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1import unittest2import argparse3# from multiprocessing import Process4from utils import generate_tests, lcs_images, diff_images, case_key_from_id5import sys6import os7# import copy8start_dir = os.getcwd()9os.chdir(os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)))10def main(argv=None):11 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(12 description='Return a list of related pages between two pdfs.')13 parser.add_argument(14 '--include',15 action='append',16 default=['DefaultTest'],17 help="Include additional test classes (default=[DefaultTest])")18 parser.add_argument(19 '--exclude', action='append', default=[], help="Exclude test classes.")20 parser.add_argument(21 '--results',22 type=str,23 default='results.log',24 help="Test results output file, "25 "each line is a python dictionary (default=results.log).")26 parser.add_argument(27 '--cases',28 type=str,29 default='cases',30 help="Python module which stores test cases (default=cases).")31 parser.add_argument(32 '--check',33 type=str,34 choices=[35 'any',36 'all'],37 default='all',38 help="Require that any/all test cases pass "39 "for pages to be related (default=all).")40 parser.add_argument(41 '--diff',42 action='store_true',43 default=False,)44 parser.add_argument(45 '--window',46 type=int,47 default=None,48 help="If the absolute difference of index's of two pdf pages is"49 "greater than the window range, then pages are not related."50 "(default = None)")51 parser.add_argument(52 '--debug',53 action='store_true',54 default=False,)55 parser.add_argument('pdf_a', type=str)56 parser.add_argument('pdf_b', type=str)57 args = parser.parse_args(argv)58 settings = vars(args)59 if not os.path.isabs(settings['pdf_a']):60 settings['pdf_a'] = os.path.join(start_dir, settings['pdf_a'])61 if not os.path.isabs(settings['pdf_b']):62 settings['pdf_b'] = os.path.join(start_dir, settings['pdf_b'])63 load_tests = generate_tests(settings)64 terminal_out = sys.stdout65 if settings['debug']:66 f = sys.stderr67 else:68 f = open(os.devnull, 'w')69 sys.stdout = f70 tests = load_tests._tests71 results = unittest.TestResult()72 cases = set([case_key_from_id( for test in tests])73 for case in cases:74 # import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()75 checked_tests = []76# print("{}: test begginning indexs".format(case))77 test_cases = [78 test for test in tests if case_key_from_id( == case79 ]80 beginning_tests = [81 test for test in test_cases if test.page_i == test.page_j82 ]83 beginning_tests.sort(key=lambda test: test.page_i)84 start_index = 185 m_end = max([test.page_i for test in test_cases])86 n_end = max([test.page_j for test in test_cases])87 while beginning_tests:88 test = beginning_tests.pop(0)89 current_total_failures = len(results.failures)90 checked_tests.append(test)92 if current_total_failures < len(results.failures):93 # stop testing beginning indexs94 break95 else:96 f.write( + " ... ok\n")97 # fail other pages to reduce problem98 fail_tests = [99 t for t in test_cases if (100 t.page_i == test.page_i or101 t.page_j == test.page_j102 ) and103 t != test]104 for ft in fail_tests:105 test_info = (AssertionError, AssertionError(""), None)106 results.addFailure(ft, test_info)107 checked_tests.append(ft)108 start_index = start_index + 1109# print("{}: test end indexs".format(case))110 # end_tests = []111 while start_index <= m_end and start_index <= n_end:112 for test in test_cases:113 if test.page_i == m_end and test.page_j == n_end:114 break115 current_total_failures = len(results.failures)116 checked_tests.append(test)118 if current_total_failures < len(results.failures):119 break120 else:121 f.write( + " ... ok\n")122 fail_tests = [123 t for t in test_cases if (124 t.page_i == test.page_i or125 t.page_j == test.page_j126 ) and127 t != test128 ]129 for ft in fail_tests:130 test_info = (AssertionError, AssertionError(""), None)131 results.addFailure(ft, test_info)132 checked_tests.append(ft)133 m_end = m_end - 1134 n_end = n_end - 1135 checked_tests = list(set(checked_tests)) # remove duplicate tests136 # FYI duplicates were never run137 remaining_tests = [t for t in test_cases if t not in checked_tests]138 test_suite = unittest.TestSuite()139 test_suite.addTests(remaining_tests)140 changed_item_results = unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity=3,141 stream=f,142 buffer=True,143 failfast=False144 ).run(test_suite)145 for test, errr in changed_item_results.failures:146 results.addFailure(test, (None, None, None))147 for (test, err) in changed_item_results.errors:148 results.addFailure(test, (None, None, None))149 for (test, reason) in changed_item_results.skipped:150 results.addError(test, reason)151 '''152# if test.page_i == m_end and test.page_j == n_end:154# end_tests.append(test)155# print("Test End")156# end_tests = []157# while start_index <= m_end and start_index <= n_end:158# while start <= m_end and start <= n_end:159# if results.failures:160# break161# else:162# result.addFailure(163# if