How to use get_pre_tasks_from_runnable method in avocado

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...156 job_id=job_id,157 )158 return cls(task)159 @classmethod160 def get_pre_tasks_from_runnable(cls, runnable, status_server_uri=None, job_id=None):161 """Creates runtime tasks for preTest task from runnable162 :param runnable: the "description" of what the task should run.163 :type runnable: :class:`avocado.core.nrunner.Runnable`164 :param status_server_uri: the URIs for the status servers that this165 task should send updates to.166 :type status_server_uri: list167 :param job_id: the ID of the job, for authenticating messages that get168 sent to the destination job's status server and will169 make into the job's results.170 :type job_id: str171 :returns: Pre RuntimeTasks of the dependencies from runnable172 :rtype: list173 """174 pre_runnables = list(175 chain.from_iterable(176 TestPreDispatcher().map_method_with_return(177 "pre_test_runnables", runnable178 )179 )180 )181 pre_test_tasks = []182 for pre_runnable in pre_runnables:183 pre_task = cls.from_runnable(pre_runnable, status_server_uri, job_id)184 pre_test_tasks.append(pre_task)185 return pre_test_tasks186class RuntimeTaskGraph:187 """Graph representing dependencies between runtime tasks."""188 def __init__(self, tests, test_suite_name, status_server_uri, job_id):189 """Instantiates a new RuntimeTaskGraph.190 From the list of tests, it will create runtime tasks and connects them191 inside the graph by its dependencies.192 :param tests: variants of runnables from test suite193 :type tests: list194 :param test_suite_name: test suite name which this test is related to195 :type test_suite_name: str196 :param status_server_uri: the URIs for the status servers that this197 task should send updates to.198 :type status_server_uri: list199 :param job_id: the ID of the job, for authenticating messages that get200 sent to the destination job's status server and will201 make into the job's results.202 :type job_id: str203 """204 self.graph = {}205 # create graph206 no_digits = len(str(len(tests)))207 for index, (runnable, variant) in enumerate(tests, start=1):208 runnable = deepcopy(runnable)209 runtime_test = RuntimeTask.from_runnable(210 runnable,211 no_digits,212 index,213 variant,214 test_suite_name,215 status_server_uri,216 job_id,217 )218 self.graph[runtime_test] = runtime_test219 # with --dry-run we don't want to run dependencies220 if runnable.kind != "dry-run":221 pre_tasks = PreRuntimeTask.get_pre_tasks_from_runnable(222 runnable, status_server_uri, job_id223 )224 if pre_tasks:225 pre_tasks.append(runtime_test)226 self._connect_tasks(pre_tasks)227 def _connect_tasks(self, tasks):228 for dependency, task in zip(tasks, tasks[1:]):229 self.graph[task] = task230 self.graph[dependency] = dependency231 task.dependencies.append(dependency)232 def get_tasks_in_topological_order(self):233 """Computes the topological order of runtime tasks in graph234 :returns: runtime tasks in topological order235 :rtype: list...

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