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...73 bool : True if application is available,74 False if not available.75 """76 return which(name) is not None77def get_application_output(command, shell=False, timeout=None):78 """Run a command and get the output.79 Args:80 command (str, list): The command to run81 and it's arguments.82 shell (bool), optional: True if executing on83 shell, else False. Default is False.84 timeout (int, None), optional: Set a max85 execution time in seconds for the command.86 Returns:87 str: Command output if the command ran with88 a zero exit code. Returns a string containing89 the error reason in case the command failed.90 """91 try:92 return, shell=shell, check=True, universal_newlines=True,93 stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.DEVNULL,94 timeout=timeout).stdout95 except subprocess.CalledProcessError:96 return "invalid"97 except subprocess.TimeoutExpired:98 return "timeout"99 except FileNotFoundError:100 return "unavailable"101def verify_interface(target_interface):102 """Verify if a wireless interface exists and is103 operational.104 Args:105 target_interface (str): The network interface to106 verify.107 Returns:108 None109 """110 cmd = "cat /sys/class/net/{0}/operstate".format(target_interface)111 check_interface = get_application_output(cmd, shell=True, timeout=10)112 if check_interface == "invalid":113 print("Interface {0} does not exist!".format(target_interface))114 exit(1)115 elif check_interface == "timeout":116 print("Unable to get interface {0} status".format(target_interface))117 exit(1)118 check_interface = check_interface.split("\n")[0]119 if check_interface != "up":120 print("Interface {0} is not ready.".format(target_interface))121 exit(1)122def process_iw(target_interface):123 """Get metrics from a wireless interface.124 Args:125 target_interface (str): The network interface to126 capture metrics from.127 Returns:128 dict: A dictionary containing the metrics and129 their values as corresponding (key, value) pairs.130 """131 verify_interface(target_interface)132 try:133 iw_info = get_application_output(134 ["iw {0} info".format(target_interface)],135 shell=True, timeout=10).replace("\t", " ")136 if iw_info == "invalid":137 print("The interface {0} is not a wireless interface".format(target_interface))138 exit(1)139 results = {}140 results["interface"] = re.findall(r"(?<=Interface )(.*)", iw_info)[0]141 results["interface_mac"] = re.findall(r"(?<=addr )(.*)", iw_info)[0]142 if not verify_mac(results["interface_mac"]):143 print("The interface {0} has an invalid MAC address".format(target_interface))144 exit(1)145 tmp = re.findall(r"(?<=channel )(.*?)(?=\,)", iw_info)[0].split(" ")146 results["channel"] = int(tmp[0])147 results["channel_frequency"] = int(tmp[1].replace("(", ""))148 results["ssid"] = re.findall(r"(?<=ssid )(.*)", iw_info)[0]149 iw_info = get_application_output(["iw {0} station dump".format(target_interface)],150 shell=True, timeout=10).replace("\t", " ")151 results["ssid_mac"] = re.findall(r"(?<=Station )(.*)(?= \()", iw_info)[0]152 if not verify_mac(results["ssid_mac"]):153 print("The station {0} has an invalid MAC address".format(results["ssid"]))154 exit(1)155 try:156 results["signal_strength"] = int(re.findall(r"(?<=signal avg: )(.*)", iw_info)[0].split(" ")[0])157 except IndexError:158 # Use fallback iwconfig command. This is not ideal. Need to rewrite this entire portion targeting nl80211159 iwconfig = get_application_output(["iwconfig {0}".format(target_interface)])160 results["signal_strength"] = int(re.findall(r"(?<=Signal level=)(.*)(?= dBm)", iwconfig)[0])161 except IndexError:162 raise ParseError("Unable to parse iw.") from None163 return results164def verify_mac(mac):165 """Verify if a MAC address is valid.166 Args:167 mac (str): The MAC address to verify.168 Returns:169 bool: True if the MAC address is valid,170 False if not.171 """172 if re.match(r"^([0-9A-Fa-f]{2}[:-]){5}([0-9A-Fa-f]{2})$", mac):173 return True174 else:175 return False176def verify_iperf(ip, port):177 """Create a socket and verify if iperf3 is running178 on the provided ip and port.179 Args:180 ip (str): The ip address of the iperf3 server.181 port (str): The port of the iperf3 server.182 Returns:183 bool: True if connection could be established.184 False if it