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...6else:7 import unittest8from avocado.core import safeloader9from avocado.utils import script10def get_this_file():11 this_file = __file__12 if this_file.endswith('.py'):13 return this_file14 elif (this_file.endswith('.pyc') or this_file.endswith('.pyo')):15 return this_file[:-1]16 else:17 raise ValueError("Could not find the Python file associated with this "18 "module")19class ModuleImportedAs(unittest.TestCase):20 def _test(self, content, result):21 temp_script = script.TemporaryScript('', content,22 'avocado_loader_unittest')23 module = ast.parse(content, temp_script.path)25 temp_script.remove()26 self.assertEqual(result, safeloader.modules_imported_as(module))27 def test_foo(self):28 self._test('import foo', {'foo': 'foo'})29 def test_foo_as_bar(self):30 self._test('import foo as bar', {'foo': 'bar'})31 def test_foo_as_foo(self):32 self._test('import foo as foo', {'foo': 'foo'})33 def test_import_inside_class(self):34 self._test("class Foo(object): import foo as foo", {})35class DocstringTag(unittest.TestCase):36 def test_longline(self):37 docstring = ("This is a very long docstring in a single line. "38 "Since we have nothing useful to put in here let's just "39 "mention avocado: it's awesome, but that was not a tag. "40 "a tag would be something line this: :avocado: enable")41 self.assertIsNotNone(safeloader.get_docstring_tag(docstring))42 def test_newlines(self):43 docstring = ("\n\n\nThis is a docstring with many new\n\nlines "44 "followed by an avocado tag\n"45 "\n\n:avocado: enable\n\n")46 self.assertIsNotNone(safeloader.get_docstring_tag(docstring))47 def test_enabled(self):48 self.assertTrue(safeloader.is_docstring_tag_enable(":avocado: enable"))49 self.assertTrue(safeloader.is_docstring_tag_enable(":avocado:\tenable"))50 self.assertFalse(safeloader.is_docstring_tag_enable(":AVOCADO: ENABLE"))51 self.assertFalse(safeloader.is_docstring_tag_enable(":avocado: enabled"))52 def test_disabled(self):53 self.assertTrue(safeloader.is_docstring_tag_disable(":avocado: disable"))54 self.assertTrue(safeloader.is_docstring_tag_disable(":avocado:\tdisable"))55 self.assertFalse(safeloader.is_docstring_tag_disable(":AVOCADO: DISABLE"))56 self.assertFalse(safeloader.is_docstring_tag_disable(":avocado: disabled"))57class UnlimitedDiff(unittest.TestCase):58 """59 Serves two purposes: as a base class to test safeloader.find_class_and_methods60 and, while at it, to set unlimited diff on failure results.61 """62 def setUp(self):63 self.maxDiff = None64class FindClassAndMethods(UnlimitedDiff):65 def test_self(self):66 reference = {67 'ModuleImportedAs': ['_test',68 'test_foo',69 'test_foo_as_bar',70 'test_foo_as_foo',71 'test_import_inside_class'],72 'DocstringTag': ['test_longline',73 'test_newlines',74 'test_enabled',75 'test_disabled'],76 'FindClassAndMethods': ['test_self',77 'test_with_pattern',78 'test_with_base_class',79 'test_with_pattern_and_base_class'],80 'UnlimitedDiff': ['setUp']81 }82 found = safeloader.find_class_and_methods(get_this_file())83 self.assertEqual(reference, found)84 def test_with_pattern(self):85 reference = {86 'ModuleImportedAs': ['test_foo',87 'test_foo_as_bar',88 'test_foo_as_foo',89 'test_import_inside_class'],90 'DocstringTag': ['test_longline',91 'test_newlines',92 'test_enabled',93 'test_disabled'],94 'FindClassAndMethods': ['test_self',95 'test_with_pattern',96 'test_with_base_class',97 'test_with_pattern_and_base_class'],98 'UnlimitedDiff': []99 }100 found = safeloader.find_class_and_methods(get_this_file(),101 re.compile(r'test.*'))102 self.assertEqual(reference, found)103 def test_with_base_class(self):104 reference = {105 'FindClassAndMethods': ['test_self',106 'test_with_pattern',107 'test_with_base_class',108 'test_with_pattern_and_base_class'],109 }110 found = safeloader.find_class_and_methods(get_this_file(),111 base_class='UnlimitedDiff')112 self.assertEqual(reference, found)113 def test_with_pattern_and_base_class(self):114 reference = {115 'FindClassAndMethods': ['test_with_pattern',116 'test_with_base_class',117 'test_with_pattern_and_base_class'],118 }119 found = safeloader.find_class_and_methods(get_this_file(),120 re.compile(r'test_with.*'),121 'UnlimitedDiff')122 self.assertEqual(reference, found)123if __name__ == '__main__':...

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1import re,os2def get_this_file():3 g = globals()4 file = None5 if __name__ == "__main__" and \6 len(sys.argv) > 0 and len(sys.argv[0]) > 0:7 # run from command line (python .../ file = sys.argv[0]9 elif g.has_key("__file__"):10 # appears this has been loaded as a module11 file = g["__file__"]12 # if it is .pyc file, get .py instead13 m = re.match("(.+)\.pyc$", file)14 if m: file = + ".py"15 if file is None:16 return None,"cannot find the location of"17 #file = os.path.abspath(file)18 file = os.path.realpath(file)19 if os.access(file, os.F_OK) == 0:20 return None,("source file %s is missing!\n" % file)21 elif os.access(file, os.R_OK) == 0:22 return None,("cannot read source file %s!\n" % file)23 else:24 return file,None25def get_this_dir():26 f,err = get_this_file()27 if f is None:28 return None,err29 else:30 a,b = os.path.split(f)31 if b != "":32 return None,("filename (%s) !=" % b)...

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