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...3import unittest4from six.moves.urllib.error import URLError5from avocado.utils import astring6from avocado.utils import download7def get_content_by_encoding(url):8 """9 Returns the content of the given URL, attempting to use server provided10 encoding.11 :param url: the url to be fetched12 :rtype: str13 :raises: URLError when the given url can not be retrieved14 """15 http_response = download.url_open(url)16 content_type = None17 encoding = None18 if hasattr(http_response, 'headers'):19 content_type = http_response.headers['Content-Type']20 elif hasattr(http_response, 'getheader'):21 content_type = http_response.getheader('Content-Type')22 if content_type is not None:23 match = re.match(r'^[az\\].*\; charset\=(.*)$', content_type)24 if match is not None:25 encoding = content = return astring.to_text(content, encoding)28class TestThirdPartyBugs(unittest.TestCase):29 """30 Class created to verify third-party known issues31 """32 def test_paramiko_ecsda_bug(self):33 # # Problems with using ECDSA known_hosts keys when negotiation also35 # accepts RSA or DSS keys36 try:37 issue_url = ''38 content = get_content_by_encoding(issue_url)39 except URLError as details:40 raise unittest.SkipTest(details)41 issue = json.loads(content)42 self.assertEqual(issue['state'], 'open', 'The issue %s is not open '43 'anymore. Please double check and, if already fixed, '44 'change the avocado.conf option '45 '"reject_unknown_hosts" defaults to True.' %46 '')47 def test_inspektor_indent_bug(self):48 # # Inspektor indent will poke inside a Python string and change its50 # content. This happened while writing selftests/unit/test_utils_cpu.py51 # with content from /proc/cpuinfo. Right now the indent check is disabled52 # on that file53 try:54 issue_url = ''55 content = get_content_by_encoding(issue_url)56 except URLError as details:57 raise unittest.SkipTest(details)58 issue = json.loads(content)59 self.assertEqual(issue['state'], 'open', 'The issue %s is not open '60 'anymore. Please double check and, if already fixed, '61 'remove the selftests/unit/ from '62 'the exclusion list of indent in selftests/checkall' %63 '')64if __name__ == '__main__':...

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