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1import time2from virttest.qemu_monitor import QMPCmdError3from provider import job_utils4from provider.blockdev_stream_nowait import BlockdevStreamNowaitTest5class BlockdevStreamHotunplugTest(BlockdevStreamNowaitTest):6 """7 Block stream with hotunplug test8 """9 def hotunplug_frontend_device(self):10 """11 device_del the frontend device during stream,12 the device CAN be removed without any issue13 """14 self.main_vm.monitor.cmd('device_del', {'id': self.base_tag})15 def wait_till_frontend_device_deleted(self):16 """Wait till devices removed from output of query-block"""17 def _is_device_deleted(device):18 for item in self.main_vm.monitor.query("block"):19 if device in item["qdev"]:20 return False21 return True22 tmo = self.params.get_numeric('device_del_timeout', 60)23 for i in range(tmo):24 if _is_device_deleted(self.base_tag):25 break26 time.sleep(1)27 else:28'Failed to hotunplug the frontend device')29 def hotunplug_format_node(self):30 """31 blockdev-del the format nodes during streaming,32 the nodes CANNOT be removed for they are busy33 """34 try:35 self.main_vm.monitor.cmd('blockdev-del',36 {'node-name': self.params['node']})37 except QMPCmdError as e:38 if self.params['block_node_busy_error'] not in str(e):39'Unexpected error: %s' % str(e))40 else:41'blockdev-del succeeded unexpectedly')42 def do_test(self):43 self.snapshot_test()44 self.blockdev_stream()45 job_utils.check_block_jobs_started(46 self.main_vm, [self._job],47 self.params.get_numeric('job_started_timeout', 60)48 )49 self.hotunplug_frontend_device()50 self.wait_till_frontend_device_deleted()51 self.hotunplug_format_node()52 job_utils.check_block_jobs_running(53 self.main_vm, [self._job],54 self.params.get_numeric('job_running_timeout', 300)55 )56 self.main_vm.monitor.cmd(57 "block-job-set-speed", {'device': self._job, 'speed': 0})58 self.wait_stream_job_completed()59 self.check_backing_file()60 self.clone_vm.create()61 self.mount_data_disks()62 self.verify_data_file()63def run(test, params, env):64 """65 Block stream with hotunplug test66 test steps:67 1. boot VM with a 2G data disk68 2. format the data disk and mount it69 3. create a file70 4. add a snapshot image to VM via qmp commands71 5. do live snapshot (base: data, overlay: snapshot)72 6. do block-stream73 7. hotunplug the frontend device with device_del (OK)74 8. hotunplug the format node with blockdev-del (ERROR)75 9. check stream continues and wait stream done76 10. restart VM with the snapshot disk77 11. check the file and its md578 :param test: test object79 :param params: test configuration dict80 :param env: env object81 """82 stream_test = BlockdevStreamHotunplugTest(test, params, env)...

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1import time2from virttest.qemu_monitor import QMPCmdError3from provider.blockdev_mirror_nowait import BlockdevMirrorNowaitTest4class BlockdevMirrorHotunplugTest(BlockdevMirrorNowaitTest):5 """6 Block mirror with hotunplug test7 """8 def hotunplug_frontend_devices(self):9 """10 device_del the frontend devices during mirroring,11 the devices CAN be removed without any issue12 """13 def _device_del(device):14 self.main_vm.monitor.cmd('device_del', {'id': device})15 list(map(_device_del, self._source_images))16 def wait_till_frontend_devices_deleted(self):17 """Wait till devices removed from output of query-block"""18 def _is_device_deleted(device):19 for item in self.main_vm.monitor.query("block"):20 if device in item["qdev"]:21 return False22 return True23 def _wait_till_device_deleted(device):24 tmo = self.params.get_numeric('device_del_timeout', 60)25 for i in range(tmo):26 if _is_device_deleted(device):27 break28 time.sleep(1)29 else:30'Failed to hotunplug the frontend device')31 list(map(_wait_till_device_deleted, self._source_images))32 def hotunplug_format_nodes(self):33 """34 blockdev-del the format nodes during mirroring,35 the nodes CANNOT be removed for they are busy36 """37 def _blockdev_del(node):38 try:39 self.main_vm.monitor.cmd('blockdev-del', {'node-name': node})40 except QMPCmdError as e:41 err = self.params['block_node_busy_error'] % node42 if err not in str(e):43'Unexpected error: %s' % str(e))44 else:45'blockdev-del succeeded unexpectedly')46 list(map(_blockdev_del, self._source_nodes))47 def do_test(self):48 self.blockdev_mirror()49 self.check_block_jobs_started(self._jobs)50 self.hotunplug_frontend_devices()51 self.wait_till_frontend_devices_deleted()52 self.hotunplug_format_nodes()53 self.check_block_jobs_running(self._jobs)54 self.wait_mirror_jobs_completed()55 self.clone_vm_with_mirrored_images()56 self.verify_data_files()57def run(test, params, env):58 """59 Block mirror with hotunplug test60 test steps:61 1. boot VM with a 2G data disk62 2. format the data disk and mount it63 3. create a file64 4. add a target disk for mirror to VM via qmp commands65 5. do block-mirror with sync mode full66 6. hotunplug the frontend device with device_del (OK)67 7. hotunplug the format node with blockdev-del (ERROR)68 8. check mirror continues and wait mirror done69 9. restart VM with the mirror disk70 10. check the file and its md571 :param test: test object72 :param params: test configuration dict73 :param env: env object74 """75 mirror_test = BlockdevMirrorHotunplugTest(test, params, env)...

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