result:164# break165 #while start <= m_end and start <= n_end and X[start] = Y[start]:166 # start_index = start_index + 1167# print("Test Beginning")168# start_index = 1 # initialize start index169# m_end = max( [test.page_i for test in tests ])170# n_end = max( [test.page_j for test in tests ])171# beginning_tests = [ test for test in tests if test.page_i==test.page_j]172# beginning_tests.sort(key=lambda test:test.page_i)173# beginning_cases = unittest.TestSuite()174# beginning_cases.addTests(beginning_tests)175# beginning_results = unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity=3,176# stream=f,177# buffer=True,178# failfast=True).run(beginning_cases)179# if beginning_results.failures:180# failure_object = beginning_results.failures.pop()181# start_index = failure_object[0].page_i182# else:183# start_index = m_end + 1184# for test in beginning_tests:185# if test.page_i < start_index:186# for t in tests:187# if t.page_i == test.page_i ^ t.page_j == test.page_j:188# print("Test End")189# end_tests = []190# while start_index <= m_end and start_index <= n_end:191# for test in load_tests._tests:192# if test.page_i == m_end and test.page_j == n_end:193# end_tests.append(test)194# m_end = m_end - 1195# n_end = n_end - 1196# end_cases = unittest.TestSuite()197# end_cases.addTests(end_tests)198# end_results = unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity=3,199# stream=f,200# buffer=True,201# failfast=True).run(end_cases)202# if end_results.failures:203# m_end = end_results.failures[0][0].page_i204# n_end = end_results.failures[0][0].page_j205# end_results = unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity=3,206# stream=f,207# buffer=True,208# failfast=True).run(end_cases)209 # changed items210# print("Test Changed Items")211# changed_item_tests = [ test for test in load_tests._tests212# if start_index - 1 <= test.page_i and t213est.page_i <= m_end214# and215 start_index - 1 <= test.page_j and test.page_j <= n_end ]216# changed_item_cases = unittest.TestSuite()217# changed_item_cases.addTests(changed_item_cases)218# changed_item_results = unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity=3,219# stream=f,220# buffer=True,221# failfast=False).run(changed_item_cases)222# results.errors = beginning_results.errors + end_results.erro223rs + changed_item_results.errors224# results.skipped = beginning_results.skipped + end_results.sk225ipped + changed_item_results.skipped226# for test in beginning_tests:227# failures = [ t for (t,e,m) in beginning_results.failures ]228# if test in failures:229# break230# else:231# results.failures = results.failures + [ (t,None,None)232 for t in tests if (t.page_i == test.page_i ^233#234 t.page_j == test.page_j ) ]235#236# for test in end_tests:237# failures = [ t for (t,e,m) in end_results.failures]238# if test in failures:239# break240# else:241# results.failures = results.failures + [ (t,None,None)242for t in tests if (t.page_i == test.page_i ^243#244 t.page_j == test.page_j ) ]245# results.failures = results.failures + changed_item_results.failures246# results = unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity=3,247# stream=f,248# buffer=True,249# failfast=False).run(load_tests)250# import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()'''251 sys.stdout = terminal_out252 if settings['diff']:253 diff = diff_images(tests, results, settings['check'])254 print(diff)255 else:256 related_page_list = lcs_images(tests, results, settings['check'])257 print(related_page_list)258if __name__ == "__main__":...

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...11 Result(UNIQUE_ID)12 def test_result_rate_all_succeeded(self):13 result = Result(UNIQUE_ID, LOGFILE)14 result.check_test({'status': 'PASS'})15 result.end_tests()16 self.assertEqual(result.rate, 100.0)17 def test_result_rate_all_succeeded_with_warns(self):18 result = Result(UNIQUE_ID, LOGFILE)19 result.check_test({'status': 'PASS'})20 result.check_test({'status': 'WARN'})21 result.end_tests()22 self.assertEqual(result.rate, 100.0)23 def test_result_rate_all_succeeded_with_skips(self):24 result = Result(UNIQUE_ID, LOGFILE)25 result.check_test({'status': 'PASS'})26 result.check_test({'status': 'SKIP'})27 result.end_tests()28 self.assertEqual(result.rate, 100.0)29 def test_result_rate_all_succeeded_with_cancelled(self):30 result = Result(UNIQUE_ID, LOGFILE)31 result.check_test({'status': 'PASS'})32 result.check_test({'status': 'CANCEL'})33 result.end_tests()34 self.assertEqual(result.rate, 100.0)35 def test_result_rate_half_succeeded(self):36 result = Result(UNIQUE_ID, LOGFILE)37 result.check_test({'status': 'PASS'})38 result.check_test({'status': 'FAIL'})39 result.end_tests()40 self.assertEqual(result.rate, 50.0)41 def test_result_rate_none_succeeded(self):42 result = Result(UNIQUE_ID, LOGFILE)43 result.check_test({'status': 'FAIL'})44 result.end_tests()45 self.assertEqual(result.rate, 0.0)46if __name__ == '__main__':...

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