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...29 Creation of the first solution. This solution is the start of searching30 for the best solution31 :return: solution matrix (list(list))32 """33 self.final_matrix = [self.create_random_row_with_constraints()]34 self.combination_matrix.cover_solution_row(self.final_matrix[0])35 while self.combination_matrix.total_uncovered != 0:36 if self.combination_matrix.total_uncovered < self.combination_matrix.total_covered_more_than_ones:37 new_row = self.compute_row()38 else:39 new_row = self.compute_row_using_hamming_distance()40 self.combination_matrix.cover_solution_row(new_row)41 self.final_matrix.append(new_row)42 return self.final_matrix43 def compute(self):44 """45 Searching for the best solution. It creates one solution and from that,46 it tries to create smaller solution. This searching process is limited47 by ITERATIONS_SIZE. When ITERATIONS_SIZE is 0 the last found solution is48 the best solution.49 :return: The best solution50 """51 self.final_matrix = self.final_matrix_init()52 matrix = [x[:] for x in self.final_matrix]53 iterations = ITERATIONS_SIZE54 step_size = 155 deleted_rows = []56 while step_size != 0:57 for i in range(step_size):58 delete_row = matrix.pop(random.randint(0, len(matrix) - 1))59 self.combination_matrix.uncover_solution_row(delete_row)60 deleted_rows.append(delete_row)61 LOG.debug("I'm trying solution with size %s and %s iterations",62 len(matrix), iterations)63 matrix, is_better_solution = self.find_better_solution(iterations, matrix)64 if is_better_solution:65 self.final_matrix = matrix[:]66 deleted_rows = []67 step_size *= 268 LOG.debug("-----solution with size %s was found-----\n",69 len(matrix))70 iterations = ITERATIONS_SIZE71 else:72 LOG.debug("-----solution with size %s was not found-----\n",73 len(matrix))74 for i in range(step_size):75 self.combination_matrix.cover_solution_row(deleted_rows[i])76 matrix.append(deleted_rows[i])77 if step_size > 1:78 step_size = 179 else:80 step_size = 081 return self.final_matrix82 def find_better_solution(self, counter, matrix):83 """84 Changing the matrix to cover all combinations85 :param counter: maximum number of changes in the matrix86 :param matrix: matrix to be changed87 :return: new matrix and is changes have been successful?88 """89 while self.combination_matrix.total_uncovered != 0:90 LOG.debug(self.__throbber.render(), extra={"skip_newline": True})91 solution, row_index, _ = self.use_random_algorithm(matrix)92 if len(solution) != 0:93 self.combination_matrix.uncover_solution_row(matrix[row_index])94 self.combination_matrix.cover_solution_row(solution)95 matrix[row_index] = solution96 if counter == 0:97 return matrix, False98 counter -= 199 return matrix, True100 def use_random_algorithm(self, matrix):101 """102 Applies one of these algorithms to the matrix.103 It chooses algorithm by random in proportion 1:1:8104 :param matrix: matrix to be changed105 :return: new row of matrix, index of row inside matrix and parameters which has been changed106 """107 switch = random.randint(0, 9)108 if switch == 0:109 solution, row_index, parameters = self.change_one_value(matrix)110 elif switch == 1:111 solution, row_index, parameters = self.change_one_column(matrix)112 else:113 solution, row_index, parameters = self.cover_missing_combination(matrix)114 return solution, row_index, parameters115 def compute_row(self):116 """117 Computation of one row which covers most of combinations118 :return: new solution row119 """120 is_valid_row = False121 while not is_valid_row:122 possible_parameters = list(self.combination_matrix.uncovered_rows)123 row = [-1] * len( while len(possible_parameters) != 0:125 # finding uncovered combination126 combination_parameters_index = random.randint(0, len(possible_parameters) - 1)127 combination_parameters = possible_parameters[combination_parameters_index]128 del possible_parameters[combination_parameters_index]129 combination_row = self.combination_matrix.get_row(combination_parameters)130 possible_combinations = list(combination_row.get_all_uncovered_combinations())131 combination_index = random.randint(0, len(possible_combinations) - 1)132 combination = possible_combinations[combination_index]133 is_parameter_used = False134 # Are parameters already used in row?135 for i in combination_parameters:136 if row[i] != -1:137 is_parameter_used = True138 break139 if is_parameter_used:140 continue141 row_copy = row.copy()142 # Is combination matches the constraints?143 for index, parameter in enumerate(combination_parameters):144 row_copy[parameter] = combination[index]145 if self.combination_matrix.is_valid_solution(row_copy):146 row = row_copy147 # Filling in of free spaces inside the row148 for index, r in enumerate(row):149 if r == -1:150 is_valid = False151 while not is_valid:152 row[index] = random.randint(0,[index] - 1)153 is_valid = self.combination_matrix.is_valid_solution(row)154 is_valid_row = self.combination_matrix.is_valid_solution(row)155 return row156 def cover_missing_combination(self, matrix):157 """158 Randomly finds one missing combination. This combination puts into each159 row of the matrix. The row with the best coverage is the solution160 :param matrix: matrix to be changed161 :return: solution, index of solution inside matrix and parameters which has been changed162 """163 parameters, combination = self.get_missing_combination_random()164 best_uncover = float("inf")165 best_solution = []166 best_row_index = 0167 for row_index in range(len(matrix)):168 solution = [x for x in matrix[row_index]]169 for index, item in enumerate(parameters):170 solution[item] = combination[index]171 if self.combination_matrix.is_valid_combination(solution, parameters):172 self.combination_matrix.uncover_combination(matrix[row_index], parameters)173 self.combination_matrix.cover_combination(solution, parameters)174 if self.combination_matrix.total_uncovered < best_uncover:175 best_uncover = self.combination_matrix.total_uncovered176 best_solution = solution177 best_row_index = row_index178 self.combination_matrix.uncover_combination(solution, parameters)179 self.combination_matrix.cover_combination(matrix[row_index], parameters)180 if best_uncover == 0:181 break182 return best_solution, best_row_index, parameters183 def get_missing_combination_random(self):184 """185 Randomly finds one missing combination.186 :return: parameter of combination and values of combination187 """188 possible_parameters = list(self.combination_matrix.uncovered_rows)189 combination_parameters_index = random.randint(0, len(possible_parameters) - 1)190 combination_parameters = possible_parameters[combination_parameters_index]191 combination_row = self.combination_matrix.get_row(combination_parameters)192 possible_combinations = list(combination_row.get_all_uncovered_combinations())193 combination_index = random.randint(0, len(possible_combinations) - 1)194 combination = possible_combinations[combination_index]195 return combination_parameters, combination196 def change_one_column(self, matrix):197 """198 Randomly choose one column of the matrix. In each cell of this column199 changes value. The row with the best coverage is the solution.200 :param matrix: matrix to be changed201 :return: solution, index of solution inside matrix and parameters which has been changed202 """203 column_index = random.randint(0, len( - 1)204 best_uncover = float("inf")205 best_solution = []206 best_row_index = 0207 for row_index in range(len(matrix)):208 try:209 solution, row_index, parameters = self.change_one_value(matrix, row_index, column_index)210 except ValueError:211 continue212 self.combination_matrix.uncover_combination(matrix[row_index], parameters)213 self.combination_matrix.cover_combination(solution, parameters)214 if self.combination_matrix.total_uncovered < best_uncover:215 best_uncover = self.combination_matrix.total_uncovered216 best_solution = solution217 best_row_index = row_index218 self.combination_matrix.uncover_combination(solution, parameters)219 self.combination_matrix.cover_combination(matrix[row_index], parameters)220 if best_uncover == 0:221 break222 return best_solution, best_row_index, [column_index]223 def change_one_value(self, matrix, row_index=None, column_index=None):224 """225 Change one cell inside the matrix226 :param matrix: matrix to be changed227 :param row_index: row inside matrix. If it's None it is chosen randomly228 :param column_index: column inside matrix. If it's None it is chosen randomly229 :return: solution, index of solution inside matrix and parameters which has been changed230 """231 is_cell_chosen = True232 if row_index is None:233 is_cell_chosen = False234 row_index = random.randint(0, len(matrix) - 1)235 row = [x for x in matrix[row_index]]236 if column_index is None:237 is_cell_chosen = False238 column_index = random.randint(0, len(row) - 1)239 possible_numbers = list(range(0, row[column_index])) + list(240 range(row[column_index] + 1,[column_index]))241 row[column_index] = random.choice(possible_numbers)242 while not self.combination_matrix.is_valid_combination(row, [column_index]):243 possible_numbers.remove(row[column_index])244 if len(possible_numbers) == 0:245 if is_cell_chosen:246 raise ValueError("Selected cell can't be changed")247 column_index = random.randint(0, len(row) - 1)248 row_index = random.randint(0, len(matrix) - 1)249 row = [x for x in matrix[row_index]]250 possible_numbers = list(range(0, row[column_index])) + list(251 range(row[column_index] + 1,[column_index]))252 row[column_index] = random.choice(possible_numbers)253 return row, row_index, [column_index]254 def compute_row_using_hamming_distance(self):255 """256 :return: row with the biggest hamming distance from final matrix257 """258 row_1 = self.create_random_row_with_constraints()259 row_2 = self.create_random_row_with_constraints()260 if self.compute_hamming_distance(row_1) >= self.compute_hamming_distance(row_2):261 return row_1262 else:263 return row_2264 def compute_hamming_distance(self, row):265 """266 :return: hamming distance of row from final matrix267 """268 distance = 0269 for final_row in self.final_matrix:270 for index, cell in enumerate(final_row):271 if row[index] != cell:272 distance += 1273 return distance274 def create_random_row_with_constraints(self):275 """276 Create a new test-case random row, and the row meets the constraints.277 :return: new random row278 :rtype: list279 """280 data_size = len( row = [-1]*data_size282 for parameter in random.sample(range(data_size), data_size):283 possible_values = self.solver.get_possible_values(row, parameter)284 value_choice = random.choice(possible_values)285 row[parameter] = value_choice...

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...19 parameters = [3, 3, 3, 3]20 constraints = {((0, 0), (2, 0)), ((0, 1), (1, 1), (2, 0)), ((0, 2), (3, 2))}21 t_value = 222 self.cit = Cit(parameters, t_value, constraints)23 def test_create_random_row_with_constraints(self):24 for _ in range(0, 10):25 row = self.cit.create_random_row_with_constraints()26 with self.subTest(random_row=row):27 self.assertTrue(self.cit.combination_matrix.is_valid_solution(row), "New random row is not valid")28 def test_compute_hamming_distance(self):29 self.cit.final_matrix.append([1, 0, 1, 2])30 self.cit.final_matrix.append([2, 1, 1, 0])31 row = [2, 0, 3, 2]32 expected_distance = 533 self.assertEqual(expected_distance, self.cit.compute_hamming_distance(row), "Wrong hamming distance")34 def test_final_matrix_init(self):35 combination_matrix = copy(self.cit.combination_matrix)36 final_matrix = self.cit.final_matrix_init()37 expected_total_uncovered = 038 expected_uncovered_rows = {}39 self.assertEqual(expected_total_uncovered, self.cit.combination_matrix.total_uncovered,...

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