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...18 def check_permission(cls, request, state, context):19 """Override this method to define who can monitor this task."""20 # pylint: disable=unused-argument21 return False22 def get_task_data(self):23 """Return tuple with state to be set next and results task."""24 state = 'STARTED'25 info = {26 'task_name':,27 'context': self.request.get('permission_context', {}),28 'public_data': self.request.get('public_data', {}),29 }30 return state, info31 def update_progress_data(self):32 state, info = self.get_task_data()33 if STATUS_UPDATES_ENABLED:34 self.update_state(state=state, meta=info)35 def set_permission_context(self, context):36 """37 Set data that can be used by ``check_permission`` to authorize a38 request for the this task. By default it will be the ``kwargs`` passed39 into the task.40 """41 self.request.update(permission_context=context)42 self.update_progress_data()43 def set_public_data(self, data):44 """45 Set data that can be displayed in the frontend to authorized users.46 This might include progress data about the task.47 """48 self.request.update(public_data=data)49 self.update_progress_data()50 def run(self, *args, **kwargs):51 self.set_permission_context(kwargs)52 result = self.run_public(*args, **kwargs)53 if result is not None:54 self.set_public_data(result)55 _, info = self.get_task_data()56 return info57 def after_return(self, status, retval, task_id, args, kwargs, einfo):58 """Add the error to the task data"""59 _, info = self.get_task_data()60 if status == states.FAILURE:61 info['error'] = retval62 if STATUS_UPDATES_ENABLED:63 self.update_state(state=status, meta=info)64def permission_check(check):65 """66 Class decorator for subclasses of PublicTask to sprinkle in re-usable67 permission checks::68 @permission_check(user_id_matches)69 class MyTask(PublicTask):70 def run_public(self, user_id):71 pass72 """73 def decorator(cls):74 cls.check_permission = staticmethod(check)75 return cls76 return decorator77class TaskNoPermission(Exception):78 def __init__(self, task_id, *args, **kwargs):79 message = 'No permission to access task with id {id}'.format(80 id=task_id)81 super(TaskNoPermission, self).__init__(message, *args, **kwargs)82def get_public_task_data(request, task_id):83 """84 Return task details as tuple85 Will raise `TaskNoPermission` if `request` has no permission to access info86 of the task with id `task_id`. This is also the case of no task with the87 given id exists.88 :returns: (task name, task state, public data, error message)89 :rtype: (str, str, dict, str)90 """91 try:92 task, state, info = get_task_data(task_id)93 except TaskNotFound:94 # No task info has been found act like we don't have permission to see95 # the results.96 raise TaskNoPermission(task_id)97 if not hasattr(task, 'check_permission'):98 raise TaskNoPermission(task_id)99 context = info.get('context', {})100 if not task.check_permission(request, state, context):101 raise TaskNoPermission(task_id)102 public_name = task.public_name...

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