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...367 :type run: function368 """369 for cmd in service_command_generator.commands:370 setattr(self, cmd,371 self.generate_run_function(run,372 getattr(service_result_parser, cmd),373 getattr(service_command_generator, cmd),374 service_name))375 @staticmethod376 def generate_run_function(run_func, parse_func, command, service_name):377 """378 Generate the wrapped call to for the given service_name.379 :param run_func: function to execute command and return CmdResult object.380 :type run_func: function381 :param parse_func: function to parse the result from run.382 :type parse_func: function383 :param command: partial function that generates the command list384 :type command: function385 :param service_name: init service name or systemd unit name386 :type service_name: str387 :return: wrapped function.388 :rtype: function389 """390 def run(**kwargs):391 """392 Wrapped invocation that will start, stop, restart, etc. a service.393 :param kwargs: extra arguments to, .e.g. timeout. But not for ignore_status.394 We need a CmdResult to parse and raise a error.TestError if command failed.395 We will not let the CmdError out.396 :return: result of parse_func.397 """398 # If run_func is by default, we need to set399 # ignore_status = True. Otherwise, skip this setting.400 if run_func is logging.debug("Setting ignore_status to True.")402 kwargs["ignore_status"] = True403 result = run_func(" ".join(command(service_name)), **kwargs)404 return parse_func(result)405 return run406class _GenericServiceManager(object):407 """408 Base class for SysVInitServiceManager and SystemdServiceManager.409 """410 def __init__(self, service_command_generator, service_result_parser, """412 Create staticmethods for each service command, e.g. start, stop, restart.413 These staticmethods take as an argument the service to be started or stopped.414 systemd = SpecificServiceManager(auto_create_specific_service_command_generator())415 systemd.start("lldpad")416 systemd.stop("lldpad")417 :param service_command_generator: a sys_v_init or systemd command generator418 :type service_command_generator: _ServiceCommandGenerator419 :param run: function to call the run the commands, default utils.run420 :type run: function421 """422 # create staticmethods in class attributes (not used)423 # for cmd in service_command_generator.commands:424 # setattr(self.__class__, cmd,425 # staticmethod(self.generate_run_function(run, getattr(service_command_generator, cmd))))426 # create functions in instance attributes427 for cmd in service_command_generator.commands:428 setattr(self, cmd,429 self.generate_run_function(run,430 getattr(service_result_parser, cmd),431 getattr(service_command_generator, cmd)))432 @staticmethod433 def generate_run_function(run_func, parse_func, command):434 """435 Generate the wrapped call to for the service command, "service" or "systemctl"436 :param run_func: utils.run437 :type run_func: function438 :param command: partial function that generates the command list439 :type command: function440 :return: wrapped function.441 :rtype: function442 """443 def run(service="", **kwargs):444 """445 Wrapped invocation that will start, stop, restart, etc. a service.446 :param service: service name, e.g. crond, dbus, etc.447 :param kwargs: extra arguments to, .e.g. timeout. But not for ignore_status....

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