failed to establish.185 """186 sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)187 sock.settimeout(10)188 result = sock.connect_ex((ip, port))189 if result == 0:190 sock.close()191 return True192 else:193 sock.close()194 return False195@log_arguments196def run_iperf(ip, port, bind_address, download=True, protocol="tcp", retry=0):197 """Run iperf3 and return the json results.198 Args:199 ip (str): The ip address of the iperf3 server.200 port (str): The port of the iperf3 server.201 bind_address (str): The wireless interface ip202 address of the client which is being used to203 benchmark.204 download (bool), optional: True if testing download,205 False if testing upload. Defaults to True.206 protocol (str), optional: 'tcp' if testing using tcp207 protocol. 'udp' if testing using udp protocol.208 Defaults to 'tcp'209 retry (int), optional: The retry count.210 Returns:211 dict: Dictionary containing the iperf3 results.212 """213 client = iperf3.Client()214 client.server_hostname = ip215 client.port = port216 client.bind_address = bind_address217 client.reverse = False218 client.verbose = False219 if download:220 client.reverse = True221 client.protocol = protocol222 with suppress_stdout_stderr():223 iperf_result = iperf_result_json = iperf_result.json225 try:226 get_property_from(iperf_result_json, "start")227 get_property_from(iperf_result_json, "end")228 except ValueError:229 logging.error("Output from iperf3 : {0}".format(iperf_result_json))230 logging.exception("Unable to parse iperf3 result")231 if retry == 2:232 raise ExternalError("External Error generated from iperf3: {0}".format(iperf_result_json["error"])) from\233 None234 else:235 logging.warning("Rerunning iperf3 with retry count {0}".format(retry + 1))236 run_iperf(ip, port, bind_address, download, protocol, retry + 1)237 return iperf_result_json238@log_arguments239def run_speedtest(mode, bind_address, libre_speed_server_list=None, retry=0):240 """Run speedtest and return the json results.241 Args:242 mode (SpeedTestMode): The speedtest backend to use243 for benchmark.244 bind_address (str): The wireless interface ip245 address of the client which is being used to246 benchmark.247 libre_speed_server_list (str), optional: The248 path to the librespeed server json file.249 Default is None which forces librespeed to use250 global list.251 retry (int), optional: The retry count.252 Returns:253 dict: Dictionary containing the speedtest results.254 """255 try:256 if mode == SpeedTestMode.OOKLA:257 try:258 speedtest_result = json.loads(get_application_output(["speedtest", "-f", "json", "-i", bind_address],259 timeout=120))260 except ValueError:261 raise ParseError("Unable to decode output from Speedtest Ookla") from None262 return speedtest_result263 elif mode == SpeedTestMode.SIVEL:264 try:265 speedtest_result = json.loads(get_application_output(["speedtest", "--json", "--source", bind_address],266 timeout=120))267 except ValueError:268 raise ParseError("Unable to decode output from Speedtest Sivel") from None269 return speedtest_result270 elif mode == SpeedTestMode.LIBRESPEED:271 libre_args = ["librespeed-cli", "--json", "--source", bind_address, "--mebibytes"]272 if libre_speed_server_list is not None:273 if not os.path.isfile((libre_speed_server_list)):274 raise OSError("Invalid server list specified for libre office")275 libre_speed_server_list = os.path.abspath(libre_speed_server_list)276 libre_args += ["--local-json", libre_speed_server_list]277 logging.debug("Libre Args: {0}".format(libre_args))278 try:279 librespeed_result = json.loads(get_application_output(libre_args, timeout=120))280 except ValueError:281 raise ParseError("Unable to decode output from Librespeed CLI") from None282 return librespeed_result283 except ParseError as err:284 logging.exception("Parse Error has occured.")285 if retry == 2:286 raise err287 else:288 logging.warning("Rerunning Speedtest with retry count {0}".format(retry + 1))289 run_speedtest(mode, bind_address, libre_speed_server_list, retry + 1)290@log_arguments291def test_libre_speed(bind_address, libre_speed_server_list=None):292 """Test user provided server list for librespeed.293 Args:294 bind_address (str): The wireless interface ip295 address of the client which is being used to296 benchmark.297 libre_speed_server_list (str): The298 