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1#!/usr/bin/python2# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- 3# Advanced Movie Selection for Dreambox-Enigma24#5# Coded by cmikula (c)20136# Support: www.i-have-a-dreambox.com7#8# This plugin is licensed under the Creative Commons 9# Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported 10# License. To view a copy of this license, visit11# or send a letter to Creative12# Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA.13#14# Alternatively, this plugin may be distributed and executed on hardware which15# is licensed by Dream Multimedia GmbH.16#17# This plugin is NOT free software. It is open source, you are allowed to18# modify it (if you keep the license), but it may not be commercially 19# distributed other than under the conditions noted above.20#21import os22from Globals import printStackTrace23from MovieConfig import MovieConfig24from ServiceProvider import eServiceReferenceHotplug25from enigma import eTimer26class Hotplug():27 NTFS_3G_DRIVER_DELAY = 300028 def __init__(self):29 self.notifier = []30 self.hotplugServices = []31 self.hotplug_timer = eTimer()32 self.hotplug_timer.callback.append(self.updateHotplugDevices)33 self.addHotplugNotifier()34 self.hotplugChanged()35 def addHotplugNotifier(self):36 from Plugins.SystemPlugins.Hotplug.plugin import hotplugNotifier37 if not self.hotplugNotifier in hotplugNotifier:38 print "add hotplugNotifier" 39 hotplugNotifier.append(self.hotplugNotifier)40 41 def removeHotplugNotifier(self):42 from Plugins.SystemPlugins.Hotplug.plugin import hotplugNotifier43 if self.hotplugNotifier in hotplugNotifier:44 print "remove hotplugNotifier" 45 hotplugNotifier.remove(self.hotplugNotifier)46 47 def hotplugNotifier(self, dev, media_state):48 print "[hotplugNotifier]", dev, media_state49 if len(dev) > 2 and dev[0:2] in ("sd") and dev[-1].isdigit():50 if media_state == "add":51 self.hotplugChanged(self.NTFS_3G_DRIVER_DELAY)52 else:53 self.hotplugChanged(200)54 def hotplugChanged(self, delay=200):55 print "[start hotplugNotifier]", str(delay) + "ms"56 self.hotplug_timer.start(delay, True)57 def updateHotplugDevices(self):58 self.hotplugServices = []59 print "[update hutplug]"60 try:61 from Components.Harddisk import Harddisk62 import commands63 movieConfig = MovieConfig()64 lines = commands.getoutput('mount | grep /dev/sd').split('\n')65 print lines66 for mount in lines:67 if len(mount) < 2:68 continue69 m = mount.split(' type')[0].split(' on ')70 m_dev, m_path = m[0], m[1]71 label = os.path.split(m_path)[-1]72 blkid = commands.getoutput('blkid ' + m_dev).split("\"")73 if len(blkid) > 2 and blkid[1]:74 label = blkid[1]75 if os.path.normpath(m_path) == "/media/hdd" or label in ("DUMBO", "TIMOTHY"):76 continue77 if not movieConfig.isHiddenHotplug(label):78 if m_path[-1] != "/":79 m_path += "/"80 service = eServiceReferenceHotplug(m_path)81 hdd = Harddisk(m_dev.replace("/dev/", "")[:-1])82 if label:83 label += " - "84 service.setName(label + hdd.model() + " - " + hdd.capacity())85 self.hotplugServices.append(service)86 87 for callback in self.notifier:88 try:89 callback()90 except:91 printStackTrace()92 except:93 printStackTrace()94 95 def getHotplugServices(self):96 return self.hotplugServices...

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1from Plugins.Plugin import PluginDescriptor2from Components.Harddisk import harddiskmanager3from twisted.internet.protocol import Protocol, Factory4hotplugNotifier = []5def processHotplugData(self, v):6 print "hotplug:", v7 action = v.get("ACTION")8 device = v.get("DEVPATH")9 physdevpath = v.get("PHYSDEVPATH")10 media_state = v.get("X_E2_MEDIA_STATUS")11 dev = device.split('/')[-1]12 if action == "add":13 error, blacklisted, removable, is_cdrom, partitions, medium_found = harddiskmanager.addHotplugPartition(dev, physdevpath)14 elif action == "remove":15 harddiskmanager.removeHotplugPartition(dev)16 elif media_state is not None:17 if media_state == '1':18 harddiskmanager.removeHotplugPartition(dev)19 harddiskmanager.addHotplugPartition(dev, physdevpath)20 elif media_state == '0':21 harddiskmanager.removeHotplugPartition(dev)22 for callback in hotplugNotifier:23 try:24 callback(dev, action or media_state)25 except AttributeError:26 hotplugNotifier.remove(callback)27class Hotplug(Protocol):28 def __init__(self):29 pass30 def connectionMade(self):31 print "HOTPLUG connection!"32 self.received = ""33 def dataReceived(self, data):34 print "hotplug:", data35 self.received += data36 print "complete", self.received37 def connectionLost(self, reason):38 print "HOTPLUG connection lost!"39 data = self.received.split('\0')[:-1]40 v = {}41 for x in data:42 i = x.find('=')43 var, val = x[:i], x[i+1:]44 v[var] = val45 processHotplugData(self, v)46def autostart(reason, **kwargs):47 if reason == 0:48 print "starting hotplug handler"49 from twisted.internet import reactor50 import os51 try:52 os.remove("/tmp/hotplug.socket")53 except OSError:54 pass55 factory = Factory()56 factory.protocol = Hotplug57 reactor.listenUNIX("/tmp/hotplug.socket", factory)58def Plugins(**kwargs):...

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