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...22 story = self.story(data=Data.filter(None))23 story.add_slide(Slide(Step(Data.filter(None))))24 story.add_slide(Slide(Step(Data.filter('record.Function !== "Defense"'))))25 return story26 def get_vpd(self) -> str:27 """A method for returning a test Vizzu-Player data."""28 return (29 "{"30 + '"data": {"filter": null}, '31 + '"slides": ['32 + '[{"filter": null}], '33 + '[{"filter": record => { return (record.Function !== "Defense") }}]'34 + "]}"35 )36 def get_html(self) -> str:37 """A method for returning a test Story html output."""38 return DISPLAY_TEMPLATE.format(39 id="1234567",40 vizzu_story=VIZZU_STORY,41 vizzu_player_data=self.get_vpd(),42 chart_size="",43 chart_features="",44 chart_events="",45 )46 def get_html_with_size(self) -> str:47 """A method for returning a test Story html output with size values."""48 return DISPLAY_TEMPLATE.format(49 id="1234567",50 vizzu_story=VIZZU_STORY,51 vizzu_player_data=self.get_vpd(),52 chart_size=" = 'width: 800px;height: 480px;'",53 chart_features="",54 chart_events="",55 )56class TestStoryInit(unittest.TestCase):57 """A class for testing Story() class' __init__()."""58 def test_init_if_no_data_was_passed(self) -> None:59 """A method for testing Story().__init__() if no data was passed."""60 with self.assertRaises(TypeError):61 Story() # type: ignore # pylint: disable=no-value-for-parameter62 def test_init_if_no_data_was_set(self) -> None:63 """A method for testing Story().__init__() if no data was set."""64 with self.assertRaises(TypeError):65 Story(data={}) # type: ignore66 def test_init_if_not_valid_data_was_set(self) -> None:67 """A method for testing Story().__init__() if not valid data was set."""68 with self.assertRaises(TypeError):69 Story(data={"filter": None}) # type: ignore70 def test_init_if_data_was_set(self) -> None:71 """A method for testing Story().__init__() if data was set."""72 self.assertEqual(73 Story(data=Data.filter(None)), {"data": {"filter": None}, "slides": []}74 )75 def test_init_if_no_style_was_set(self) -> None:76 """A method for testing Story().__init__() if no style was set."""77 self.assertEqual(78 Story(data=Data.filter(None), style={}), # type: ignore79 {"data": {"filter": None}, "slides": []},80 )81 def test_init_if_not_valid_style_was_set(self) -> None:82 """A method for testing Story().__init__() if not valid style was set."""83 with self.assertRaises(TypeError):84 Story(data=Data.filter(None), style={"style": None}) # type: ignore85 def test_init_if_style_was_set(self) -> None:86 """A method for testing Story().__init__() if data was set."""87 self.assertEqual(88 Story(data=Data.filter(None), style=Style(None)),89 {"data": {"filter": None}, "style": None, "slides": []},90 )91class TestStoryAddSlide(unittest.TestCase):92 """A class for testing Story() class' add_slide()."""93 def test_add_slide_if_no_slide_was_set(self) -> None:94 """A method for testing Story().add_slide() if no slide was set."""95 story = Story(data=Data.filter(None))96 with self.assertRaises(TypeError):97 story.add_slide({}) # type: ignore98 def test_add_slide_if_not_valid_slide_was_set(self) -> None:99 """A method for testing Story().add_slide() if not valid slide was set."""100 story = Story(data=Data.filter(None))101 with self.assertRaises(TypeError):102 story.add_slide({"filter": None}) # type: ignore103 def test_add_slide_if_slides_were_set(self) -> None:104 """A method for testing Story().add_slide() if slides were set."""105 story = Story(data=Data.filter(None))106 story.add_slide(Slide(Step(Data.filter(None))))107 story.add_slide(Slide(Step(Data.filter(None))))108 self.assertEqual(109 story,110 {111 "data": {"filter": None},112 "slides": [[{"filter": None}], [{"filter": None}]],113 },114 )115class TestStoryHtml(TestHtml, unittest.TestCase):116 """A class for testing Story() class' html releated methods."""117 def setUp(self):118 self.test_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))119 def tearDown(self):120 file_list = glob.glob(self.test_dir + "/.test.*")121 for file_path in file_list:122 os.remove(file_path)123 def story(self, *args, **kwargs):124 """A method for returning Chart()."""125 return Story(*args, **kwargs)126 def test_export_to_html(self) -> None:127 """A method for testing Story().export_to_html()."""128 with unittest.mock.patch(129 "ipyvizzustory.storylib.story.uuid.uuid4", return_value=self130 ):131 test_html = self.test_dir + "/.test.test_export_to_html.html"132 story = self.get_story()133 story.export_to_html(test_html)134 with open(test_html, "r", encoding="utf8") as file_desc:135 test_html_content = self.assertEqual(137 test_html_content,138 self.get_html(),139 )140 def test_repr_html(self) -> None:141 """A method for testing Story()._repr_html_()."""142 with unittest.mock.patch(143 "ipyvizzustory.storylib.story.uuid.uuid4", return_value=self144 ):145 self.assertEqual(146 self.get_story()._repr_html_(), # pylint: disable=protected-access147 self.get_html(),148 )149 def test_to_html(self) -> None:150 """A method for testing Story().to_html()."""151 with unittest.mock.patch(152 "ipyvizzustory.storylib.story.uuid.uuid4", return_value=self153 ):154 self.assertEqual(155 self.get_story().to_html(),156 self.get_html(),157 )158 def test_to_html_with_size(self) -> None:159 """A method for testing Story().to_html() with size."""160 with unittest.mock.patch(161 "ipyvizzustory.storylib.story.uuid.uuid4", return_value=self162 ):163 story = self.get_story()164 story.set_size(width=None, height=None)165 self.assertEqual(166 story.to_html(),167 DISPLAY_TEMPLATE.format(168 id="1234567",169 vizzu_story=VIZZU_STORY,170 vizzu_player_data=self.get_vpd(),171 chart_size="",172 chart_features="",173 chart_events="",174 ),175 )176 def test_to_html_with_size_width(self) -> None:177 """A method for testing Story().to_html() with size/width."""178 with unittest.mock.patch(179 "ipyvizzustory.storylib.story.uuid.uuid4", return_value=self180 ):181 story = self.get_story()182 story.set_size(width="800px", height=None)183 self.assertEqual(184 story.to_html(),185 DISPLAY_TEMPLATE.format(186 id="1234567",187 vizzu_story=VIZZU_STORY,188 vizzu_player_data=self.get_vpd(),189 chart_size=" = 'width: 800px;'",190 chart_features="",191 chart_events="",192 ),193 )194 def test_to_html_with_size_height(self) -> None:195 """A method for testing Story().to_html() with size/height."""196 with unittest.mock.patch(197 "ipyvizzustory.storylib.story.uuid.uuid4", return_value=self198 ):199 story = self.get_story()200 story.set_size(width=None, height="480px")201 self.assertEqual(202 story.to_html(),203 DISPLAY_TEMPLATE.format(204 id="1234567",205 vizzu_story=VIZZU_STORY,206 vizzu_player_data=self.get_vpd(),207 chart_size=" = 'height: 480px;'",208 chart_features="",209 chart_events="",210 ),211 )212 def test_to_html_with_size_width_and_height(self) -> None:213 """A method for testing Story().to_html() with size/width and height."""214 with unittest.mock.patch(215 "ipyvizzustory.storylib.story.uuid.uuid4", return_value=self216 ):217 story = self.get_story()218 story.set_size(width="800px", height="480px")219 self.assertEqual(220 story.to_html(),221 self.get_html_with_size(),222 )223 def test_to_html_with_feature(self) -> None:224 """A method for testing Story().to_html() with feature."""225 with unittest.mock.patch(226 "ipyvizzustory.storylib.story.uuid.uuid4", return_value=self227 ):228 story = self.get_story()229 story.set_feature("tooltip", True)230 story.set_feature("tooltip", True)231 self.assertEqual(232 story.to_html(),233 DISPLAY_TEMPLATE.format(234 id="1234567",235 vizzu_story=VIZZU_STORY,236 vizzu_player_data=self.get_vpd(),237 chart_size="",238 chart_features=(239 "chart.feature('tooltip', true);"240 + f"\n{DISPLAY_INDENT * 3}"241 + "chart.feature('tooltip', true);"242 ),243 chart_events="",244 ),245 )246 def test_to_html_with_event(self) -> None:247 """A method for testing Story().to_html() with event."""248 with unittest.mock.patch(249 "ipyvizzustory.storylib.story.uuid.uuid4", return_value=self250 ):251 story = self.get_story()252 handler = """253 let Year = parseFloat(;254 if (!isNaN(Year) && Year > 1950 && Year < 2020 && Year % 5 !== 0) {255 event.preventDefault();256 }257 """258 story.add_event("plot-axis-label-draw", handler)259 story.add_event("plot-axis-label-draw", handler)260 self.assertEqual(261 story.to_html(),262 DISPLAY_TEMPLATE.format(263 id="1234567",264 vizzu_story=VIZZU_STORY,265 vizzu_player_data=self.get_vpd(),266 chart_size="",267 chart_features="",268 chart_events=(269 "chart.on('plot-axis-label-draw', "270 + f"event => {{{' '.join(handler.split())}}});"271 + f"\n{DISPLAY_INDENT * 3}"272 + "chart.on('plot-axis-label-draw', "273 + f"event => {{{' '.join(handler.split())}}});"274 ),275 ),...

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...13def get_temp(T_OFFSET=10):14 return 9 * (sensor.read_temperature() - T_OFFSET) / 5 + 3215def get_humid(H_OFFSET=-10):16 return sensor.read_humidity() - H_OFFSET17def get_vpd(T, H):18 A = -1.044e419 B = -11.2920 C = -2.7e-221 D = 1.289e-522 E = -2.478e-923 F = 6.45624 25 T += 459.6726 kpa_c = 6.89475729 27 vp = np.exp(A/T + B + C*T + D*T**2 + E*T**3 + F*np.log(T)) * (1 - H / 100)28 vp *= kpa_c 29 return vp30if __name__ == '__main__':31 config = configparser.ConfigParser()32'/home/pi/kindbot/config.ini')33 T_OFFSET = int(config['DAYTIME']['T_OFFSET'])34 H_OFFSET = int(config['DAYTIME']['H_OFFSET'])35 S_INTERVAL = int(config['DAYTIME']['S_INTERVAL'])36 T = get_temp(T_OFFSET=T_OFFSET)37 H = get_humid(H_OFFSET=H_OFFSET)38 VPD = get_vpd(T, H)39 conn = sqlite3.connect(config['PATHS']['DB_PATH'], timeout=30000)40 c = conn.cursor()41 c.execute("""insert into environ values (?, ?, ?, ?)""", (str('.')[0], round(T, 2), round(H, 2), round(VPD, 2)))42 conn.commit()43 c.close()...

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