How to use disable_log_handler method in avocado

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...335 LOG_UI.addHandler(app_handler)336 LOG_UI.propagate = False337 LOG_UI.level = logging.DEBUG338 else:339 disable_log_handler(LOG_UI)340 app_err_handler = ProgressStreamHandler()341 app_err_handler.setFormatter(logging.Formatter("%(message)s"))342 app_err_handler.addFilter(FilterWarnAndMore())343 = STD_OUTPUT.stderr344 LOG_UI.addHandler(app_err_handler)345 LOG_UI.propagate = False346 if not os.environ.get("AVOCADO_LOG_EARLY"):347 LOG_JOB.getChild("stdout").propagate = False348 LOG_JOB.getChild("stderr").propagate = False349 if "early" in enabled:350 add_log_handler("", logging.StreamHandler, STD_OUTPUT.stdout,351 logging.DEBUG)352 add_log_handler(LOG_JOB, logging.StreamHandler,353 STD_OUTPUT.stdout, logging.DEBUG)354 else:355 disable_log_handler("")356 disable_log_handler(LOG_JOB)357 if "remote" in enabled:358 add_log_handler("avocado.fabric", stream=STD_OUTPUT.stdout,359 level=logging.DEBUG)360 add_log_handler("paramiko", stream=STD_OUTPUT.stdout,361 level=logging.DEBUG)362 else:363 disable_log_handler("avocado.fabric")364 disable_log_handler("paramiko")365 # Not enabled by env366 if not os.environ.get('AVOCADO_LOG_DEBUG'):367 if "debug" in enabled:368 add_log_handler(LOG_UI.getChild("debug"), stream=STD_OUTPUT.stdout)369 else:370 disable_log_handler(LOG_UI.getChild("debug"))371 # Add custom loggers372 for name in [_ for _ in enabled if _ not in iterkeys(BUILTIN_STREAMS)]:373 stream_level = re.split(r'(?<!\\):', name, maxsplit=1)374 name = stream_level[0]375 if len(stream_level) == 1:376 level = logging.DEBUG377 else:378 level = (int(stream_level[1]) if stream_level[1].isdigit()379 else logging.getLevelName(stream_level[1].upper()))380 try:381 add_log_handler(name, logging.StreamHandler, STD_OUTPUT.stdout,382 level)383 except ValueError as details:384 LOG_UI.error("Failed to set logger for --show %s:%s: %s.",385 name, level, details)386 sys.exit(exit_codes.AVOCADO_FAIL)387 # Remove the in-memory handlers388 for handler in logging.root.handlers:389 if isinstance(handler, MemStreamHandler):390 logging.root.handlers.remove(handler)391 # Log early_messages392 for record in MemStreamHandler.log:393 logging.getLogger( FilterWarnAndMore(logging.Filter):395 def filter(self, record):396 return record.levelno >= logging.WARN397class FilterInfoAndLess(logging.Filter):398 def filter(self, record):399 return record.levelno <= logging.INFO400class ProgressStreamHandler(logging.StreamHandler):401 """402 Handler class that allows users to skip new lines on each emission.403 """404 def emit(self, record):405 try:406 msg = self.format(record)407 if record.levelno < logging.INFO: # Most messages are INFO408 pass409 elif record.levelno < logging.WARNING:410 msg = TERM_SUPPORT.header_str(msg)411 elif record.levelno < logging.ERROR:412 msg = TERM_SUPPORT.warn_header_str(msg)413 else:414 msg = TERM_SUPPORT.fail_header_str(msg)415 stream = self.stream416 skip_newline = False417 if hasattr(record, 'skip_newline'):418 skip_newline = record.skip_newline419 stream.write(msg)420 if not skip_newline:421 stream.write('\n')422 self.flush()423 except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit):424 raise425 except Exception:426 self.handleError(record)427class MemStreamHandler(logging.StreamHandler):428 """429 Handler that stores all records in self.log (shared in all instances)430 """431 log = []432 def emit(self, record):433 self.log.append(record)434 def flush(self):435 """436 This is in-mem object, it does not require flushing437 """438class PagerNotFoundError(Exception):439 pass440class Paginator(object):441 """442 Paginator that uses less to display contents on the terminal.443 Contains cleanup handling for when user presses 'q' (to quit less).444 """445 def __init__(self):446 paginator = os.environ.get('PAGER')447 if not paginator:448 try:449 paginator = "%s -FRX" % utils_path.find_command('less')450 except utils_path.CmdNotFoundError as details:451 raise RuntimeError("Unable to enable pagination: %s" % details)452 self.pipe = os.popen(paginator, 'w')453 def __del__(self):454 self.close()455 def close(self):456 try:457 self.pipe.close()458 except Exception:459 pass460 def write(self, msg):461 try:462 self.pipe.write(msg)463 except Exception:464 pass465 def flush(self):466 if not self.pipe.closed:467 self.pipe.flush()468def add_log_handler(logger, klass=logging.StreamHandler, stream=sys.stdout,469 level=logging.INFO, fmt='%(name)s: %(message)s'):470 """471 Add handler to a logger.472 :param logger_name: the name of a :class:`logging.Logger` instance, that473 is, the parameter to :func:`logging.getLogger`474 :param klass: Handler class (defaults to :class:`logging.StreamHandler`)475 :param stream: Logging stream, to be passed as an argument to ``klass``476 (defaults to ``sys.stdout``)477 :param level: Log level (defaults to `INFO``)478 :param fmt: Logging format (defaults to ``%(name)s: %(message)s``)479 """480 if isinstance(logger, string_types):481 logger = logging.getLogger(logger)482 handler = klass(stream)483 handler.setLevel(level)484 if isinstance(fmt, string_types):485 fmt = logging.Formatter(fmt=fmt)486 handler.setFormatter(fmt)487 logger.addHandler(handler)488 logger.propagate = False489 return handler490def disable_log_handler(logger):491 if isinstance(logger, string_types):492 logger = logging.getLogger(logger)493 # Handlers might be reused elsewhere, can't delete them494 while logger.handlers:495 logger.handlers.pop()496 logger.handlers.append(NULL_HANDLER())497 logger.propagate = False498class LoggingFile(object):499 """500 File-like object that will receive messages pass them to logging.501 """502 def __init__(self, prefixes=None, level=logging.DEBUG,503 loggers=None):504 """...

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