How to use gather_collectibles_config method in avocado

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...21from avocado.utils import path as utils_path22from avocado.utils import sysinfo23from avocado.utils.software_manager import manager24log = logging.getLogger("avocado.sysinfo")25def gather_collectibles_config(config):26 sysinfo_files = {}27 for collectible in ["commands", "files", "fail_commands", "fail_files"]:28 tmp_file = config.get(f"sysinfo.collectibles.{collectible}")29 if os.path.isfile(tmp_file):30"%s configured by file: %s", collectible.title(), tmp_file)31 sysinfo_files[collectible] = genio.read_all_lines(tmp_file)32 else:33 log.debug("File %s does not exist.", tmp_file)34 sysinfo_files[collectible] = []35 if "fail_" in collectible:36 list1 = sysinfo_files[collectible]37 list2 = sysinfo_files[collectible.split("_")[1]]38 sysinfo_files[collectible] = [tmp for tmp in list1 if tmp not in list2]39 return sysinfo_files40class SysInfo:41 """42 Log different system properties at some key control points.43 Includes support for a start and stop event, with daemons running in44 between. An event may be a job, a test, or any other event with a45 beginning and end.46 """47 def __init__(self, basedir=None, log_packages=None, profiler=None):48 """49 Set sysinfo collectibles.50 :param basedir: Base log dir where sysinfo files will be located.51 :param log_packages: Whether to log system packages (optional because52 logging packages is a costly operation). If not53 given explicitly, tries to look in the config54 files, and if not found, defaults to False.55 :param profiler: Whether to use the profiler. If not given explicitly,56 tries to look in the config files.57 """58 self.config = settings.as_dict()59 if basedir is None:60 basedir = utils_path.init_dir("sysinfo")61 self.basedir = basedir62 self._installed_pkgs = None63 if log_packages is None:64 packages_namespace = "sysinfo.collect.installed_packages"65 self.log_packages = self.config.get(packages_namespace)66 else:67 self.log_packages = log_packages68 self._get_collectibles(profiler)69 self.start_collectibles = set()70 self.end_collectibles = set()71 self.end_fail_collectibles = set()72 self.pre_dir = utils_path.init_dir(self.basedir, "pre")73 self.post_dir = utils_path.init_dir(self.basedir, "post")74 self.profile_dir = utils_path.init_dir(self.basedir, "profile")75 self._set_collectibles()76 def _get_collectibles(self, c_profiler):77 self.sysinfo_files = gather_collectibles_config(self.config)78 profiler = c_profiler79 if profiler is None:80 self.profiler = self.config.get("sysinfo.collect.profiler")81 else:82 self.profiler = profiler83 profiler_file = self.config.get("sysinfo.collectibles.profilers")84 if os.path.isfile(profiler_file):85 self.sysinfo_files["profilers"] = genio.read_all_lines(profiler_file)86"Profilers configured by file: %s", profiler_file)87 if not self.sysinfo_files["profilers"]:88 self.profiler = False89 if self.profiler is False:90 if not self.sysinfo_files["profilers"]:91"Profiler disabled: no profiler" " commands configured")...

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