How to use collect_errors_by_level method in avocado

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...42 @wraps(func)43 def wrapper(*args, **kwargs):44 try:45 data = func(*args, **kwargs)46 collect_errors_by_level(level_check=level)47 return data48 except DmesgError as details:49 raise TestFail(repr(details)) from details50 return wrapper51 for key, value in list(vars(cls).items()):52 if callable(value) and value.__name__.startswith('test'):53 setattr(cls, key, raise_dmesg_fail(value))54 return cls55 return dmesg_fail56def clear_dmesg():57 """function clear dmesg.58 The dmesg operation is a privileged user task.59 This function needs sudo permissions enabled on the target host60 """61 cmd = "dmesg -c"62 status = process.system(cmd, timeout=30, ignore_status=True,63 verbose=False, shell=True, sudo=True)64 if status:65 raise DmesgError(66 "Unable to clear dmesg as some issue while clearing")67def collect_dmesg(output_file=None):68 """Function collect dmesg and save in file.69 The dmesg operation is a privileged user task.70 This function needs sudo permissions enabled on the target host71 :param output_file: File use for save dmesg output if not provided it use72 tmp file which located in system /tmp path73 :type output_file: str74 :returns: file which contain dmesg75 :rtype: str76 """77 if output_file is None:78 _, output_file = tempfile.mkstemp(suffix=".-%s" % time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d:%H:%M:%S"),79 dir=tempfile.gettempdir())80 dmesg = process.system_output(81 "dmesg", ignore_status=True, sudo=True).decode()82 genio.write_file(output_file, dmesg)83 if not os.path.isfile(output_file):84 raise DmesgError("{} is not a valid file.".format(output_file))85 return output_file86def collect_errors_dmesg(patterns):87 """Check patterns in dmesg.88 :param patterns : list variable to search in dmesg89 :returns: error log in form of list90 :rtype: list of str91 """92 error = []93 dmesg_log_file = collect_dmesg(None)94 for fail_pattern in patterns:95 for log in genio.read_file(dmesg_log_file).splitlines():96 if fail_pattern in log:97 error.append(log)98 return error99def collect_errors_by_level(output_file=None, level_check=5, skip_errors=None):100 """Verify dmesg having severity level of OS issue(s).101 :param output_file: The file used to save dmesg102 :type output_file: str103 :param level_check: level of severity of issues to be checked104 1 - emerg105 2 - emerg,alert106 3 - emerg,alert,crit107 4 - emerg,alert,crit,err108 5 - emerg,alert,crit,err,warn109 :type level_check: int110 :skip_errors: list of dmesg error messages which want skip111 :type skip_errors: list112 """113 if not isinstance(level_check, int):...

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