) testsuite34 :param args: Extra arguments ("runltp" can use with35 "-f $test")36 """37 failed_tests = list()38 mem_tests = ['-f mm', '-f hugetlb']39 @staticmethod40 def mount_point(mount_dir):41 lines = genio.read_file('/proc/mounts').rstrip('\t\r\0').splitlines()42 for substr in lines:43 mop = substr.split(" ")[1]44 if mop == mount_dir:45 return True46 return False47 def check_thp(self):48 if 'thp_file_alloc' in genio.read_file('/proc/vm'49 'stat').rstrip('\t\r\n\0'):50 self.thp = True51 return self.thp52 def setup_tmpfs_dir(self):53 # check for THP page cache54 self.check_thp()55 if not os.path.isdir(self.mount_dir):56 os.makedirs(self.mount_dir)57 self.device = None58 if not self.mount_point(self.mount_dir):59 if self.thp:60 self.device = Partition(61 device="none", mountpoint=self.mount_dir,62 mount_options="huge=always")63 else:64 self.device = Partition(65 device="none", mountpoint=self.mount_dir)66 self.device.mount(mountpoint=self.mount_dir,67 fstype="tmpfs", mnt_check=False)68 def setUp(self):69 smg = SoftwareManager()70 dist = distro.detect()71 self.args = self.params.get('args', default='')72 self.mem_leak = self.params.get('mem_leak', default=0)73 deps = ['gcc', 'make', 'automake', 'autoconf', 'psmisc']74 deps.extend(['numactl-devel'])75 self.ltpbin_dir = self.mount_dir = None76 self.thp = False77 if self.args in self.mem_tests:78 self.mount_dir = self.params.get('tmpfs_mount_dir', default=None)79 if self.mount_dir:80 self.setup_tmpfs_dir()81 over_commit = self.params.get('overcommit', default=True)82 if not over_commit:83'echo 2 > /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory',84 shell=True, ignore_status=True)85 for package in deps:86 if not smg.check_installed(package) and not smg.install(package):87 self.cancel('%s is needed for the test to be run' % package)88 clear_dmesg()89 self.tmppart = Partition("/dev/vdb", mountpoint="/var/tmp")90 mounted_devs = [line.split()[0]91 for line in process.getoutput('mount').splitlines()]92 if self.tmppart.device not in mounted_devs:93 self.tmppart.mkfs(fstype="ext4")94 self.tmppart.mount()95 #url = ""96 #tarball = self.fetch_asset("", locations=[url])97 tarball = self.get_data("ltp-full-20210927.tar.bz2")98 archive.extract(tarball, self.teststmpdir)99 self.version = os.path.basename(tarball.split('.tar.')[0])100 ltp_dir = os.path.join(self.teststmpdir, self.version)101 os.chdir(ltp_dir)102 build.make(ltp_dir, extra_args='autotools')103 if not self.ltpbin_dir:104 self.ltpbin_dir = os.path.join(self.teststmpdir, 'bin')105 # if not os.path.exists(self.ltpbin_dir):106 # os.mkdir(self.ltpbin_dir)107 os.makedirs(self.ltpbin_dir, exist_ok=True)108 process.system('./configure --prefix=%s' % self.ltpbin_dir)109 build.make(ltp_dir)110 build.make(ltp_dir, extra_args='install')111 def test(self):112 logfile = os.path.join(self.logdir, 'ltp.log')113 failcmdfile = os.path.join(self.logdir, 'failcmdfile')114 skipfilepath = self.get_data('skipfile')115 os.chmod(self.teststmpdir, 0o755)116 self.args += (" -q -p -l %s -C %s -d %s -S %s"117 % (logfile, failcmdfile, self.teststmpdir,118 skipfilepath))119 if self.mem_leak:120 self.args += " -M %s" % self.mem_leak121 cmd = "%s %s" % (os.path.join(self.ltpbin_dir, 'runltp'), self.args)122, ignore_status=True)123 # Walk the ltp.log and try detect failed tests from lines like these:124 # msgctl04 FAIL 2125 with open(logfile, 'r') as file_p:126 lines = file_p.readlines()127 for line in lines:128 if 'FAIL' in line:129 value = re.split(r'\s+', line)130 self.failed_tests.append(value[0])131 collect_dmesg(self)132 if self.failed_tests:133"LTP tests failed: %s" % self.failed_tests)134 def tearDown(self):135 if self.mount_dir:...

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...31 verbose=False, shell=True, sudo=True)32 if status:33 raise DmesgError(34 "Unable to clear dmesg as some issue while clearing")35def collect_dmesg(output_file=None):36 """Function collect dmesg and save in file.37 The dmesg operation is a privileged user task.38 This function needs sudo permissions enabled on the target host39 :param output_file : File use for save dmesg output if not provided it use40 tmp file which located in system /tmp path41 :type output_file: str42 :return: file which contain dmesg43 :rtype: str44 """45 if output_file is None:46 _, output_file = tempfile.mkstemp(suffix=".-%s" % time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d:%H:%M:%S"),47 dir=tempfile.gettempdir())48 dmesg = process.system_output(49 "dmesg", ignore_status=True, sudo=True).decode()50 genio.write_file(output_file, dmesg)51 if not os.path.isfile(output_file):52 raise DmesgError("{} is not a valid file.".format(output_file))53 return output_file54def collect_errors_dmesg(patterns):55 """Check patterns in dmesg.56 :param patterns : List variable to search in dmesg57 :return error log in form of list58 :rtype: list of str59 """60 error = []61 dmesg_log_file = collect_dmesg(None)62 for fail_pattern in patterns:63 for log in genio.read_file(dmesg_log_file).splitlines():64 if fail_pattern in log:65 error.append(log)66 return error67def collect_errors_by_level(output_file=None, level_check=5):68 """Verify dmesg having severity level of OS issue(s).69 :param output_file: The file used to save dmesg70 :type output_file: str71 :param level_check: level of severity of issues to be checked72 1 - emerg73 2 - emerg,alert74 3 - emerg,alert,crit75 4 - emerg,alert,crit,err...

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