path to the librespeed server json file.299 Returns:300 bool: True if librespeed works with the301 user provided server list, otherwise False.302 """303 libre_args = ["librespeed-cli", "--json", "--source", bind_address, "--no-download", "--no-upload", "--no-icmp"]304 if not os.path.isfile((libre_speed_server_list)):305 raise OSError("Invalid server list specified for libre office")306 libre_speed_server_list = os.path.abspath(libre_speed_server_list)307 libre_args += ["--local-json", libre_speed_server_list]308 logging.debug("Libre Args: {0}".format(libre_args))309 try:310 json.loads(get_application_output(libre_args, timeout=120))311 except ValueError:312 return False313 return True314def check_speedtest():315 """Detect the speedtest installed and available.316 Args:317 None318 Returns:319 class (SpeedTestMode)320 """321 speedtest_result = get_application_output(["speedtest", "--version"], timeout=10)322 if "Speedtest by Ookla" in speedtest_result:323 return SpeedTestMode.OOKLA324 elif importlib.util.find_spec("speedtest") is not None:325 return SpeedTestMode.SIVEL326 return SpeedTestMode.UNKNOWN327def save_json(file_path, data):328 """Save a json dictionary to disk.329 Args:330 file_path (str): Path to the json331 file.332 data (dict): json dictionary to be saved.333 Returns:334 bool: True if json dictionary was saved,335 False otherwise.336 """337 try:338 with open(file_path, "w") as f:339 json.dump(data, f, indent=4)340 return True341 except:342 return False343def load_json(file_path):344 """Read a json dictionary from disk.345 Args:346 file_path (str): Path to the json347 file.348 Returns:349 dict or bool: json dictionary350 if file was read successfully.351 False if it failed to read.352 """353 try:354 with open(file_path, "r") as f:355 return json.load(f)356 except:357 return False358def get_property_from(dict, key):359 """Get a key value from a dictionary.360 Args:361 dict (dict): Dictionary to read362 from.363 key (str): key in the dictionary364 to get the value for.365 Returns:366 object: Containing the value.367 Raises:368 ValueError: When key does not369 exist in the dictionary.370 """371 try:372 return dict[key]373 except KeyError:374 raise ValueError("Could not retrieve property {0}".format(key)) from None375def bytes_to_human_readable(bytes, ndigits=2, limit=None):376 """Convert bytes to human readable format.377 Args:378 bytes (int): Size in bytes.379 ndigits (int), optional: Number of decimal380 places to round the human readable size to.381 Defaults to 2.382 limit (int), optional: Limit to a predefined383 unit size.384 Returns:385 tuple: Tuple containing the readable bytes386 in float, unit size in float, unit suffix387 in str.388 """389 if limit is None:390 for limit, suffix in HUMAN_BYTE_SIZE:391 if bytes >= limit:392 break393 if limit == 1 and bytes > 1:394 suffix += "s"395 readable_bytes = round((bytes / limit), ndigits)396 return (readable_bytes, limit, suffix)397def get_ip_address_from_interface(interface):398 """Get the IPv4 address of an interface.399 Args:400 target_interface (str): The network interface to401 get the ip address for.402 Returns:403 str or None: Returns the IPv4 address of the404 interface, returns None if no IPv4 address405 exists for that interface.406 """407 data = json.loads(get_application_output(["ip", "-br", "--json", "addr", "show"]))408 for datum in data:409 if datum["ifname"] == interface:410 for address in datum["addr_info"]:411 ip_addr = address["local"]412 if validate_ipv4(ip_addr):413 return ip_addr414 return None415def validate_ipv4(ip_address):416 """Validate an IPv4 address.417 Args:418 ip_address (str): The IPv4 address to check.419 Returns:420 bool: True if a valid IPv4 address, False421 otherwise....

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...68 return AwaitableGetApplicationResult(69,70 get_application_output(name: Optional[pulumi.Input[str]] = None,73 opts: Optional[pulumi.InvokeOptions] = None) -> pulumi.Output[GetApplicationResult]:74 """75 ## # Application Resource76 [Applications API]( ## Example Usage78 ```python79 import pulumi80 import pulumi_fusionauth as fusionauth81 fusion_auth = fusionauth.get_application(name="FusionAuth")82 ```83 :param str name: The name of the Application.84 """...

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